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Good day parents, Term 4 is upon us and students are in the final stretch of preparing for the End of Year Exams.


Our Science Tutors have asked that students compile the list of topics they will be tested on, and prioritise revision of weakest topics during class time. During lessons, the tutor will do a quick recap on selected topics to help students with their revision. For the rest of the time, the students will be mainly doing questions on the topics that they are tested on and seek help from the tutor when required. The tutor will also be checking in with the students periodically.


In the event that students have many topics in which they need help, they are expected and encouraged to arrange for extra revision classes with their tutors. 


Also, a final extra class in the days before the actual paper is strongly encouraged. 


We seek your assistance in reminding your child to stay on plan and continue to encourage them in your own ways.




Dear Parents, 


We have completed two school terms for the academic year 2022 and are presently moving closer to the National Examinations of PSLE, O and A Levels in September, October and November respectively. RMSS has started our rigorous revision programme for all levels. 

Our students are highly encouraged to enrol in the classes for the different subjects. To do well in the National Examinations, students need to acquire a strong understanding of the content for the syllabus as well as a good grasp of the answering skills and technique. This is where our well crafted revision programme can help you complete your learning journey towards the National Examinations. 

For students who enrol in the graduating classes (Pri 6, Sec 4 & JC2) after 31st July 2022, the fees of the remaining months of August, September and October (for Sec 4 & JC2), inclusive of all material costs, will be collected upfront upon registration. 

This will not apply to students who enrol in the graduating classes on/before 31st July 2022

Procrastination is the thief of time. Do not wait anymore. Sign up for the different subjects now and give us ample time to prepare you for the Distinctions that you have set your sights on.

For further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us at 6222 8222.


Yours sincerely,

Raymond Loh
Raymond’s Math & Science Studio


Dear Parents

Full Classroom Lessons Resume

We are almost halfway through 2022. The past two years have not been easy, but we are grateful that parents and students have remained with us. 

In line with the latest changes to Singapore’s safe management measures, we are glad to inform that RMSS will officially resume with full onsite classroom teaching from 4 April 2022. Students will no longer be rotated between onsite/online arrangement from 4 April 2022. 

To ensure that we continue to operate in a safe environment for all, we seek the co-operations of both parents and students for the following:

1. Students must keep their mask on at all time within the premises of RMSS.

2. Kindly keep us informed if your child is

- tested positive for COVID 19

- issued HRN

- a household member of anyone tested positive for COVID 19

- a close contact of anyone tested positive for COVID 19


Zoom lessons will still be available for students who are unable to attend onsite lessons with valid reason.

Together, let’s look forward to safer and better times ahead. 


For further clarification or information, please call 6222 8222.


RMSS wishes all our customers a Happy Chinese New Year!


We will be closed from 31 Jan 2022 to 2 Feb 2022 for Chinese New Year.

Cancelled lessons on 31 Jan will be replaced.

As per our PH Policy, 1 & 2 Feb lessons will not be replaced & full fees will be billed.

Find learning Chinese too overwhelming? Want to do well but seems far-fetched?

Overcome the challenges today by joining our Chinese classes and get to enjoy 50% rebate off one month fee!*

What are you waiting for? Call us at 6222 8222 to enquire now!

*Terms & conditions apply

Terms & Conditions

1. The Chinese lesson Promotion of 50% rebate conducted by The Write Studio (Mo Yuan), a subsidiary of Raymond's Math & Science Studio starts on 3 Jan 2022 and ends on 27 Feb 2022.

2. The last day to commence first lesson for this promotion is 27 Feb 2022. 

3. Student has to be an active student of the Chinese class conducted by The Write Studio for a minimum of four consecutive lessons from 3 Jan 2022. 

4. The rebate will apply as soon as the Chinese lessons’ fees within the qualifying date have  been settled. Fees for all four qualifying lessons have to be paid for rebate to apply. 

5. The rebate will be credited directly into the student’s account with Raymond's Math & Science Studio.

6. The rebate applies to 50% of one month fee for Chinese lessons conducted by The Write Studio (Mo Yuan). The said rebate is not applicable to material and registration fees. 

7. The rebate of 50% applies ONLY once. Once redeemed, the said rebate will not be applicable to lessons conducted henceforth. 

8. In the event of class withdrawal  from RMSS or its subsidiary The Write Studio, student who has fulfilled the terms and conditions set out under the Promotion, needs to settle the fees required within 7 days from date of withdrawal to qualify for the 50% rebate.

9. Raymond's Math & Science Studio reserves the rights to modify the structure, benefits and other features of the Promotion, including these terms and conditions.  

10. All interpretations of these terms and conditions shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of Raymond's Math & Science Studio.


There has been a surge in the number of community cases in recent days. In response, the government has announced a return to Phase Two (heightened alert) to stem the recent spike. At the same time, MOE has also strongly advised that all tuition classes be conducted online. 


As part of our safe management measures, RMSS has decided to conduct all lessons online via Zoom until 8 August 2021. This move is necessary to ensure our students’ safety and that of our staff. We thank you for your understanding and accommodation as, together, we navigate through this trying time. 


We will provide timely updates to parents and students as the COVID-19 situation in Singapore develops. In the meantime, do stay safe, healthy and strong. 


For more information, kindly contact us at 62228222.


Our centre operation hours during this period

Mon-Fri : 1pm-9pm

Sat & Sun : 8.30am-7.30pm


Enquiries & book collection 

Parkway Centre Branch

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Bishan Branch

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Punggol Branch

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681 Punggol Drive 

#05-13/14, S820681


Dear Parents & Students,


As reported in the news on 8th May 2021, a student from Victoria Junior College has tested positive for COVID-19. The said student also attends lessons in RMSS. She last attended lesson at our Parkway Centre Branch (3rd floor) on 5th May before being tested positive. 


RMSS will close our Parkway Centre Branch (3rd floor) for thorough cleansing and sanitisation by professional personnel. The tutor who conducted the aforementioned lesson on 5th May, together with the other students in the same class, has been quarantined.


As part of a broader effort to safeguard our staff, tutors and students’ well-being, RMSS will conduct full online lessons for classes at our premises located at Parkway Centre till 19th May. RMSS’s students from Victoria Junior College have also been informed to attend online lessons till 19th May 2021.


This move may bring about some inconveniences. However, our students’ well-being is of utmost priority to us. Seen in this light, the move to conduct all lessons online for classes at our Parkway Centre Branch during this period is a pre-emptive and prudent move to contain any possible transmission of the virus among our student body. 


In the ensuing days, we will keep a close watch on the health of our students. Students attending online lessons during this period will be given full support by our tutors and staff. Above all, we will continue to work closely with the authorities, parents and students on the way forward where our students’ well-being and academic progress are concerned. 


We will announce any additional measures, if necessary, at the appropriate time. In the meantime, please stay safe and take good care. Do feel free to contact us at 62228222 if you require further assistance.


Dear Parents,

As we entered phase 2 of Singapore's reopening, your child's safety and well-being remain our top priority, as has been throughout this pandemic.


RMSS will continue to take the necessary precautions while ensuring we can continue to deliver quality lessons to our students.



In keeping with the safe-management measures required by the law, RMSS will have to provide an interval between the ending of one class and the commencement of another, to facilitate the cleaning and disinfecting of the classroom. 


Our tutors will, therefore, have to make a slight adjustment to the timing of your child's class. Affected classes may be dismissed or start 15 minutes earlier or end 

15 minutes later. 


Not all classes are affected.



Rest assured that in complying with the Ministry of Education regulations, RMSS will ensure that our students' interest is not compromised. The respective tutors will make arrangements to replace the 15 minutes gaps with parents and students concerned.



With the resumption of physical classes on 6 July 2020, our staff and tutors remain fully equipped and ready to bring to our students a safe learning environment. RMSS will carry out the following, with strict safe management measures in place:


- Students are to arrive at the respective centre on time. Students who arrive early are not permitted
to wait at the premises just outside the centre. Parents waiting to pick up their child after class are

kindly reminded not to do so at the aforesaid premises.


- When the class ends, the tutor will personally dismiss the students from our premises. Students are not allowed to loiter within the premises after class.


- Students will be dismissed on a whole-class basis. No personal consultation will be allowed after class, and students are not permitted to stay behind in the classroom after the class has ended. All consultations and questions will be supported via the Zoom platform. Kindly arrange this with the respective tutors.


We understand that the above arrangements will inadvertently bring forth inconveniences to parents and students. We are all in this together, and we appreciate your understanding that all these are done to ensure your child's safety and that of our staff as well as tutors.


We hope that you and your family stay safe, healthy, and strong.


Do feel free to call us at 6222 8222 if you need further clarification or assistance.



Dear Parents,


We hope that you and your family have been keeping well throughout this circuit breaker in Singapore. Thank you for your patience in accommodating the various operational changes and inconveniences that were necessary during the CB period.


As Singapore begins its phase two of the reopening on 19 June 2020, RMSS is also making preparation to resume physical classes. We place a strong emphasis on safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of our students as well as staff.


To this end, we will resume lessons in physical classrooms on 6 July 2020 so as to avail us with adequate time to make a comprehensive preparation to welcome our students back to the classrooms.


In keeping with safe management measures, RMSS will be adopting the following teaching platform:




Existing classroom capacity will be halved. This means, for instance, a classroom that could accommodate 20 students in normal time will now only take in 10 students.


Should there be more than 10 students registered for the class, we will adopt a rotational basis where some students will attend physical classes on certain week


while others in the same class will attend lessons via online platform, Zoom. Both platforms (physical and online) will be carried out concurrently, ensuring that students in the physical classroom and those attending lessons via Zoom are taught exactly the same content, at the same time, by the same tutor.





We will only rotate the lesson of students exceeding the new class capacity. For instance, the new classroom capacity is 10, while we have 12 students registered for the said class. In this case, only the lesson of two students will be rotated between the two platforms.


In another words, 10 students will be attending lesson in the physical classroom while 2 students will be attending lesson via Zoom concurrently with the physical class.


RMSS has put in place a computerised system to schedule students to the respective platform (physical or online) based on a fair and rotational basis.


Students will be informed of the platform that they have been assigned to one week before the due lesson. Students who wish to opt for online platform for all the lessons can inform our centre directly.


We regret to inform that we will not be able to accommodate request for all lessons to be on physical classroom platform in classes where the number of students exceeds the permitted class capacity.


As we prepare to welcome our students back in the classroom, we need the collective effort of all parents and students to exercise social responsibility so that we can all stay safe. We would like to highlight a few key safe management measures:


·      Students are required to wear a mask at all times. At the same time, students are advised to attend lessons on time and leave the centre premises immediately after class.


·      If your child is feeling unwell with sore throat, fever or cough, please see a doctor and do not attend lesson.


·      If any member of the student’s household is unwell with flu-like symptoms, kindly inform our centre and keep your child at home.


·      Should any member of the student’s household be placed on QO/SHN/LOA, our centre must be informed and the student will not be able to attend lessons in physical classes for the duration of the notice. We will arrange for the student to attend lessons on the online platform instead.


Your vigilance and cooperation are essential in keeping our centre safe for all.


RMSS, for our part, will put up appropriate floor demarcations to ensure the safe distancing between students. There will be a higher frequency of routine cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces.


In addition, there will be health checks for all students and staff, as well as the use of SafeEntry to support contact tracing.


Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued confidence in us, and we are excited to begin this return to the new normal with all of our students and parents.


Take care and here’s wishing you and your family the best of health, always.


Do feel free to call us at 6222 8222 if you need further clarification or assistance.




Dear Parents/Students, 


Singapore will be moving to Phase Two of the reopening on 19 June 2020. 


As the country begins its post Circuit Breaker phase, we are committed to supporting the reopening phase responsibly. RMSS will be taking a calibrated and measured approach to safeguard the wellbeing and safety of our students and staff. 


We are presently working on the details of physical class resumption and will duly inform parents of the arrangement.


Please feel free to contact us at 6222 8222 if you need further assistance.