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Armed with a large iPad, a laptop and a large monitor screen, over 40 tuition teachers with Raymond’s Maths & Science Studio press on with their regular lessons amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Although the lessons are held at the same time on the same day as before, all of the teachers now tutor remotely from their homes over video conferencing application Zoom. 

Managing director Raymond Loh told CNA that training teachers to use Zoom and trying to bring the classroom onto a digital platform is “not an easy task”. 

“Honestly, training for my staff is just one thing. Having good class control is totally another thing,” said Mr Loh. 

“And how do we make sure the classes are conducive enough? To be candid with you, we learn on the job, because we do not have any precedent.”

He added that while many of the teachers and students faced teething problems on the first day of online lessons, things quickly improved and the process is smooth now. 

As Singaporeans stay at home throughout the circuit breaker period, more are looking for ways to carry on with their usual activities, and many businesses and organisations are taking the opportunity to move their operations online.

The education sector was one of the first to start shifting operations online, after it was announced on Mar 24 that centre-based classes would be suspended, aiming to reduce the mixing of students from different schools. 

Mr Loh said his team started preparing for the possible closure of tuition centres when Singapore moved to DORSCON Orange. They moved classes online a few days after the Mar 24 announcement. 

Predicting that tuition centres would soon be asked to close, the team bought about 40 iPads, one for each of the teachers, and started printing booklets for the thousands of students studying with them. 

“Getting all my teachers to be aware and know how to use the software, and trying to bring the classroom into a digital classroom is not an easy task,” said Mr Loh.


“Most of our customers are very, very happy and very appreciative that we are ready (for online lessons),” said Mr Loh. 

“And we even have a small group of customers asking us to consider going online as a business. Because for older kids, they don't feel like travelling and going online seems to be a good option.” 

To read full article: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/circuit-breaker-classes-yoga-tuition-and-gyms-move-online-as-12630944


Dear Parents,


There have been recent incidents where hackers had gained access to school lessons conducted via the Zoom App and obscene materials were displayed to students. 


RMSS is well aware of ‘Zoom Bombing’ and would like to assure parents that our online lessons are conducted on a secure and effective platform.


One of the teachers that Yahoo Lifestyle SEA interviewed commented that unfamiliarity with the Zoom software could have compromised the security features in place to prevent such an occurrence. This is supported by a recent article in Fortune dot com which echoed the view that ‘Zoom Bombing’ mainly took place as a result of users’ imperfect command of Zoom’s privacy settings. 


Contrary to the other users who may not be adequately trained in the use of Zoom, RMSS’s tutors were trained, as early as 7 Feb 2020, to not only conduct online lessons effectively via Zoom, but also to be familiarised with the security features present in the Zoom App. These security features can help to prevent hackers from accessing private lessons conducted by our tutors with students. As an added security measure, RMSS ensures that all software are regularly updated to the latest version. 


As a tuition centre that is committed to the mission of delivering the highest quality of academic lessons to our students, RMSS has purchased the premium Business Plan from Zoom which has equipped us with more advance and effective administrative feature control and user management. 

We would like to share with parents some of the security measures that we have adopted. These measures have brought about the secure online learning environment since RMSS started Zoom online platform on 27 March. 

1.    Waiting Room

We enable ‘waiting room’, which allows the tutors to manually give students entry into the online class. Unfamiliar names will not be admitted. Our students have been instructed to use their own name to sign in as another preventive measure. 

2.   Lock Meeting

After all our students have joined the meeting, our tutors will proceed to enable the function ‘Lock Meeting’ to further prohibit non authorised persons to gain access to the private lesson.  

3.    Join Meeting After Tutor

We disable the option to allow students to join the meeting before the arrival of the tutor. This is to ensure that students are under supervision of tutors at all time during lessons.  

4.    No Sharing

We do not share the Zoom meeting link or the meeting ID on public platforms.

5.    Unique Meeting ID

We do not use personal meeting ID; a random unique ID will be generated for each meeting.

6.    Password & Screen Sharing

We set a meeting password and set screen sharing to "host only".

7.    Disabled Functions

We disable the functions of ‘file transfer’, ‘join before host’ as well as ‘allow removed participants to rejoin’. 

8.    Zoom Software Updates

As an added security feature, parents can update the operating system in all devices and the Zoom software.  

As the nation pulls together to ride out this challenging period, we at RMSS are also doing our utmost to provide a secure and effective learning platform for our students. We seek your understanding and thank you in advance for your patience, as we work together to overcome COVID-19. 

 We seek all parents’ kind cooperation in ensuring that your child strictly follows the procedures that we have put in place. RMSS would like to reassure our parents and students that we remain committed to providing unwavering support in taking the appropriate cyber security measures to safeguard the well being of our students. 

We thank you for your continued confidence in RMSS. In the meantime, here’s wishing you the best of health always. 

Please feel free to contact us at 6222 8222 if you need further assistance.


Dear Parents


We hope you and your family are well and healthy in these unprecedented times.


The government has announced that Singapore will adopt stricter measures with effect from 7th April 2020. In such a situation, movement of people will be restricted and much of the routine of our daily lives disrupted.


RMSS has been monitoring closely the situation since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. All our tutors and administrative staff have been briefed and prepared to carry out the daily teaching and operations under different circumstances, such as the one we are experiencing now. Our tutors have been equipped with the necessary facilities to conduct online lessons from home. Rest assured that all measures are in place to make sure that the high quality of online lessons that RMSS has been delivering since 27th March 2020 will continue.


We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. The materials to be used for the whole month of April have been distributed to parents and students. Should the strict measures be extended beyond the month of April, we will notify parents again on the distribution of book materials for subsequent months.


We have received many encouraging notes from our customers over the past few weeks. Thank you, your warm words of encouragement and appreciation are very important to help us work together with parents to provide a conducive and effective learning environment for our students in this trying time.


Thank you for your continued trust and support to RMSS. We wish you and your family good health.


For more information and assistance, please contact us at 6222 8222.

Dear Parents/Students,


RMSS has been closely monitoring the news and various measures adopted worldwide to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


As part of the national effort to ensure the well-being of students and the educational community, MOH has announced that all tuition and enrichment centre-base classes be suspended with effect from 26thMarch 2020, 2359 hours to 30thApril 2020.


In anticipation of such suspension of classes, RMSS has procured the hardware and software to enable real-time live-streaming of lessons to the homes of every student.


We are pleased to announce that we have completed the testing of equipment and the training of our staff.

RMSS will conduct real-time live streaming of all lessons commencing 27thMarch 2020.


To ensure minimum disruption to your child’s learning with us, these lessons will be taught by your child’s tutor at the same time of day as per regular class schedule. In short, there is no change; we are moving the teaching from classrooms to your homes, via the internet.


RMSS centres will remain open to assist in any administrative matters and act as a collection point for materials to our students.


In such unprecedented times, your continuous cooperation and support would be greatly appreciated.




Dear all,

As per notice from MOH, 

Singaporeans are advised to defer all non-essential travel abroad. If you are returning from mainland China (outside Hubei Province), Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Republic of Korea, *Japan, *Switzerland, *United Kingdom as well as all *ASEAN Countries (with the exemption of those travelling into Singapore from Malaysia via sea or land), will be issued with a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

This advisory will apply for 30 days, and will be reviewed thereafter. This is to reduce the risk of Singaporeans contracting COVID-19 while overseas during this global pandemic. 

You are advised to review your travel plans during the March school holidays, and check the MOH website for the latest measures as well as a list of countries that are subject to SHN requirements.

Click the link below to access MOH’s press release for more information.



📢Additional Precautionary Measures against COVID-19 Infection in RMSS📢


To enhance the protection of RMSS visitors, students, tutors and staff, we have implemented the following additional precautionary measures: -


 1. Temperature screening will be required for all visitors, students, tutors and staff alike before/upon entering RMSS premises. Students are to bring their own thermometers to help facilitate the process.

a) Temperature taking will be done outside of RMSS premises before each class.

i) Main Centres - Outside along the walkway

ii) Bishan Classrooms (#44 / #54 / #201) - Downstairs along the walkway

iii) Parkway Centre Classrooms - Lift lobby

b) Late comers or students who turn up for extras or make up lessons, they are to wait OUTSIDE of their classroom for the tutor to take their temperature before entering the classroom.


2. ALL visitors will be required to complete a visitor declaration form for contact tracing.

3. All RMSS Tutors and Staff will have their temperature check twice daily. Any who is unwell or found to have a fever will be asked to leave RMSS premises and seek medical help immediately.

4. Students with a temperature below 38 deg C will be allowed into RMSS premises and be issued a coloured sticker as an indication that their temperature has been measured and cleared. The stickers will have to stay on visible areas of the student’s shoulder at all times during period of stay in RMSS premises.

 5. If a student is found to have a temperature equals or more than 38 deg C or display flu like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, they will be asked to go home.

6. All frequently touch surfaces (i.e. glass door handles, reception counter, centre phones, iPads and headphones etc.) as well as working spaces will be constantly sanitised throughout the day.

7. Hand sanitisers will be placed in all classrooms and within RMSS premises.

8. Anyone with the following will be denied entry to our premises: -

a) register a temperature of 38 degree Celsius and above or;

b) are unwell with respiratory symptoms or;

c) have visited mainland China (outside Hubei Province), Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Republic of Korea, *Japan, *Switzerland, *United Kingdom as well as all *ASEAN Countries in the last 14 days or;

d) had close contact with a confirmed case/on QO/SHN/LOA in the last 14 days

9. RMSS will continue to monitor the situation closely and act in accordance to MOE precautionary measures in schools. We also urge all students, tutors and staff to continue practising good personal hygiene such as washing their hands frequently with soap, and avoid coming for class if they are sick only to return when fully recovered.


Dear Parents and Students, 

Over the past few weeks, we witnessed the rapid spread of the Novel Coronavirus in China. Unfortunately, the virus has found its way to the rest of the world, Singapore included. 

While the number of confirmed local infections is small compared to China, it is worrying as it can spread quickly if not properly monitored and controlled. 

In light of the situation, RMSS has started to implement daily temperature checks for students, teachers and staff, who are also required to declare their travel & health status.

If there comes a time when MOE decides to shut down schools, RMSS will follow suit.

Notwithstanding the temporary closure of schools, life must go on and our education of students should continue with minimal disruption.

As a further safeguard and to minimise disruption, RMSS has purchased the hardware and software for live streaming of all lessons so that lessons can continue in students’ homes in the event of school closures.

While we hope the situation will not worsen to require closure of schools, RMSS has nevertheless invested effort & resources so that all lessons can continue at the usual times conducted by the usual tutors via live streaming should the need arise.

We are currently testing the live streaming of lessons and will update all parents and students in due course.

Meanwhile, we urge one and all to adopt good hygiene practices and to excuse oneself from lessons should one feel unwell or experience flu symptoms.



Singapore Authorities have now imposed a 14-day Leave Of Absence (LOA) for students & Teachers returning from China.

Likewise, with effect from today, Monday - 27 Jan 2020, students who have travelled to China during the last 14 days are NOT to attend classes at RMSS till & including 9 Feb 2020. This is so that students can stay at home & minimise close contact with others.

Meanwhile, RMSS will implement a temperature check on all students, tutors and staff of RMSS and persons found to have temperature exceeding or equals to 38 deg celcius will be asked to leave the tuition centre to go home.

Students & Parents are advised to subscribe to the Government WhatsApp service by clicking on the link below to receive the latest updates on on the novel corona virus situation.

The Gov.sg WhatsApp:

Sign up link if you’d like these regular updates: https://go.gov.sg/whatsapp

Thank you for your cooperation.









SOME of his students say they hear his voice in their heads while they do their exam questions, as if explaining how to tackle the problems. When he hears those comments, Mr Raymond Loh knows he and his teachers have done their job well.

Mr Loh, 44, founder and managing director of Raymond’s Math Studio (RMS), said: “The RMS approach is quite different in that we provide, not tuition, but a holistic learning experience. It may sound cliche but it has proven to work.

“We assume the student did not attend lessons in school and teach the subject from square-one, finishing the subject way ahead of what is taught in schools. We then embark on an intensive revision and exam-practice regime right up to the eve of the exam.

‘With this method, I can safely say that both our students and teachers have done the needful in preparing the student as best as we can.”

Mr Loh said that he is blessed with two gifts, a gift in teaching and the ability to spot people gifted to teach and blessed with the passion to put the students’ well being as a top priority.

The search is not easy but fulfilling.

He said: “I look for people who have the gift of teaching, and expect them to work hard for the students’ futures. Technical skills can be taught but one either has or does not have the gift of teaching.

“I ask potential teachers to teach students for a month for free, so as to be able to assess their ability and motivation before hiring them.

“Our top three instructors have no formal training from the Ministry of Education or National Institute of Education, but they love what they do.”

As a result RMS has effective and committed teachers who are not only closely bonded with each student, but have struck close partnerships with parents by virtue of the trust gained.

Many students and parents remain in constant contact with Mr Loh years after they had left RMS.

This is perhaps testimony to what Mr Loh claimed to be providing a holistic learning experience.

Mr Loh said: “I teach more than the subject and believe in capacity building of each student. I believe attitude and character building are as important, if not more important, than understanding the subject well.

“My teachers and I are looked upon as both teachers and mentor. We prepare them for life’s journey, make and use our own materials and use real-life examples, like CPF contributions, in our lessons.”

A former student, Miss Phoebe Ng, said in an email to Mr Loh: “Thank you for being such a fantastic tutor (beyond the classroom) that I will never ever forget in my life.

“Ever since I joined RMS, my passion for math came back... Thank you so much, this gratitude I have for you is just beyond words.”

One of Mr Loh’s career highlights is when he and his teachers see how the students have changed after attending RMS.

He said: “When a student is remarkably transformed, the elation of the student and parents more than make up for the loss of sleep and angst suffered by my teachers and I.”

Behind the scenes, something which Mr Loh firmly believes in, is the need to train and motivate his teachers, constantly.

He said: “I sit-in to observe my teachers in action and devote a great deal of time to coach them on a weekly basis. Apart from updating the lesson and imparting to them the softer-skills, the two-way feedback results in evolving the ‘X-factor’ which has now become the hallmark of Raymond’s Math Studio.”

For RMS, it is always work-in-progress and rightly so because the education landscape is ever-changing.

Mr Loh’s parting shot was: “I take comfort in having planted the seeds and take pride in that the yearly harvests are shared by my students, parents, my teachers and my staff who had made Raymond’s Math Studio what it is today.”