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Mr Tham has helped me with my Science for the past ten months and my science has improved tremendously from a F9 to a B.

Thanks to Mr Tham, I now fully understand the concepts which I previously was very confused about. Mr Tham is also a funny teacher so it makes class more interesting and I look forward to coming to class every week !

Thank you Mr Tham !
Thank you Mr Tham for helping me with my Science. When I came
into your class both my Sciences were doing really badly, both F9s and after joining your class, within a few months, I finally passed and got C5!

I can understand the concepts and topics better now.

Thanks for teaching me Science, Mr Tham.
Mr Tham is a very reliable teacher. I joined his Science class around halfway through the first semester during my Sec 4 year. Being new in the large class, I was not sure if I would be able to do my work properly.

However, Mr Tham was very approachable and helped me out as I was weaker in my Chemistry. Despite being in a large class, he paid attention to the needs of each student. Even when I went for make-up classes, he made sure that I had my materials and explained the concepts to me.

Thanks Mr Tham!
Before I joined RMSS for Science tuition, I was always weak at the subject. I could never understand the concepts and would always be lost in class.

Before starting tuition, I would always get a C5 for my Science exam and would always be disappointed in myself as no matter how much I studied, I could not do well.

However, after joining Mr Tham’s class, my grades started improving. His teaching style is very effective and he takes the time to explain the topics and explains it well.

Under his guidance, learning science became very easy and fun. He is not too strict and always finds a way to make class interesting and fun.

Currently for my Prelims, I finally got an A1 for my Science and I believe that if not for Mr Tham, I would never improve so much so fast.

Thank you Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham’s Sec 4 Combined Science Chemistry/Physics lesson in April during my Sec 4 year and before that I’ve been constantly getting an E8 in my physics and chemistry.

After joining Mr Tham’s class I’ve been able to attain a B3 for my Combined Science as he is a wonderful teacher that displays a lot of passion for teaching and he makes the lessons entertaining by making jokes which really makes me look forward to attending every class that he schedules.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Before I joined RMSS, my Sciences were in shambles. I decided I needed help in 2018 after I received my Sec 3 End of Year Exams results, and did very poorly for my Chemistry.

I enrolled in RMSS in December of 2018 and I was put in Mr Tham's class. My first lesson with Mr Tham was productive and I learnt a lot, thus I decided to stay on.

In the coming weeks, I started to build a stronger foundation and understand new concepts. Mr Tham also taught us how to remember certain lists and tables using acronyms which I found very useful and effective.

My grades improved from a F9 to a C5 within a few months. There is still more room for improvement and I’m sure I will as long as I have a good understanding of the topics.
Thank you Mr. Tham for your assistance and guidance throughout these 10 months!
I joined Mr Tham's class at the start of Sec 3. My Science back then was only managing a pass and nothing more. However, as time went by, my Science started getting better and better. Now I am able to get better grades averaging B3 for my Science consistently.

Mr Tham is also a very friendly and open person, thus approaching him while in doubt is very easy and you will always have your questions answered until he is sure you understood what was taught. He is also able to come out with fun and memorable ways to remember concepts. He teaches with clarity and always elaborates on what he taught if any of us had questions.

He will ask students to stay for extra hours or come back on another day if they missed out on a topic or is weak in it.

Mr Tham is one of the most friendly and approachable teachers who has ever taught me and I thankful for him teaching me for the past 2 years.

Thank you, Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham’s class when I was in Secondary 1 and just expected to pass my Math as I was failing badly (D7). But the care and dedication that he showed in his teaching allowed me to excel in my Mathematics and achieve an A1.

I always recall him constantly encouraging me to strive for better results and never gave up on me when I wasn’t performing well in my Mathematics.

Two years later, I’m now in Mr Tham’s Sec 4 Science class. When I started, I only scored 43% (E8) for Science but under Mr Tham’s tutelage, I grades improved to 81% (A1).

Mr Tham still hasn’t changed much and has always been the kind-hearted and caring teacher that you can count on no matter what.

Anyone can be a teacher but it’s takes a great deal of effort to be teacher that is as thoughtful and committed as Mr Tham.

Thank You Mr Tham!
When I first wanted to join RMSS science classes, I wasn’t sure whose class I should join, so i consulted some of my RMSS friends and they recommended me Mr Tham’s.

At first I was skeptical as I wasn’t really familiar with any of RMSS Science tutors.

In fact, I am glad I have joined his class. Mr Tham is a very supportive and patient teacher, when I first joined his Chem/Phy class, I wasn’t very strong at it, scoring a B4. Also, I had multiple misunderstandings in my Science concepts.

However, under his guidance I am able to achieve greater heights, I must say I have improved tremendously under him. Now, I am scoring As consistently and I feel much more confident in my Science and my upcoming major papers. I believe I will be able to achieve an A for my Science for my O levels with the help and guidance from Mr Tham.

Thank you Mr Tham !
I joined Mr Tham lesson at the start of 2018, as I used to be bad at both Chemistry and Physics. However due to Mr tham's unique way of teaching, I started to understand and get better at both my sciences. Right now science is one of my strongest subjects and I have developed a great passion for it.

At the start of Secondary 3, I scored a D7 for my Physics and a C6 for Chemistry. However after joining Mr Tham's classes, I'm scoring a A2 for Chemistry and B4 for Physics.

Although it is not the best grades, I am still improving and I appreciate the effort Mr Tham puts in to make the lesson as engaging as possible.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Since being under Mr Tham's tutelage since 2018 when I came to RMSS with poor Science results, I feel that I’ve been taken good care of amidst my journey to do better for my Science.

Not only does Mr Tham offer his time and effort to his classes, he opens up his help to his students outside of lessons too, making it a convenient to help guide us to do better. Mr Tham is very approachable and this really helps as I know that he will be there for me whenever I have questions.

It is safe to say my results have improved tremendously, from E8 to A1, under the care and support of Mr Tham.

Thank you Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham’s class in Secondary 3 when I was falling behind my class in school. I was the last few in class for Physics and could never seem to do well.

Before I joined Mr Tham’s class, I was always failing badly, with a grade of E8 and it was indeed a struggle for me to pass. Since then, I started to slowly develop a hate for Science, It was then a friend of mine introduced me to Mr Tham.

With Mr Tham’s continuous support and guidance, it helped me attained a decent C5 grade for Science within months.

Thanks to Mr Tham, my interest in Science has rekindled again. Mr Tham always gave me reassurance that I could do it and was very patient in explaining whenever I am in doubt.

When I am still unsure on how to do certain question, I kept asking over and over again and Mr Tham never seem to be agitated over it. Instead he kept on explaining until I knew how to do. He encouraged me to come for extra lessons and it indeed benefited me significantly.

Now, I am able to do well in Science and have especially jumped from the bottom of the class to one of the better ones.

Aside from academics, Mr Tham’s lesson was never once boring. He infused stories and jokes during in lessons and no doubt has made lessons way more fun and interesting. He has creative ways and acronyms to help us in memorising several science concepts whenever we found it challenging to do so.

I believe that with Mr Tham’s guidance, everyone will be able to excel well in their Sciences alongside while having fun in learning.

Thank you Mr Tham for your continuous support and guidance in my learning!!
I joined Mr Tham’s class after the June Holidays of my Secondary 4 and it was a last ditch attempt to pull up my Physics grades for O Levels, after obtaining a C5 for Physics Mid-Year Exams.

Ever since joining Mr Tham’s class, my attitude for Physics has greatly improved and he has given me a greater interest in the subject!

I would describe Mr Tham as a very friendly, approachable and open person, who is very willing to answer the many questions that I had struggled with.

Mr Tham has boosted my confidence in Physics and I have also changed my mindset from thinking Physics as another boring Math-related subject to a subject that had a lot of meaning and involvement in our everyday gadgets and inventions!

I guarantee that Mr Tham’s classes never fail to be interesting and uplifting, and will definitely prove to be very useful for anyone looking to boost their knowledge and confidence in Physics!

I am now confident and prepared for my upcoming Physics O Levels.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is a very patient teacher that is very practical and flexible, and wants only the best for his students. His funny shortcuts and ways to memorise key information is of great help.

Other than working on academics, he is also very willing to share tips on how to motivate yourself to achieve success.

Although my grades were fairly decent before Mr Tham taught me, however some concepts were still very foreign to me and Mr Tham is always happy to help answer my doubts and questions.

Mr Tham also fosters good relationships with his students by offering his homemade cakes to his students, which gives me the extra energy and motivation to do well !

Thank you Mr Tham!
I joined Mr Tham a little after the June holidays in my Sec 4 year. My Physics grades were horrible, just barely passing and I only had 4 months left before the O Levels exams.

At first, I thought Mr Tham would shove me with practice papers and mock exams like previous tuition I had attended but instead, he told me that I had to build up on my basics. When I came for extra lessons, he would patiently explain and clear the doubts I had.

In class, he always emphasised on doing the Ten Year Series to focus more on our concepts, and with his quirky way of remembering things, I slowly began to grasp concepts more easily and understand Physics. Within 2 months, I improved to a B for Physics, and I am still practising hard.

I am now confident of achieving a good grade for the upcoming O Levels.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Before I started to attend Mr Tham’s Physics class, I used to think that Physics was boring and I wasn’t able to understand it, hence, my understanding about certain Physics concepts were weak.

However, after attending Mr Tham’s class, I am able to link Physics to our everyday life and remember key concepts easily as Mr Tham would always use quirky ways to explain certain concepts that allowed me to deeply understand them.

For example, when we are unable to visualise certain ideas, Mr Tham would look up for videos to enhance our understanding or even use simple objects to show us visually.

In addition, he would also use analogies and creative phrases to help us to remember key concepts. Mr Tham is a very passionate, cheerful and approachable teacher and I really look forward to and enjoy his lessons!

Now I am consistently scoring As, thanks to Mr Tham!

Thank you Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is one of the most patient and caring teachers I've ever come across in my time in secondary school. He always takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that his students have a solid foundation in the concepts he teaches and after 2 years under his guidance, my grades have improved from a borderline A1 to a high A1 in recent examinations.

Moreover, he did not hesitate to entertain questions outside of the school syllabus to help me better understand concepts within the syllabus as well as prepare for Direct School Admission (DSA) tests and internships.

Overall, Mr Tham is an extraordinary and highly capable teacher and I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling in his/her results or anyone who simply wishes to gain a deeper insight into a particular subject to sign up for his classes.

Thank you Mr Tham!
When I started out in Mr Tham’s Physics class, he has never failed to encourage me to do even more better each and everytime despite the red marks on the paper. I started out with a grade of F9 for Physics.

As Science in general isn’t my forte, he never fails to help me in my academics and non-academics through his life stories that enhances my holistic education in my secondary school life.

If there’s anything to describe Mr Tham, it would be “the northern star”. Known to illuminate the brightest in the darkest sky and the most constant of all of the constellation. Just like the star, he is an affirming and reassuring teacher just like the beacon for students to rely on.

Mr Tham goes the extra mile to coach us when we seek for help and is very patient and detailed in his explanation. We would unanimously agree that his Physics acronyms has surely helped many of us to remember our Physics content.

Under Mr Tham’s guidance, I have improved tremendously and my confidence has also grown.

Thank you Mr Tham for being such a great teacher!
I joined Mr Tham’s Chemistry class around Mid Sec 3. Although I had scored an A2 on my previous test but on my own, I could not comprehend the later chapters that were more complicated. So, I knew I needed help.

When I first joined the class I was very nervous as I was wondering how it was going to be like but Mr Tham was very welcoming and helped me assimilate into the class easily.

His classes are always interesting as he always use funny examples to help us understand and remember complex theories.

This really helped me to achieve A1 and even topping my class for my exams.

Thank you Mr Tham for the guiding me through these two years!
When I was Secondary One, my Maths had been my weakest subject and I have been struggling to pull out of a D7. Soon I ended up in RMSS, and Mr Tham was my Maths and Science teacher. He was a big reason for my improvement. I managed to achieve an A2 in my end of year for Secondary one, something I didn't know I could achieve. Although he is no longer my Maths teacher, my results still remain as a consistent A1 because of the foundation he had set for me.

Mr Tham still remains as my Chemistry teacher, and his lessons are never boring. He uses different methods that appeal to us students that makes the class interesting. Other than school-related topics, he likes to talk to us about his life outside of teaching, such as his time in the Navy and about his enjoyment of cooking. It makes our lesson much more engaging and fun.

Thank you Mr Tham for being my teacher for the past four years! I now feel much more confident in my abilities and I have high hopes for what I'll achieve in my O Levels!
I decided to join Mr Tham's Chemistry Class when I realised that I couldn’t understand Chemistry even after 10000 years of looking through my notes. They all seemed like Greek to me.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive as i didn’t know what to expect but it was a pleasant surprise when Mr Tham turned out to be really friendly!

During my time here, he has always been there to clarify my doubts despite my incessant questioning. he has never failed to be patient when I didn’t understand a concept and always tries his best to ensure that I understand the explanation.

Within a short period of time, my grades improved from F9 to C5 and I am sure I can do even better for O Levels!

Thank you, Mr Tham!!
I joined Mr Tham's class in the end of Secondary 3, when i was constantly failing my Chemistry papers. Since the start of Secondary 3, I did not enjoy chemistry as I was poor at the subject. It did not help that my school chemistry teacher was very strict, causing me to dislike chemistry lessons even more.

When I felt that all hope was lost, I enrolled into Mr Tham's class. In the first few weeks of lessons, I was very nervous as I did not know much chemistry knowledge.

However, Mr Tham was very encouraging and patient in helping me get over this rough patch. Slowly but surely and steadily, I definitely opened up with Mr Tham's help and decided to come for extra lessons leading up to my exams.

I became more confident to ask questions that were answered by a cheerful Mr Tham. This made it easy to converse with him as he is very approachable.

Within a few months, I improved from failing Chemistry to attaining a B.

Mr Tham has helped me to grasp the concepts in an enjoyable and effective way which I believe is very useful. His passion for teaching also wants me to put in more effort in my exams so I can show him that he is doing well in teaching me.

Thank you for your teaching me, Mr Tham!
Mr Tham is an incredibly passionate and patient tutor. He never fails to make our lessons more interesting and less dry by always coming up with fun and innovative ways to help us understand the content better.

Before I enrolled into his class, I felt that it was impossible to do well in pure Chem and I started to lose hope in ever getting an A. I was even thinking of dropping out of pure Science altogether.

However, through Mr Tham’s guidance and care, I found myself gradually getting better at the subject and I’m able to do my Ten Year Series and practice papers more easily.

Mr Tham is always approachable and never made me feel bad for asking even the simplest of questions, and often explained and clarified my doubts very well.

I’m a much more confident student now than I was when I first stepped into his class, and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to improve my Chemistry if it wasn’t for his unwavering support.

Thank you Mr Tham ! ?
When I joined Mr Tham’s class for Sec 3 Science, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. However, I realised that he was a very patient and approachable teacher who would always happily answer your questions whenever you have trouble, and is clearly passionate about Science as a whole.

While I have always been good at Science (A2 and above), Mr Tham has helped me to clarify my doubts and as a result of that, I have always maintained a good grade and are among the top few in my class.

Also, his unorthodox and even in some occasions, funny methods of teaching has really helped me understand the topics taught in his class.

I feel confident that I will do well for O level Science, and Mr Tham is part of the reason for that!

So, thank you Mr Tham!
I used to give up on Science, as I did not understand anything that was taught to me, before joining Mr Tham’s class.

Mr Tham’s classes are enjoyable, especially with his cheery personality and jokes that brightens the class. I think one thing that Mr Than excels at is having ways to remember different things, like using abbreviations. Mr Tham is also approachable and patient, and does everything to help us understand the concepts of topics we struggle at.

Since joining the class, I have definitely gained more confidence in science, especially in physics, and I have improved tremendously, from E8 to B3.

Thank you Mr Tham!

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