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Ms Rachael is a very considerate and warm-hearted teacher.
She especially pays attention to weaker students who need more help.
My daughter, Ong Kai Hui, was one of the weak students under her guidance.
Hence, Ms Rachael would pay closer attention to her by consistently asking if she had any doubts to clarify. She would also give her 1 on 1 lessons to further explain concepts.
Although, it required strenuous efforts to teach her, she did not give up.
From Evolet Tang:

Miss Rachael Corera is a great teacher.
She taught me great ways and strategies to use when solving questions or problems in Science papers.
She has also given me extra lessons so that I can improve.
My marks have improved an I have passed my prelim. All thanks to her! ?

From Adeline Koh (parent):

Miss Rachael Corera is a very warm and passionate teacher who cared for her students.
When she felt that Evolet needed a little extra help/push, she would contact me and seek for my consent for Evolet to attend extra lessons.
She would also update parents on the well being of the child, keep us posted of topics that will not be tested for PSLE; and encouraged her students to put in their very best for this last stretch with their upcoming PSLE.

When Miss Rachael was unwell, she still conducted lessons via Zoom instead of a physical class lesson (after seeking parent’s understanding that she wasn't feeling very well).
I thought to myself… She could have taken an MC or re-arrange for a make-up class; but she chose to continue with the lesson.

Thank you very much for all above, Miss Rachael Corera! ❤️

I strongly recommend students to take her classes!
Our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Rachael who is a responsible and dedicated tutor.
With your guidance and encouragement to Aeon. Aeon felt confident and has shown interest in Maths & Science since P5.

Appreciate Ms Rachael for her extra miles of giving extra lesson during exam period.

Thank you Ms Rachael!
My heartfelt and most sincere thanks to Ms Rachael Corera who went above and beyond for her students at RMSS Oasis Terraces-Punggol. Following the footsteps of her elder sister, Cadence enrolled in RMSS Math switching from another tuition centre. With the connection and chemistry, Ms Corera built with Cadence, she progressed and improved as a student growing in character and responsibility. My wife and I have no regrets enrolling Cadence with RMSS placing her in the good hands of Ms Rachael. Connection, chemistry, passionate! Highly recommended!
My child, Geraldine, had attended Ms Rachael's lessons (RMSS Punggol) since December 2018.

Geraldine used to struggle with Maths in school and had also failed in the subject before.
Since attending lessons at RMSS, she showed improvements in her Maths results in school, scoring mostly As.
Results aside, most importantly, Geraldine has gained a lot more confidence in handling Maths and is able to manage her schoolwork on her own two years without much help from parents.

Ms Rachael is a dedicated and patient teacher and will go the extra mile to answer questions even outside of lesson time.
There were plenty practices covering different scenarios and also techniques to use to answer the questions. These help the students grasp the concepts better.

Ms Rachael is also a caring and friendly teacher.
This makes my child feel comfortable in approaching her to clarify questions.
My child is often happy when she gets to share her good results with Ms Rachael.

Thank you for your efforts, dedication and patience, Ms Rachael!
Ms Ong has been my child’s (Ithiel) Math and Science tutor in RMSS for the last 3years. Ms Ong is a very passionate and experience teacher. We find that she teaches in a very structured manner and thus has allowed our child to stay focus, progress and cope well with pressure. In addition, we noticed that Ms Ong has always place her students’ interest as her priority and in our many engagements with her, we find that she is a very
approachable, frank, sincere, and accommodative person. Indeed, RMSS is very fortunate to have such great teacher.

According to Ithiel, “Ms Ong is firm during lessons but most students in the class knows that she is a very approachable and patient teacher. Her class was never once boring, she seemed to be able to make the lessons fun and interesting in whatever topics she is teaching. I think this why I always feel very confident about getting good grades for Science and Math assessment. I remembered during phase one Circuit Breaker period, I really missed not being able to attend her class physically because learning through zoom is not as interesting as learning in her class.
Ms Ong is very passionat, kind and care to her students. She always be there to explain on
how to answer the question even outside her class. My son joined her class since P5 term 2. I remembered he got B before he joined her class. However, with her guidance and passion, gradually his mark increase and once hit A*. Really appreciate and thank you very much for everything.
Jin Lyn Chee, MARINE PARADE S4 EMATH, 2020
You have honestly helped me so much in math and I really appreciate all the effort you put in to help us improve! (from making us come for extra practice and even telling us that we could send me any doubts(via whatsapps) we had! Although you were really strict and honestly I was really afriad of you HAHA, I know you do it out of care and for the good will of wanting us to do well. You're honestly the most caring and funny tuition teacher I have ever had(although the class doesnt really laugh HAHA). It is really saddening that I wont see you anymore after 'O's but I will always remember the tremendous effort you put into teaching and I will be eternally grateful.
Before joining Mr Teo’s class, I used to not be able to grasp the concept of many differing topics of amath and I was not confident at all with amath. However after I joined Mr Teo’s class, I was clearer on methods to answer questions and I slowly improved. Mr Teo is very patient and committed. He would do anything he can to help any student understand various concepts and creates a very approachable and friendly class environment where we can ask questions with ease, which is a quality I like the most about his teaching style. Mr Teo is definitely the type of teacher that anyone would like to have. He also encourages us to make time to go to class to revise on topics we are unfamiliar with, and cares for every student!
I've been under Mr Teo for H2 Chemistry since the end of J1 and I can say that he has been right with us through our most pivotal year. With a caring demeanor, he handles our lessons with a structured yet fun approach that keeps us working without burning us out, making lessons as enjoyable as they are insightful. Mr Teo allows and even encourages us to take extra time to come back and deepen our knowledge and love for Chemistry which enables us to have a better grasp of our syllabus. Thanks Mr Teo for all you have taught us and we hope to make you proud for the upcoming A-levels!
Mr Teo is a very patient and encouraging teacher because when you are unclear or unable to grasp a certain concept, he will always be willing to explain to you over and over again until you fully understand it. Besides, when we did not achieve our expected results, Mr Teo will not blame us but instead encourage us to try harder and come down for extra lessons to close our learning gaps. Moving forward, Mr Teo goes out of his way and print papers for us so that we can drill on different topics too! Thank you Mr Teo for always making the class enjoyable!! :)
Although I only begin classes with Mr Teo in Secondary 4, I was still able to learnt and catch up with my Amath in this short period of time. This was all because of the hardwork put in by Mr Teo himself as well as the commendable management of the Centre. In just about 6 months, not only was I able to catch up with the syllabus in school, I have also surpass my teacher's expectations and thereby getting an A1 in the recent preliminary examination. All this were done because of the good study materials provided by RMSS as well as the ease of coming into class for extra lessons just to work on topics which I needed more help in. Additionally, with a tutor who constantly encourage the class, it has also given me a boost of confidence in the subject itself in which I highly appreciate.
The classes are very to the point, succinct and easy to pick up. the classes are really useful and they expose me to almost all kinds of questions and scenarios that help me understand the topics like differentiation, which i was struggling with before. I would like to thank mr teo for helping me in those classes and getting my grades up from an E8 to B3 in prelims, and prepare for Olevels
My son, Caelan Yip, is currently in Mr Leonard Tan's Math class, S4 AMath at the Marine Parade branch.  Last year Caelan was not doing well for both his E Math and A Math.  We found RMSS, had a discussion with his current tutor, Mr Teo, about Caelan's problems in Math and Mr Teo kindly offered his help and support immediately to Caelan for his upcoming EMath SA1 revision. When Caelan joined RMSS, he found the combination of classroom lessons and targeted video recorded revision sessions very effective in helping him grasp and understand mathematical concepts more easily.  Under Mr Teo's constant care and guidance as well as the extra lessons on top of the usual lessons that he provided for Caelan, Caelan made significant improvements in both his EMath and AMath.  Mr Teo is a very dedicated, passionate and committed teacher who really understands the needs of his students and knows exactly how to help them improve upon the areas they are weak at.  Caelan is really fortunate to have found Mr Teo, who's a wonderful teacher and a great pillar of support in his learning journey in Math.
Dear mr ang, words really can’t express how thankful i am for your guidance. before i joined your physics and chemistry classes, i wasn’t doing well academically and i did not enjoy learning them either. because of you, i’ve not only managed to pull up my grades but also developed a strong interest in physics and chemistry! (wow so shocking :o) it really made me so happy to see small improvements in my work day by day. it motivated me to work harder to achieve that A1 that once seemed impossible. thank you for always being so ready to render help, it gave me the strength to clarify my doubts. you constantly assured us that you are just a text away if we need any help. honestly, after even a year, i am still in awe at how good you are! you explain everything in such a clear and concise manner, sometimes even cracking your head to think of a funny analogy to help us understand better. the efforts you’ve put in definitely haven’t been unnoticed :) i was extremely worried that the few months of lockdown would impact my grades negatively, but i was indeed wrong. you kindly arranged so many extra weekly zoom lessons to ensure we grasp every concept correctly and reached out to us to provide us with the extra resources we need. even before lockdown, you encouraged me to come for extra lessons to brush up certain topics that needed more attention. when i did not understand certain concepts or questions, you will take the extra effort to explain it all over again until i get it. thanks to your kindness, patience and overflowing passion, i’ve gained confidence when tackling these subjects that i used to be uncertain of. you also shared with us study methods that i would never have thought of and these methods made my learning more effective. to many of us, you are more than just a teacher, you are a mentor and even a friend. i will never forget all of the encouragement you’ve given us. during exam periods, you urged us to take care of our health and even offered a listening ear for us to talk to. you reminded us that grades are not everything and it is okay even if we fail, what’s most important is to enjoy the learning process. you shared with us many many funny stories that never fail to lift my mood after an arduous week. you have inspired me to view things from a different perspective, especially changing my mindset towards how i view learning and wow i will never forget this! thank you for all the encouragement you’ve given me, you once told me “wow you’ve really gotten so much better at this!”, although it was short, it had so much impact! i felt a surge of happiness as i felt like my hard work had paid off and it really spurred me to work even harder. mr ang, i have benefitted tremendously from your lessons. out of all the teachers i have met all these years, you are definitely one of the best one :’) thank you for being part of my journey and never giving up on me, i will do my extremely best to obtain distinction for chemistry and physics in Os. i hope your burning passion for teaching never dies and you will continue to inspire many other people. thank you, thank you so much for the past year, i will definitely miss your lessons so much! all the best mr ang :”)
Mr Ang, thank you so much for being my physics teacher. When I first started learning physics, it felt unusually difficult. Even though it was just formulas, the concepts were tough and I could not understand the subject at all. Mr Ang made me realise how important a good teacher is. A teacher can easily convince us of certain answers and concepts since we are learners but Mr Ang made sure that he goes all the way to clarify our questions. Even when Mr Ang had some doubts, he did not sweep the questions under the carpet but instead, he consulted others to help him and that really inspired me! Mr Ang’s discernment and way of teaching really helped me to see physics in a totally different perspective. Initially, I felt that a distinction for physics was a far-fetched idea but when Mr Ang taught me how to see things differently, physics didn’t seem as daunting as before! Mr Ang taught me things that my teacher in school will never even mention (e.g. Redrawing circuits, tricks to answer MCQ fast and the power of logic) Even with Covid-19 and tuition was disrupted, Mr Ang tried his best to ensure that his lessons are still beneficial and frequently holds online consultation (even at 9.30?!)… all for the sake of helping us! Mr Ang, from the bottom of my heart, I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your help and thank you for being my teacher.
Really appreciated the times when u answered my questions even late into the night and also after almost every lesson last time! In the aspect of teaching I can truly feel your passion in it and am wholeheartedly appreciative that you are always patient when answering my questions until I fully understand them! In addition to that u are also able to skillfully point out the common misconceptions and mistakes that students make in certain topics and also summarise topics into easier to understand and more digestable small key concepts and I believe that played an important role in allowing me to understand that physcis is not as complex as I used to think it is and it really does give me some comfort when studying for the different topics . Through the nearly one year spent with you I believe that the weekly time spent with you has not only helped me to develop greater confidence in it as you never fail to solve questions in a way that lets us see that it is actually quite manageable if we have the concept, but also influenced me to somehow gain a greater interest and affinity towards it haha! Moreover, I am also appreciative towards your humorous sacarsm and occasional jokes in class that quite surprisingly allows me to better remember some formulas like the Heisenberg uncertainty LOL and definitely helps us to better concentrate through enjoying and learning at the same time ! But more importantly, as one of the most important person in my JC life , you have taught me to give my best in everything I do by demonstrating that yourself every week when you are always able to show great vigor and enthusiasm teaching us and starting the class despite already having a very hectic schedule in the day and that really motivates me to put in even more hardwork for the subject to not let you down . Moreover you have also taught me to be more independent by always slowly guiding me in every question such that I can find the answer myself instead of just spoon feeding me and that really teaches me the importance of being more independent instead of always seeking help whenever I'm troubled with impediments. Lastly , I will also always remember the encouragements that you were always so generous in giving since the day I joined ! I can still recall the first day I asked you whether I am a goner after showing u my failed promo paper HAHAH and you told me no and that honestly sparkled some hope and I was secretly rejoicing inside knowing that for the next year to come I will have a reliable and trustworthy tutor to guide me to my A (hopefully LOL I try my best). Also I realised that you tend to cough quite a bit during lessons so yes please take care of your health amidst the ongoing pandemic and your busy schedule such that you can continue to healthily influence more youngsters like me!
RMSS has helped me to improve tremendously! With the plenty of resources that RMSS provides, I was able to have sufficient practice and apply the concepts learnt to various types of questions. RMSS is also very efficient in other aspects. My physics tutor, Mr Quek also helped my to understand physics concepts clearer. His detailed yet easy to understand explanations cleared up my misconceptions as well. His experiential advice on ways of tackling certain questions has also helped me:)
Over my two years in RMSS, Mr Quek has helped me make tremendous improvements in Physics. Having been a student who detested the subject since secondary school, I was fortunate to have Mr Quek as my tutor. He has helped me to understand the subject better and also allowed me to grow a liking towards Physics. With much experience under his belt, Mr Quek is very well-versed in tackling the requirements of the syllabus and often imparts useful tips and skills that we can apply in our examinations to score better grades. Mr Quek is also a very friendly and approachable teacher who never fails to answer my questions both in lesson and online. All in all, my 2 years in RMSS under Mr Quek has been a rather enriching and fulfilling one!
I joined Mr Quek’s class in early January 2019 in J1. While I wasn’t easy to teach since I am terrible at physics, Mr Quek was very patient and explained concepts far better than school lectures. He could help break down the concepts into simple bits of information. He always quickly answered questions about school work I sent him, always putting in effort to make sure that we had a complete understanding of topics. His care and effort definitely helps a lot, often teaching ahead of school syllabus which gave me an added advantage in lectures. His answering techniques and analysis of more difficult questions, combined with his patience, were very helpful. While preparing for As, I hope that I can make him proud by scoring well. Thanks for making me interested in Physics Mr Quek!
Mr Ronnie Quek is a patient teacher who has never failed to clarify my unending queries and doubts. He is dedicated to his students and is fully committed even at the expense of his own personal time. Mr Quek constantly tries his best to spur us on and has proven to be a brilliant teacher.

Mr Quek, from the MOMENT I stepped into class, I knew you were a FORCE = ma to be reckoned with. You set our class into MOTION and set the MOMENTUM = mv for us. The amount of WORK DONE = fd to help us is indeed immeasurable with definitely no UNCERTAINTY. Thank you for seeing the POTENTIAL = -GM/r in every one of us and making physics so ATTRACTIVE GMm/r^2. Your classes made us achieve our MAXIMUM ORDER dsinø=nλ, and you were able to RECTIFY our mistakes. Physics lessons were so EXCITING and all of us were able to PEAK. Thank you for being a great teacher and helping us achieve our POTENTIAL V=U/q=Q/4πER.
Thank you for the guidance from all your teachers these past years. Being in RMSS for the past 8 years of my life has enriched my learning and made my education journey a smoother process. I am eternally grateful for all the hard work that your teachers put in for us to get good grades. I would like to specially thank Mr Sean Yeo and Mr Ronnie Quek for being the key factor in helping me get through the difficult points in my JC life. The teachers in RMSS use different approaches in teaching us to better our learning experiences, one of which being class presentation. This helped me immensely as it enabled me to recall concepts taught in the past.
Before joining RMSS, physics was like a foreign language to me and I was always lost during lecture. However, after joining Mr Quek’s lesson, I was able to turn things around and start seeing improvements in my physics. He was able to explain the concepts in an easy to understand, yet thorough way, and was also very experienced in teaching physics at A Level. He has helped me to understand the topics much better and also make me have greater confidence when dealing with physics questions.
Mr Quek, is a caring and concerning tutor. During lessons, he uses unique and interesting methods to keep us interested and engaged with the ever so boring subject. Furthermore, albeit his busy schedule, he fits in time to entertain to our ever so annoying physics questions. Often, during wee hours. With his engaging and entertaining lessons, my physics grades have definitely improved significantly under his constant care and guidance.
I would like to thank Mr Quek for always helping me with my work and helping me to throughly understand the questions that I do not know how to do. He have helped me to improve my results significantly and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you once again!! :D

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