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I joined RMSS in March hoping to improve my sciences because i was having trouble coping. With Ms Lim's guidance and help i was able to improve and close up my gaps in my understanding in both biology and chemistry. Without a doubt she will not hesitate to help me clarify my problems. My grades have improved from a C6 to B3 and i am grateful for all the help she has given me to help me improve.
Ms Lim is a really helpful and caring teacher. She brings smiles during classes and make the lessons extremely enjoyable. Every lesson with you is interesting because you introduce chemistry concepts in a fun way, making me motivated to put in the effort to understand what was going on, as I did not like Chemistry a first. You are also very generous as you never fail to buy us some food during the 4 hour lessons. Thank you Ms Lim for being my chemistry tutor the past 2 years, and I’ll miss you!
When I first joined RMSS, I had minimal clue of what was happening during my school’s chemistry lessons which led me to constant failing in my science subject. However, through Ms Lim I have a better understanding of my content and foundation. Her lessons are very fruitful and easy to understand. She is also a patient tutor who will explain things in different ways to make sure that her students understand what was being taught.
I only joined RMSS recently when I was in secondary four, and I wasn't scoring the best grades for combined science then. However, I was under Ms Lim's guidance, and she helped me in catching up with the rest by telling me topics that I should come for extra classes on. She explained topics that I had difficulty with in a much clearer way, and she would ensure that the class understood the mistakes we made before moving on. After joining Ms Lim's class, I could see improvements in my grades for science. Thank you Ms Lim for helping me with science!
I would like to express my gratitude towards Ms Lim for helping me improve tremendously the moment I stepped into her class. She has helped me improve from a C5 to an A1 in Chemistry as well as pick up a liking towards that subject which I can never thank her enough for. The enthusiasm that she puts into teaching us is what motivates me to work harder. Her easy-to-remember acronyms for important formulas makes her lesson so easy to understand and makes her a unique and interesting teacher. The interesting stories that she tells us in class helps lift the tense and stressful atmosphere within the class which allows us to feel more at ease. The concern that she shows by constantly reminding us to attend extra lesson for any topic that we are weak on and to work hard makes me very grateful. Once again, I would like to emphasise how grateful I am for having a teacher as amazing as Ms Lim and the positive impact she has made on me and shaped me to become a better person.
I joined Ms Lim’s class late last year before my Sec 3 End of year exams. When I first started Ms Lim’s class, my chem grades were a low C5 and even at End of year exams, I didn’t do quite well. However, under the guidance of Ms Lim, my chemistry grades improved drastically and I managed to score consistent A1s throughout my Sec 4 year. I think the reason for my improvement is Ms Lim’s method of teaching which allows me to understand concepts easily. She is patient and answers my doubts during lessons. Very grateful to have a chem tutor like Ms Lim!
I joined Miss Lim's combine science class since the start of sec 3 and it was one of the best decision I made. My science was extremely weak throughout my lower sec life, but since I joined her class at the start of sec 3, I could understand the concept of each topics better and it really improve both of my science grades! Moreover, she teaches each topic in a way where everyone could easily understand, ensuring that we know our concepts well. Additionally, she is always full of energy and all of us could see that she is giving her full effort teaching and we really appreciate that!
Honestly before i joined Ms Lim for chemistry, i really thought my chemistry results are hopeless HAHA
Not saying my school teacher cannot teach but its just that i didnt understand what was going on.? I first joined RMSS for chemistry somewhere in September'18 (in my Secondary 3 year) as my friends who were in her class recommended her and said she was very friendly (and her teaching was like a next level) I was really scared at first as my first impression of Ms Lim was that she was a very strict teacher ?. I was really happy that she was very understanding (even though she probably doesn't remember, she actually scolded me once HAHA) and the methods she used in teaching were very special yet still easy to remember ☺.Really grateful for her to be really really honest as she goes out of her way to let students come for extra as many times as they want as long as it helped their learning. I actually improved alot from like a C6 for my Secondary 3 midyears to an A2 for my Secondary 4 midyears. (Thank you so much Ms Lim for all you have done for all of us !! ?)
Before joining Miss Lim's chemistry class, I disliked chemistry a lot and felt that I could not understand the subject well. My results were deteriorating at a fast rate and I was discouraged. however, after joining Miss Lim's class, her constant encouragement motivates me to study harder for this subject even though I didn't quite like it. She engages the class with stories and find riveting ways to help us remember information. She is also a teacher that puts in a lot effort in her students through setting the right attitude in all of us, even in the smallest things possible such as ensuring that students file their work neatly or not being late for class even if its one minute late. Hence seeing the effort she puts in for all of us impels me to work harder to achieve better results. Although her strictness may be taxing and demanding at start, this inculcates values in our lives that we should live up to. One thing that I really like is how she strongly believes in her values for example being honest and would not condone such actions such as, when students do not own up when they got the question wrong. As sec 4s, Miss Lim knows it is an important year for us despite being really busy, she sacrifices her off day to arrange extra classes for us so that we can have more practice and do better for our examinations. Miss Lim is more than just a teacher to us. She is also a friend who would listen to us when we have problems and should share her personal experience for us to relate then advise us on what to do based on her opinions. Even though the times we get to talk may only be a few minutes but it really makes me reflect on my decisions. Gradually my chemistry did improve and I do look forward to every weekend for her lesson despite the school days being so tiring. Because of her, I feel safe in the hands of her as she tries her best to help me improve in the subject and grow as a person as well. She is someone I admire and it’s with gratitude to have met a teacher like her. thankuu miss lim, much love :3
I joined Ms. Melissa Lim's class when I was in Sec 1 and my secondary school life was changed ever since. Ms. Lim taught me a lot, not only for my exams but also for life. Her teaching methods are always fun and interesting which always leaves me with a desire to learn more. Ms. Lim is always there when we need help and advice, regardless of how simple the question is or what time it was. I still remember when I asked her for help at 3am and she actually replied. She has high expectations for everyone and that is only because she has confidence we are all able to do well and as her students, we felt even more motivated to learn and do our best. Her classes are always high energy and full of life and I never want to miss class because of that. Having been in her class for all my secondary school life, I feel that Ms. Lim has watched me grow not just as a student but as a person, teaching me more and more every week. It’s through her that I can maintain (to a certain extent) my chemistry A1 since day 1 and for chemistry to be a reliable subject for my L1R5. I’m very grateful for having known Ms. Lim not only as a teacher who pours her heart and soul into her teaching but also as a friend who I will never forget. Even after graduating, I will remember all our inside jokes, especially the marshmallow incident and how to memorize the metal reactivity series. For that, I thank you, Ms. Lim, with all my heart.
Mr Lim is an incredibly patient and nurturing teacher. He never fails to respond to any math questions I’m struggling with, even if I’m sending them late into the night. In class, he has never ignored any of my questions too and his explanations are always very clear and easy to understand. When I first joined the class, I was slightly shy and afraid to ask any questions. When I struggled with something I would just stare at the paper endlessly but Mr Lim was always quick to notice and came to help me always almost immediately. he took the time to make sure I truly understood my mistakes, sometimes even coming earlier or staying later than his actual working hours to make sure that I fully benefit from my hours in class. besides that, he also always makes the effort to reward his students when they do well, and if they don’t, he’s always very encouraging and suggests us various studying methods to help us do better. almost after every major exam, he treats us to meals to reward us for our efforts, even if sometimes we didn’t meet his expectations. when he finds that we are distracted or seem tired during lessons, Mr Lim shares with us really interesting life experiences that he has gone through, which never fails to put a smile on our faces. because of him, our class is so bonded and we really feel like one big family, although Mr Lim sometimes complains that there’s no guys in our class and often cracks up jokes about it, often saying us girls have “ chased the guys away.” I’ve not only improved in my math grades, but I’ve also learnt many moral values and important life lessons that I can take away being his student. thank you
Mr Lim !
Mr Lim is probably the best, unique teacher I have ever met. I have been going for a lot of tuition since i was young, and I rarely liked them, but Mr Lim is different, usually my previous tuitions would be so boring till the point I would just doze off. However, when I am in Mr Lim’s class, he just makes learning Amath fun with his jokes and stories and I never ever feel sleepy during his class. Mr Lim is probably the only teacher who is able to see the potential in me even when I seem really oblivious to whatever is happening, and he is probably the only teacher who has succeeded in making me interested in a certain subject, namely Amath, thanks to him, I feel pretty confident in my Amath and even my Emath.
Mr Lim is more of a mentor than a teacher. He always relentlessly try to make us understand the concept and fundamentals rather than just completing the work. He has also been patiently trying to pace every student to their abilities and never once sighed despite having to repeat the same explanation over and over again. He is a humorous, down to earth person whom we can relate to easily despite the age gap. Thank you, Mr Lim, for guiding and teaching me for the past 3 years.
Mr Lim has taught me that with resilience and hard work, nothing is impossible. Despite being the only N level student in my Amath class at RMSS, I was afraid that I would be falling way behind the others and not being able to cope but I’ve never felt a slight bit different from the others due to the constant encouragement I get from Mr Lim. It was my first time joining RMSS and because of how well I did for my E&A math, I’m now also in the combined chemistry & biology class and English class. Now that I’ve been in his class for about one year plus, I enjoy each and every lesson as they are always filled with joy and never fails to keep me motivated to constantly improve myself in the subject. I was always skeptical of my abilities in taking up additional math as I was always failing math in primary school but Mr Lim’s faith in me was one of the main reasons how I was enabled to have faith in myself to do the subject. Now, I’m scoring constant A1s in both A&E math, topping the class repeatedly and it’s due to the motivation, help and encouragement I get being in Mr Lim’s class.
RMSS is certainly an effective and the most ideal tuition centre you can find in town. I personally feel that RMSS truly cares for the students' well-being and academic progress. I absolutely look forward and love to attend every lesson as I would always takeaway many useful tools designed for students to ace their exams. Something exciting and unheard of in other tuition centres is that RMSS set up playdates such RMSS movie day etc so students can unwind and relax.
Another thing unique about RMSS is that the school provide IPads for students. IPads contains videos which students can view whenever they are unsure of the topics or have missed the lesson regarding that topic. Also, RMSS holiday programmes during June and September breaks are targeted whereby students are taught topics which majority have difficulty with or have yet to be taught in school. This gives students a heads up which I find extremely helpful! The iPad, holiday programmes gives students the flexibility and opportunity to improve tremendously especially for those who needs to catchup on their weak topics. Additionally, My math tutor, Mr Lim, is extremely devoted. He is just like a fatherly figure to all his students and would always go the extra mile for us. I still remembered when I joined during the end of last year, my math was quite bad and I was really struggling. Mr Lim offered to guide me in a small group of 2 to 3 and individually! The session was a fruitful 2 hours! If not for Mr Lim's help, my math couldn't have progress significantly. I was so motivated to work on my math to make Mr Lim proud haha. Mr Lim also impart us with many techniques and shortcuts that are super helpful! I'm extremely thankful for RMSS and Mr Lim ! As long as the student is willing to work closely with the tutors, slowly but surely, your child would definitely benefit attending RMSS. Parents reading this don't worry, I assure you that your child be in good hands of these devoted and caring super tutors! Really glad I'm part of the RMSS family
Mr Lim was not just my amath teacher but he was also like a father to me. I still remember when I joined his class two years ago. He was welcoming which allowed me settle down quickly and easily. He was friendly which made me a lot less nervous when I had doubts to clarify. Mr Lim is a genuinely caring and passionate teacher and I am so glad to be in his class.
I joined Mr Tham’s Sec 4 Physics and Chemistry lessons in March, and after just a few months, it is safe to say that my Physics and Chemistry have been salvaged thanks to Mr Tham’s clear explanations and structured teaching.

At the start of the school year, I was failing Physics badly, and my Chemistry was a B4. However, thanks to Mr Tham, both my sciences have improved greatly and I am going into the O Levels, confident that I can attain a distinction.

Thank you Mr Tham for taking the time to help me when I did not understand basic concepts, and pushing me to greater heights, I would not have been able to have such a significant improvement with you!
As my first teacher in RMSS in 2018, Mr Tham was an amazing teacher. This is thanks to his fun and interesting classes. The classes made me want to take more classes in RMSS such as A Maths.

Mr Tham helped me improve a lot in my physics. The improvement from a D7 to an B3 was extraordinary and I could never have achieved that kind of results at that time.

Mr Tham is very approachable and patient and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to take Physics in RMSS.
I used to be only getting around 50% for Physics. Fortunately that has taken a turn and now, after attending Mr Tham’s classes, I have improved from a C6 to a B3 in my Prelims.

At around 5 months before O Levels, Mr Tham finished the Physics syllabus and he drills us on doing the Ten Year Series in class which helps us prepare for the exam.

We do it in a specific time and now I can plan my time correctly and do the papers in the given time. If we have any questions we can feel free to ask Mr Tham the questions to help us clear our doubts. This has certainly helped me in my learning of Physics.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham has always been a very patient and approachable teacher. I’ve been under Mr Tham for more than a year, and not once did I ever feel shy or afraid to ask questions due to Mr Tham’s naturally approachable character.

His teaching methods are easy to follow and has helped me to grasp a better understanding of Physics. Ever since I’ve joined Mr Tham’s Physics class, my confidence in the subject has grown tremendously.
Although it took some time for me to push my grades up, Mr Tham’s classes helped me to build a stronger foundational understanding of physics and I eventually attained my A1!

One struggle I faced throughout my secondary school life was the many commitments I had in school. Due to my CCA commitments, I’ve missed out on many Saturday classes. However, I’ve never been afraid of falling behind the class as Mr Tham will always offer different time slots for me to come down for make-up lessons.

Furthermore, my school’s examination period has always been different to that of mainstream secondary schools. However, he would always ask me if I needed more help with my exam preparation and would always ask me to come down for extra classes. These small actions showed us students, how much he genuinely cared for us and wanted us to improve.

It’s true to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today, without the help of Mr Tham, thank you for teaching me!
I joined Mr Tham’s Chemistry class mid-year in Sec 4. Although I was behind the class’s pace when initially started. Mr Tham helped me by offering me extra lessons to allow me to clarify many concepts which I was uncertain of.

As a result , I could see a significant improvement in my Chemistry results as compared to when I initially started.

I also like Mr Tham’s teaching methods. As there are often so many specific details that we are required to remember. So he will create abbreviations to help us to remember the concepts better !

Thank you Mr Tham for your guidance!
I will continue to work hard and hopefully attain an A?
I joined Mr Tham at the start of Secondary 4, as I was barely passing my Chemistry. After I joined I started making improvements.

Mr Tham’s teaching was what made me enjoy this subject. More than helping me academically, he also inculcated many values in my life. I believe that under his guidance, anyone will excel in their academics!

Thank you Mr Tham for never giving up on me!
I used to dislike Chemistry but after joining Mr Tham’s classes, I started finding Chemistry a fun subject because of the unique ways he teaches me . I began to put in more effort despite constantly failing in the past because Mr Tham was encouraging and patient when he taught me basic questions.

Mr Tham has many unique teaching methods and unique ways of remembering certain stuff in Chemistry which really makes Chemistry easier and more fun to study. He would allow me to come to his class on other days to study if I wanted.

This encouraged me to study more as he constantly encourage my friends and I to come for extra to clarify our doubts about chemistry. Lastly , whenever I ask him questions online, he would always reply with a detailed answer which really helps me .

Within a few months, my grades went from F9 to a C !

Classes were never tiring because he gave us a short break so that my friends and I could re-charge, re-energise and carry on with a higher level of focus and alertness.

Although I have only been in his class for 1 year, it was extremely helpful to me as it changed my perspective towards studying Chemistry and also helped me improve my grades.

Thank you Mr Tham for the past 1 year of guidance in Chemistry!
I joined Mr Tham’s Chemistry class in the beginning of my Secondary 4 year. I was failing Chemistry, and I felt that it was impossible for me to ever score more than a C, even after many hours of self-study.

However, under Mr Tham’s guidance, my Chemistry grade has been steadily improving! I am now scoring B3 in my MYE and class tests, and this is all thanks to Mr Tham and his patient teaching.

Mr Tham is always available to answer any questions that I have, even when I take a long time to understand a simple concept. He is patient with me, taking time to clear my doubts and is always checking in on me. I really appreciate him allowing us to go for extra practice and consultation outside of class, and giving us the conducive environment to study. He is also really creative in helping us memorise heavy content.

Mr Tham is indeed a fun, caring and compassionate teacher!

I am now confident to face my upcoming O Levels

Thank You for your help Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is the best teacher who has ever taught me Chemistry.
Before I joined his class, I have been struggling with the subject
since Secondary 3, always getting F9s.

After joining his class after Term 1 in Secondary 4, in just two months, my grade of F9 in Common Test 1 improved to a B4 in the Mid-Year Examinations.

Mr Tham is a very kind and dedicated teacher who is always more
than happy to help his students when in times of need. He also
makes things easy for us, by giving us easy methods to remember
important concepts. His way of teaching also made it easy for me
to understand things with his drawings, the way how he explains
key concepts and many more.

Under the guidance of Mr Tham, I feel much more safer and
prepared for my upcoming major exams. His strategies have helped me in my Mid-Year Examinations and everyone will benefit under him and ace their examinations!

Thank you, Mr Tham, for helping me in my Chemistry!!!

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