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A big and sincere thank you to Mr Franklin Neo

Science open-ended questions are a killer for most Upper Pri students and Sue-Ann was no exception. We decided to seek help with Mr Neo in Jan 2018. This being her final primary year

Mr Neo had delivered a much needed confidence booster in the answering techniques that has helped her improve her grades tremendously. We subsequently let her join in the math lessons conducted by Mr Neo as well

We are glad that we found Raymond’s, and in particular, Mr Neo. She comes out from every lesson happy and looks forward to the next one.
Ema is very fortunate to be under the tutelage of Mr Franklin Neo when she joined RMSS after her P4 SA1 (June 2016). Mr Neo is firm yet caring. He guides his students to explore different methods of solving the mathematical problems and explains the concepts very well. He also ensures that the students meet the lesson focus for that day. Thank you, Mr Neo!
Dear Mr. Neo, I would like to thank you for your support and help to allow Aimée to reach her goals in Science, which she improved in from P3 to now. Your methods of teaching and your encouragements have helped her a lot in being more confident in her Science.
The past one and a half years our daughter Kate has been on a learning journey like many kids in Singapore; getting ready for the PSLE. Starting in P5 she began studying math and science at RMSS Katong, under Franklin Neo. We have been amazed at the progress she has made. Scoring high marks on the prelims, we are hoping for a similar result on her final exams. Through it all RMSS and Franklin Neo have been extremely professional and flexible in teaching Kate and with our busy family schedule. We have the highest praise and regard for RMSS and look forward to continuing her tuition studies.
Mr Ronnie Quek is the best tuition teacher I have ever gotten. Words cannot be used to describe my love for his excellent teaching. He constantly encourages me to improve, and he is super inspiring! I would like to thank him for willingly offering his time and effort to help me when I don’t know how to do some questions and giving us extra lessons! He makes a 2 hour class feel so short and fun at the same time and I am grateful for that! Thank you Mr Quek
Mr Ronnie Quek is one of the committed teachers I have ever met. He never fails to go the extra mile to help students in need, be it after class, through text messages or even arranging extra classes where we can consult him. He never fail to bring smiles to our faces with his unique and interesting concepts that makes his students not only appreciate classes but actually enjoy the subject as well.
Mr Quek is a very reliable and dedicated teacher. He is really well-versed with the current syllabus and trends in the A levels. He makes sure that fundamental concepts are really understood first before we attempt new questions which is very helpful due to the rigour of A's. He is also willing to go through extra questions and consultations with you outside of lesson time as well.
Mr Quek is a really nice teacher and I really like how he explain certain physics concepts using analogies that makes it easier to remember. I also like how he knows the H2 syllabus like the back of his hand and teaches us cool tricks to answer the MCQ questions more efficiently. :)
Mr Ronnie Quek is an excellent teacher who is patient in teaching. He has helped me a lot in my Physics through clearing my misunderstandings of concepts and clearing my doubts. The weekly lessons in RMSS are helpful and effective in improving my results of Physics. With RMSS's and Mr Quek's help, I achieved an A2 for my school Preliminary Examination, and I am looking forward and continuing to work harder, aiming for an A1 in my O Level Examination.
Mr Lim is the reason why i gained interest in Additional Math. When i first joined his class i was getting F9s and i was not confident of myself, but as time passed, i was scoring C5, then later consistent A1s. He also gave me words of encouragement, which i am very appreciative of. I am very thankful to him for helping me gain confidence in myself, and realise that if i work hard, i can achieve.
I joined Mr Lim’s class right before Mid Year Examinations in Secondary 3 and my grades have improved tremendously since then. I truly enjoyed every of his lessons as they were always filled with laughter. Mr Lim is an extremely patient teacher who answers all my queries even when he had to repeat himself several times just because I'm unable to understand the concept or question. Besides that, Mr Lim is a teacher who truly cares for all his students, always ensuring his students' well beings and even buying breakfast for his students. His enthusiasm in teaching has allowed me to spark an interest in Mathematics and inspired me to strive and do better in Mathematics. Unlike normal lessons, Mr Lim's lessons are not mundane and boring, but instead full of his funny stories that would lighten up everyone's mood when we are all trying hard to solve the challenging questions. I've never regretted joining Mr Lim's class as my Mathematics has shown a stark improvement due to his effective teachings. Will definitely recommend!
Getting a B3 for mathematics and additional mathematics was hard enough much less a A1.However after I joined RMSS, I improved greatly from a C5 to an A1 for both of my math.Thank you Mr Lim for your guidence and patience this past 3 years I have been with you. Without you, my two maths would not be as it is now and I am grateful to you for teaching me not only in math but also in life. You will surely be a teacher I would never forget, you have impacted me more ways than one and I am sad that it is finally time to leave. Once again Mr Lim I thank you for all the things you have done for me and I would surely think of you when doing math
It has been nearly 2 years since Mr Lim first started teaching me. Looking back now, I have improved bit by bit along the way, but there were times where my results deprived. However, recently after really trying my best, my Emath and Amath improved alot, from a B4 and D7 to an A2. My hardwork did pay off and with the help of Mr Lim, I was able to improve so much. Mr Lim is always there for me, ready and happy to answer my doubts. The vouchers he gave was a great motivation too, which allowed me to go past my limits. His lessons are easy to understand and he even cracks jokes from time to time which makes me even more keen to go for tution. I truly enjoyed each and every lesson in rmss and will certainly remember my Math and life teacher more than even some school teachers, Mr Lim.
Thank you Mr Lim
The first time I attended Mr Lim's class was 2 years ago. I was a one of those students who have always been stronger in languages rather than maths and sciences. I still remember that I got an E8 on my mid-year paper, and I was reallu afraid because of the Sec 2 streaming. I really wanted to make it into the pure science stream, and taking Amath was compulsory. The requirements for Amath was to get a B3 overall for maths, that meant that I had to get an A1 on my EOY exams! I was about to give up my dreams of being a pure science student, until a close friend of mine recommended his tuition center: RMSS to me. Through the 1 month I was in RMSS as a Sec 2, Mr Lim constantly encouraged me and helped me with all my math struggles. Math was still an unpleasant subject for me, but with his help I was able to push myself for my EOYs. In the end, I got an A1 for my math EOY and I was over the moon!
After I got an A1, I decided to quit RMSS. You could put it that I was a little over-confident. I thought that since I had gotten an A1, it meant that I could cope in upper sec Amath and Emath as well. However, my Amath and Emath grades were horrendous to say the least. I barely managed to promote to Sec 4 Express, as my overall percentage was a 50.1 for all my 7 subjects combined. In Sec 4, I dropped Amath as I really couldn’t understand anything being taught in class. My relationship with math as a subject was unhealthy. I would purposely not listen in class and complete my math homework as I disliked the teacher. However, O-levels were approaching and I realised I couldn’t continue like that anymore. So I decided to turn to my lifeline 2 years ago, RMSS. I joined around 3 months before O levels, it’s been 2 months since I joined and I can definitely see my improvement! It’s all because of 1 caring teacher: Mr Lim WM. Whenever I didn’t know how to do any questions, my regular math teacher in school would scold me and belittle me. However, Mr Lim actually guided me in doing the questions I had difficulty with. His constant words of encouragement really spurs me on to do well in my exams.
Thank you Mr Lim for believing in me, I’ll try my best to do you proud and get an A1!!
Thank you for teaching me for the past 1 year plus.I had improved so much ever since i joined your class.Before I joined your class,I remembered that I only got 9% for my Sec3 A Math MYE.I was really so bad that i tried to find 'f' in 'f(x)'.But now,I get A1 for my A Math prelims and even got a most improved student award for A Math earlier this year.I jumped from F9 to A1.CANNOT JUMP ANYMORE LIAO MAX ALREADY HAHA.Its all thanks to you that I am here today.I like your way of teaching the class like when someone presents a challenging question,you would come up to the board to improve their working or guide them along when they are unsure of how to approach the question.However sometimes you just lose your temper and shout at them.I think sometimes its acceptable because the mistakes they(including me) make are really just too stupid and deserves to get a scolding.I think its because of your strict way of teaching that I have improved so much.I enjoyed every single one of your lessons and hope to continue to be taught by you if i enter JC.I am really grateful to you.Thank you Mr Lee.
When I first started RMSS with Mr Lee, I was nervous about what to expect as my math was quite bad. But Mr Lee helped to make my experience there very enjoyable and helped me learn a lot. Under his guidance, my math flourished and has been a constant A1 ever since. Mr Lee explains and teaches concepts very well making it easy to understand. Although he can be quite strict at times, his lessons are fun and he strives to ensure all his students excel.
Joining RMSS, i was a little reluctant as i’ve never been in a group tuition before. I feared that i wouldn’t be able to make any friends or that i wouldn’t be able to get the attention i needed. However, i soon realised that all my assumptions were wrong. Just in the first week, i was able to make new friends and coming for tuition was never a burden. In the first couple months, Mr Lee made me come earlier or stay back after lessons to catch up on previous topics as i only joined RMSS in the mid of Sec 3. To be honest, i was a little tired of constantly having 3 hours of lessons once a week but now i know that it was for the best. If it wasnt for Mr Lee’s patience in guiding and teaching me new techniques, i would have still been an F9 student in A Math. Never would i have thought to love Math so much! I may not be getting A1s for every test or exam, but i believe that loving the subject and enjoying myself doing it is most important. I’ve never regretted joining RMSS and thanks to Mr Lee, i can safely call math my favourite subject!
When I first joined RMSS, I was surprised at how they implement presentations into lessons and although I didn’t feel scared to present in front of people I didn’t know, sometimes I dreaded it as it would mean that I would have to do every single question for homework. However, it helped me to be more disciplined in my work and my presentations. I also really liked the feeling that my friends that are watching me present would always be there to support me and help me if I got certain parts wrong. I am really grateful to Mr Lee for always being there to provide me with guidance and helping me to correct wrong steps and improve from my workings. I really enjoyed being in Mr Lee’s class as his classes were always a balance of seriousness & fun! His lessons helped me to pace my learning and slowly get into exam mood especially through the weekly tests. I used to always panic and have to quickly read through the notes before the tests started but after a while, I no longer needed to depend on my notes as much as the formulas were slowly inside my head and it helped me to not be so stressed when my school teachers scheduled weekly tests as well. Overall, I really enjoyed classes with Mr Lee and am really thankful for all the efforts he had put in to help me improve and for always helping me during presentations and making funny jokes!
Mr Lee is a very funny, interesting and at the same time, strict math teacher. When I first joined, he is very strict with works and treat every one of us seriously. Looking back now, I am glad that he's being so strict. His class is disciplined too. When assignments are given, his class is very quiet and it is very conducive to do work. Of course, he is very friendly too. He will chat with u during the class to make the class interesting. He is also very understanding. For example, I am not doing well for a particular subject and there is exam for that subject tmr, he will try not to put the extra class on the day before that exam. His class is also very easy to understand as the explanations are very clear.
Before I joined RMSS, the grades I got for math was around borderline fail or pass, I wasn’t doing very good for math. That was when my parents and I decided to join RMSS in hope that my results for math will improve. I first came in when I was sec 1 and I met Mr Lee, he was rather strict at the start and most of us new he wasn’t the kind to be messed around with, but his character as well as passion for teaching was what made the difference in making us better, more responsible and disciplined students. In a matter of a few months, he pushed my grades up from D7 to A1 for my Sec 1 SA2, and from then on, I have always been with Mr Lee and RMSS. In class, we will have to participate in a segment called “presentation” where we are call up to the board to present our solutions to the class, this not only helps us with our confidence but it also helps Mr Lee identify any misconceptions and understand our way of thinking when we attempt the questions. Mr Lee will correct us on the spot to prevent our misconceptions from snowballing into bigger problems. Mr Lee is also very hardworking, even though he has to teach other classes, often he would allow us to come for class early to revise for up coming class tests or to revise topics. As such, he is putting in 2 times the effort by running 2 classes at once. As the years go by, Mr Lee has become less strict as at sec 4, we are able to take responsibility of our own learning, for me, this is partially because of the way Mr Lee has taught me since I was 13. In my time in RMSS, I have forged many bonds with my classmates as well as Mr Lee, RMSS is like a family where we share common experiences while working toward a common goal.
Before I joined RMSS, my math results fluctuated often and I was worried I could not maintain and obtain an A. During RMSS lessons, Mr Lee would teach us useful techniques to ace math questions, such as drawing trigo graphs with the steps of moving the axis and I also found it easier to memorise and learn how to draw exponential graphs, which I was having problems with. In many other tuition centres, they just provide alot of math questions for you to practice on. However for RMSS, they not only do that, but Mr lee also takes time to explain in detail on how to answer questions, get us to present our answers on the board to learn from our mistakes, and also gets us to go for extra lessons to improve on specific topics we are lacking in. I enjoy RMSS as even though Mr Lee can be fierce and strict, he is also humorous and jokes around with us sometimes, which does brighten our 3 hours a week. I am really grateful to Mr Lee for helping me on the journey to achieving an A1, thank you!
Mr Lee, this is my testimonial.
I first joined RMSS with Mr Lee when i was in Secondary 2. The reason as to why I decided to join was that I wanted my grades to improve. While my other friends in school were all scoring well, I would be the only one constantly failing the topical tests and exams.

Since I only joined the class when the mid-year exams were nearing, therefore I sat for my very first mock exam just 2 weeks upon joining. As I got back my results that day, I was disappointed, but not surprised. I got a 6% for that paper. However, what made that day memorable was that I had to say my results in front of the whole class and that made me feel very embarrassed because I was just simply lacking so much. Additionally, i could also remember vividly how badly I got scolded because of my horrible skills during my first presentation. As a result, Mr Lee made me stay back after classes and even come back for extra lessons just so that I would be able to catch up with the rest of the students. At that time, i was unable to understand the purpose of doing so much and i started dreading coming for tuition.

Now, as i look back, i beg to differ. I think that because of Mr Lee's constant drilling, I was able to improve and achieve my desired grades.

As a result of the numerous practices i was finally able to achieve my very 'A' a year later in Secondary 3, and as time went on, I eventually got lesser and lesser scoldings during presentation. I am very grateful towards Mr Lee for putting in so much effort in teaching all the students, ensuring that each and every one of them would be able to achieve their desired results at the end of the day. Even though he was strict with us and was very particular about every single working, it was actually for our own good because this allows students to learn how to be more meticulous in their work. I have definitely benefited a lot from joining his class. Once again, i am extremely thankful because i would not have made it this far without joining Mr Lee's class.
Before joint RMSS I was struggling greatly with math, especially because of the introduction of A Math as a new subject that I didn’t know how to revise for. On my firsts lesson, the class seemed very organised and on task, the lesson was very clear cut and straight to the point as well. What seemed to be a strict and rigorous class turned out to be enjoyable as the learning process was easy to understand and apply. The resources provided are much more comprehensive and well-rounded than what is provided in school, giving me ample practice and exposure for upcoming examinations. What stood it to me is that teaching here is more of a vocation than a job. If students are falling behind or face difficulty in understanding certain concepts, they are more than welcome to go down for extras and engage in self directed learning with the centre’s digital resources. Mr Lee is a tutor that truly wants the best for his students. He pushes us to do our best, managing to explain complex concepts into simpler terms and much easier to comprehend. Besides math skills, Mr Lee also instills life skills like discipline and grit, to always give our all in what we do. I’m very thankful for RMSS, not simply just for the immense improvement in my grades, but the person it has molded me into!
I first started out in rmss when i was in secondary 1. i had scored a D7 in math and that made my parents to sign me up for math tuition. that’s how i came across rmss through my cousin, who is under mr lee. initially, i thought that the teachers at tuition centres will be less stricter and more relaxed than the teachers in school but i was terrible wrong. when i attended my first lesson under mr lee, i was shocked by the fact that he started scolding people for their wrong presentations and punishing them for their unfinished homework. that was when i came to a sudden realisation that i had underestimated my ideology of tuition centres. however, mr lee has an unbeatable formula for expediting learning and bringing success in the classroom and his genuine care for his students is beyond the world. He will try his utmost best to help his students regardless of how weak he/she is. take me for example, in my ca1, i had scored a D7 and thus, mr lee had called me down for extra revision and that has certainly helped me to comprehend the chapters that i’m weak in better and i managed to attain an A2 bu the end of secondary 2. although i tend to have mini heart attacks whenever i was called for presentation, i understand the purpose behind it and it has certainly helped me to identify my mistakes better and making sure my working is presented in the correct manner. mr lee is a one-of-a-kind teacher and is also the one you’ll remember till the rest of your life.
when i first joined rmss, both my maths were in a disastrous state. since i have some friends in mr john lee's class, i decided to enroll and give it a shot. the results were not immediate, it was only through weeks of non-stop grilling, extra lessons that went into the evening and night, that i managed to catch up again. i think that mr lee's methods are simple, to be strict when needed. i am typically a very lazy person, but with a teacher who was fierce and cared much about minor details in working and presentation, i was forced to be hardworking in my own right and to understand the concepts thoroughly. initially, i was scared coming into class, but it eventually grew into a familiarity, the usual routine of walking into class. i started not to fear presentations, but rather to embrace it as learning opportunities that helped me grow. thus, it is safe to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my one and a half year journey at rmss.

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