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Ms Lim is a patient and caring teacher who takes good care of all her students. She encourages us to go for extra lessons even though that will only make her busier. Ms Lim does anything to help us improve and I am really lucky to have joined her class. I really enjoy her lessons and the way she interacts with us. Despite me being in her class for only a year, I really appreciate what she has done for me and I will really miss her lessons. She encourages me to study hard and motivates me to do my best. Thank you Ms Lim!
Even though It was a short period to attend Mr Tham lesson ,but I find that even through this few short session, I realised I did improve during my prelim compared to my previous result for both my Science and my AMath.

Before attending Mr Tham’s class, I wasn't confident in scoring a pass for my AMath as my result was always the last few in my class and I was actually about to give up on this subject.

After attending Mr Tham’s class, my parents have seen improvement on my results and were really delighted.

Previously, I really hated AMath because I didn't even manage to pass my AMath for once since secondary 3. When I passed during my prelim I was shocked as prelim paper was hard and half the class didn't passed.

I was grateful that I have attended Mr Tham’s classes as I was able to stay back and study so that I can clarify my doubts.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is a patient and caring teacher who looks out for his students and is willing to help them despite his busy schedule. He always has effective ways for the class to remember certain key content. I like the way he offered his classroom to those whose exams are coming so that his students would have a conducive environment to study.

When I first joined Mr Tham’s class, i was scoring F9s and now, I have achieved a C5. Although my results aren’t good, this motivates me to want to strive with my best so that I can get at least a B for my science.

Because of Mr Tham, I was able to start enjoying Science lessons as Mr Tham would make class very fun and memorable for me. Before I started learning from Mr Tham, I always didn’t pay attention in school as i found my school teacher’s teaching methods very boring and had no motivation to study.

Thanks to Mr Tham, I am now able to proudly say that Science is a very fun subject. Thank you Mr Tham! For the help you have given to me for this short but fun and memorable 6 months. I will
continue to strive for my ‘O’ levels!

Thank you!!
I wasn't motivated to do well in Science as I constantly failed Science since primary school and it made me dislike Science until I meet Mr Tham.

I have developed a deeper understanding and liking towards Science now and I am more motivated to do well in Science.

Mr Tham also went the extra mile to allow me to sit in the class beyond my actual lesson timing just so that I can finish the papers and explained to me those questions I have doubt in.

Thank you Mr Tham for your guidance!
I was taught by Mr Tham for the past 3 years. Mr Tham is a driven, organised teacher who teaches everyone well. Through the years under Mr Tham, I could see my results improving. From a C6 in Mid Year Examination for Phy/Chem, I have improved to a B3 under Mr Tham guidance.

He is inspiring and he cares about the success of his students. Whenever I have any doubts, he would always be available to answer them.

Furthermore, he would ask the class if we require extra lessons for revision, allowing us to stay back after class to ask him questions too.

Mr Tham's way of teaching is different which makes it interesting, for example when we are required to memorise something, he would give acronyms which allowed the class to remember it well.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham has a different approach to lessons, making lessons feel less dreadful. Mr Tham is very patient with his students and always use very unique methods to help us remember formulae and key content.

With his methods, I am able to remember formulae a lot better and find it a lot easier to apply them in questions.

Mr Tham often share his own experiences as a student with the class and use his past experiences to motivate us to work harder. Under his guidance, I have been achieving consistent A grades for my combined science, a huge improvement from C6-D7 grades previously.

Thank You Mr Tham!!
At the start of the year, I was not doing well in Science. I decided to join RMSS and I am very grateful that Mr Tham is my tutor as he is always willing to help and is very kind.

He always offers help to us to come for self-study sessions but also most importantly, he strengthens my understanding for Science and ensures that all of us understand the chapters.

Mr Tham’s intriguing ways of teaching helped me remember notes and concepts easily with unique and funny acronyms for different topics.

Mr Tham intricate explanations also benefitted me to not repeat my mistakes.

After the many countless sessions, Science seems way easier than what I thought of it at the start of the year. Mr Tham has effectively benefitted me in Science as for prelims, I got an B3 which is better than at the start of the year when I barely managed a C5, i will continue to push and improve to an A1 for N' Levels.

Thank you Mr Tham for everything that you have done for me!
I joined Mr Tham's class in Mid Sec 3 since both my Physics and Chemistry were barely managing a B. I knew that if I kept that up, my performance in my Sciences in my O levels won't be enough to achieve A1.

Ever since joining his class, my grade, performance and consistency has noticeably improved. I began to score 80+ in both subjects in many tests. All this is due to the effort put in by both of us. He always answered any queries I had both in class and over WhatsApp and cleared many doubts I had even outside of classroom hours.

He is open to any questions and the happy vibe given off by him helps me to calm down and really focus in class. The atmosphere is perfect since it is never quiet or noisy. His explanations for his teachings are short but effective and it helped me grasp concepts I couldn't do before.

He has encouraged me to come down many times to revisit many old topics that I may not have learnt from him. Doing this has really helped me. Many a times when doing past papers I've difficult questions from topics I'm weak at and often leave them blank. The provision of the iPads and his assistance has made some of those weak topics my strongest forte in my Science.

Academics aside, his classes are never boring. When he has spare time, he always talks about his life in the Navy and personal experiences. The stories told are captivating and inspire us to be a better person overall.

I believe that with his guidance, everyone can excel in their academics while having a fun time.

Thank you Mr Tham for helping me throughout my higher school life!
Mr Tham has a teaching style that maintains my attention as a student. He also gives us students good advice on our next steps in education. Thanks to him, I have a deeper understanding of my mathematics subjects and his classes helped me prepare for my school examinations.

Mr Tham has always been available to answer any questions I have about Maths even out of class. He was also instrumental in encouraging me to try harder after my setbacks in the midst of my secondary 3 school year.

Thank you Mr Tham for being my maths tutor at RMSS!
I have been Mr Tham's student since secondary 1. I can still remember the first time that he taught me, he was really kind and outgoing.

He taught us many valuable life lessons and experiences that made the class more enjoyable and at the same time learn something new out of it.

He encourages all of us to do our best, whenever we doubt ourselves he will always give us words of encouragement. He goes out of his means to support us, he encourages us to come earlier or stay back after class to practice more.

Mr Tham is very patient and understanding with us and will always explain until we fully understand. Mr Tham is a very dedicated teacher and he has never given up on us and always rooting for us.

He has helped me improve my Emath and Amath tremendously , from E8 to A1. I am really grateful for having such a wonderful and awesome teacher. Compared to other teachers I prefer his teaching methods as he goes through all the steps in details.

With all the guidance from him, I am motivated to do well in my upcoming N-levels.

Thank you Mr Tham for everything!
Solving Math problem sums is definitely not my forte and I struggled to pass Math in lower secondary. Feeling demoralised with the bad grades I have, the sight of Math questions irked me. However, under the guidance of Mr Tham, my perspective have changed.

Whenever I am in doubt or need help for questions whether is it from practice papers or school questions, he never fails to answer them and explain it in detail.

Not only does he give advice and reminders of how we should tackle long dreadful math questions but he gives us advice for further education into JC/Poly and eventually University. Other teachers may be equally good as he is, but the amount of effort and dedication he puts in for his students is what makes him an outstanding teacher.

Mr Tham made me develop an interest for math, motivating me to strive for a distinction in O'levels. Without him, I would not be taking AMath and would have given up on this subject. Thank you Mr Tham for being an integral part of my education and your constant moral support, you are an amazing teacher to have!
I joined RMSS when I was in Secondary 4. With my initial Physics scores (B4), I was worried that I wouldn't be able to achieve my desired Physics grades for my O levels.

However, once I joined Mr Tham's Physics classes, I realised that under his guidance, I was finally able to understand and grasp the Physics concepts.

In class, he never fails to take the time to answer our doubts and even goes the extra mile by coaching us before or after class. Now, I am confident that I can attain A1 for my Physics O levels.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham has been a great help to my Physics overall. Previously, before I joined his class I was skeptical of having Physics tuition, but his unique teaching methods and use of acronyms have helped me remember key concepts a lot easier and apply them during exams. His explanations are also always clear and concise to the point, that allows me to understand the question immediately after I ask.

He is also very encouraging towards us and always pushing us to do our best. Thanks to his guidance I am able to keep up in class with the rest of my classmates and can answer Physics questions more confidently now.

With a greater grasp of physics concepts thanks to his teaching, I can attempt more different types of questions that would have been otherwise challenging.

Thanks Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham's Physics class in Sec 4, a few months before my O levels. At the time I believed it to be too late for me to salvage my grades in Physics as there was so little time left.

But Mr Tham helped me out in studying and gave me plenty of help that I needed during my revision and helped me understand the syllabus.

Mr Tham is very nice and understanding and is very helpful.

Thanks Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham at the end of Secondary 3 for Physics and my results were not that great (B4). Joining his class was the first tuition class I had ever attended and I was extremely nervous about how my teacher was going to be like.

The first lesson when I was asked to come early, I came an hour late and was expecting my new tuition teacher to reprimand me but all I arrived to was a cheerful and understanding Mr Tham who forgave me and just taught me without boundaries.

Mr Tham’s cheerful nature and the ability to convey his thoughts and concepts to his students through various methods really helped me shine in my studies and the way he has expressed concepts through his drawings really helped me to clear my understanding of the subject and now, surely I can always rely on Mr Tham for guidance whenever I need help and I know he will always be there for me not only as my Physics tuition teacher but my mentor as well.

I even managed to attain A1 for my Physics!

Mr Tham is really a great teacher and this past year with him has not only been enjoyable but also beneficial as well. I know I can always rely on Mr Tham to clarify my doubts and questions.

Thank you for teaching me this past year, Mr Tham!
If I were to describe my state of understanding of Physics before RMSS, I would be a blind sheep in a dense fog, able to move about, but unaware of where I was headed to.

I pushed on to try and find my way on my own but to no avail. Before I joined RMSS 3 weeks before my Preliminary examination, all hopes seemed to be lost. My results were disastrous (F9) and it didn’t seem like they would be getting any better, especially when some of the content began to seem like gibberish to me.

Despite all of this, Mr Tham never gave up on me. He recommended me to visit him whenever I can, and I did exactly that.

Every week, I saw him 3 times, watching as many videos as I could and cleared all misconceptions and doubts that I had. Due to my extremely weak foundation, there were times I had to ask him the most fundamental questions to clarify my doubts.

For most people, my incessant simple questions, they would have ignored me and asked me to find out the answer on my own. Yet, Mr Tham, continued to accept my questions and explained them to me in a clear and precise way.

If it wasn’t for Mr Tham, I don’t know where I would be in my level of Physics. I truly appreciate Mr Tham’s kindness and patience with me.

Now I am confident in getting at least a B3 for my Physics O Levels. Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is a great teacher, he always help me clarify my doubts and is helping me in my Sciences. I used to be very worried of my Sciences as I'm always not doing well in school.

I used to avoid practising and studying for my Sciences as I'm not good at it but thanks to Mr Tham's guidance, he really helped me improve tremendously for my Science, from F9 to A1.

Thank you, Mr Tham.
Mr Tham is a very patient and approachable teacher who would always be there to answer any questions. Before joining his class in RMSS, I used to be hesitant to do any question related to Science. I have always been failing my Science (D7).

However with Mr Tham’s guidance and invaluable support, I am now capable of getting an A1 for my Combined Science.

In my recent Sec 4 Prelims Exams, I managed to attained an A1 for Science!

Mr Tham’s quick and easy methods to remember key concepts have enabled me to be a step ahead of majority of my classmates in school. I can guarantee that whoever might join Mr Tham’s class won’t fail to achieve the results he/she aims to achieve.

I am feeling confident for the upcoming O Levels Exams!
Thank you Mr Tham once again!
I recently joined RMSS at Secondary 4 , about a month before my prelims. At first, I felt that it was already too late to join a tuition centre. I actually gave up on my science as I have been scoring E8/F9 since I was secondary 3. I then realised that science is an important subject .

After I joined Mr Tham's class , I can understand more topics better. His ways to memorise things such as formulae makes it easier for me to understand and memorise them. He always encourages us to ask questions and even constantly reminds us to practise regularly.

I am seeing improvements in my Science, and I am sure I can strive better for my O Levels !

Thank You Mr Tham :)
I joined Mr Tham's Science class in early Secondary 4. Ever since Sec 1, my grades for both Physics and Chemistry have either been bad. I thought that i would never even see the letter B for either subject.

However, after joining Mr Tham's class, I have been seeing improvements in my science grades, especially physics.

Thankfully, I got a B for combined science in Prelims after facing constant Ds. I am very thankful for that.

In class, Mr Tham is a very creative teacher who always surprises me with interesting and quirky ways to learn and memorise important Physics formulae as well as Chemistry Procedures.

Thank you so much Mr Tham for allowing me to believe that I have the potential to do even better than I expected. I will definitely work hard to make sure I score my desired results for the upcoming O'Levels!
It was during Sec 3 when I joined Mr Tham class. At that point of time I was failing my Science or a just pass. I was about to give up on the subject.

But slowly as time passed, lesson after lesson I started to be interested as Mr Tham teaching was unique and very interesting. Like remembering the reactivity series... Now my Science has improved from a C6 to B3 and it's all thanks to Mr Tham.

I eventually attained a B3 for my N-Levels Combined Science in 2017 and this year, I am confident in doing better for O-Levels Combined Science.

Thank you Mr Tham for your guidance:)
Dear Mr Tham,

I am so blessed for having you as a teacher, you have been great, I used to be the bottom few in Science but now, I am in fact the top half of my cohort! The paper set was rather difficult so even though I was top half, I only got C6, however, it is a drastic improvement since my Mid Year Exams!

Thank you for helping me understand the confusing formulae. You are a very engaging teacher and help go through questions thoroughly. Your students also love you just as much as you love them and have been helping them since day 1!

Thank you for making your class fun. I hope to achieve at least an A2 by the end of the year! Thanks so much for helping me!
I joined RMSS at Secondary 4 during June. I remember how much I hated Physics and Chemistry back then.
However, Mr Tham somehow always made Physics and Chemistry fun for me!

Mr Tham comes up with various interesting ways of remembering the formulas which was really helpful as I manage to improve my physics from a D7 to a B3 in this prelim since i could remember the formulae better.

I remember when I first joined RMSS, I was asking my friends if my teacher was going to be scary. My friend, Richard, told me that Mr Tham was a great teacher and he will not be fierce to students unless needed. True enough, he is indeed a great teacher with patience and I am really thankful for joining his class as I've improved greatly in my Science.

Mr Tham was also encouraging and always told me to stay for extra lessons so that I could improve further. Thank you for helping me improve my science by leaps and bounds Mr Tham!!
Since the start of Secondary 3, my Science grades started to worsen, dropping from an A2 to an E8. I was introduced to RMSS by my friends and decided to Join Mr Desmond Tham’s Science class.

Initially, I was unsure of many of the old chapters and my foundation was weak. However, under Mr Tham’s guidance and teaching, my foundation in Science became a lot stronger and I was confident with my Science subjects.

Being the kind and caring teacher that he is, he would constantly encourage me to go for extra lessons to ensure that any of my doubts that I had would be cleared.

Mr Tham also uses funny and creative ways for us to memorise notes that were previously hard to remember. This allowed me to achieve a B3 during the recent prelims.

Thank you for everything Mr Tham!!
I used to fail my Chemistry very badly (F9) in school before i joined Mr Tham’s lesson. After I joined RMSS in Secondary 3, I attended Mr Tham’s class every week and even extra class during the weekends to clear my doubts.

For my Sec 4 Mid-year Exams, I scored 40/50 (A1) for my Physics and managed to not only pass my Chemistry but to get a 30/50 (B4) which used to be a failing subject.

Mr Tham’s unique methods of remembering the concepts for Chemistry and Physics have helped a lot during the exam and make me understand the subjects even more due to the theory behind it with his funny ways of memorising formulae!!

Mr Tham is a very dedicated teacher who is willing to even help me through WhatsApp chat when I don’t understand a question and explain it to me personally!

Now I feel prepared for my major exams which is upcoming.

Thank you, Mr Tham for helping me in Physics and Chemistry!

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