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In Secondary 2, I had difficulty with my sciences, scoring only a measly C6 to B4. That's when I joined Mr Teng's Physics/Chemistry class since I was already in RMSS for Math.

Thanks to Mr Teng, my results have shown great improvement, improving to B3 for my Sec 2 mid-year and eventually a high A1 for my end of year, prompting me to take up Pure Sciences. I remained in his class for pure Physics in Secondary 3.

Mr Teng has been a very engaging teacher and was always kind to us. He teaches us numerous different ways to improve and to study for not just Physics but other subjects as well. He always finds time to talk about his family and sometimes even about games (Nintendo especially).

Thank you, Mr Teng, for helping me improve throughout my secondary school life!
Having joined Mr. Teng's class for only half a year, I can see his dedication towards his students. He would often encourage us to come down for extra classes at no additional cost. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, he will be more than willing to explain those concepts to you.

Not forgetting his favourite phrase, "REMEMBER TO DO YOUR TYS!!!!! I look forward to receiving my results next year!
Blessed to have crossed path with Franklin Neo of RMSS. My daughter, Misha Erina enjoys RMSS Math lessons so much and has grown to love this subject. She has improved tremendously under Mr Neo and we are happy with her progress. Highly recommend Mr Neo if you are looking for a tutor who is firm yet compassionate and caring with his students !
Brinette has been with RMSS since 2016 . Her studies have improved significantly for Mathematics when she attends Mr Franklin Neo’s classes.
She added that Mr. Neo makes learning fun and effective. He taught different types of methods that made answering questions with ease, even those of higher difficulty.
We would strongly recommend for our journey with Mr. Neo is worthwhile.
My son Jayden started his Science tuition with  Mr Franklin Neo at RMSS when he was in P4.
I remembered vividly I was invited for a parents chat within first month. Jayden had forgotten to complete his homework and of course his reasons ran from the gamut of him noting it down incorrectly to him hearing it wrongly. There were no raised voices from Mr Neo just very matter of fact of what were our expectations and that how committed we are to help him improve. That was the last ever parents chat I had, Jayden would diligently check through his homework assignments & revised his notes without me bugging him since then.
The fact is that Mr Neo appears to be a strict & disciplinarian when it comes to lessons but he has a genuine love for teaching & for his students to be the best they can be. He always reminds me to arrange for a make up class when Jayden is on medical leave.
Despite Mr Neo being a strict disciplinarian,Jayden has never once complained about the homework load nor about attending tuition class. He truly enjoyed his lessons & is even enthusiastic about the extra classes arranged for the PSLE students.
Thanks to Mr Neo and RMSS for your great partnership in Jayden’s Primary school learning journey.
I made the right decision switching both of my boys to RMSS.
My daughter, Tabitha has been with RMSS since August 2017.
RMSS has helped my daughter to improve and excel in both her tuition subjects. In fact my daughter signed up for Science early this year too.
Thanks to dedicated teachers like Mr. Franklin Neo, who made the difference in my daughter’s grades.
Mr. Neo’s passion and dedication made studying both enjoyable and enriching.
The methods for the Math and Science problems are delivered in a simple and straight forward manner.
Mr. Neo ensures the students understand and able to execute the methods easily.
He made it a point to find out my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and made an effort to address key issues.
In short, Mr. Neo has not only shown genuine interest in the students’ academic performance but also his sincerity in each of his student’s well being.
I highly recommend RMSS Mr. Franklin Neo to other parents and hope they will have the same sentiments too.
Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher and for helping me better understanding in econs. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work and hours you put in for all your students like reviewing the test papers and writing comments to clear our misconceptions :-) thank you for always being patient with us and for sharing stories and examples that make it easier to remember economic concepts. you really have a style of teaching that makes everything much simpler and interesting, you make learning EASY and im so glad to be taught by you.
Trenten has been with RMSS Punggol since Sep 2018, two months now. To reinforce Math concepts through regular practices during lessons and homework, he is able to learn more effectively and make a good improvement in his results within a short period of time, gotten 75% for his SA2 from SA1 60% and CA2 66%.

Teacher Aaron is a nice & patient tutor. He ensures that my boy completes his Math homework on time & places emphasis on discipline which Trenten has benefited on this aspect. He has also extended extra lessons for the students to better prepare them for their exams. Thank you Teacher Aaron for the hard work and patience given to my child.
We are honoured to write this testimonial letter for Mr. Franklin Neo of Raymond's Math & Science Studio.
My son, Clivanne Kwa has been attending Primary 6 tuition class with Mr. Franklin for this current academic year 2018 in Raymond’s Math & Science Studio. Before the enrolment back in Mar’18, he was especially weak in Maths and Science. But under the close coaching and mentorship of Mr. Franklin, we have seen a significant improvement in my child’s understanding and grades for these 2 subjects. Mr. Franklin is not only an expert in teaching, he is also very caring and passionate towards his students.
Mr. Franklin’s teaching methods and strategies are very effective in imparting knowledge and inspiring his students to achieve excellence in the subjects. His innovative ideas help to draw out the strengths of his students. I still remember when my son came home and said to us that Mr. Neo taught him “magic” in Maths problem solving, which was also the time he started to draw interest in his teachings and mastered problem solving skills. Mr. Franklin uses innovative ideas like his own “magic”, especially in identifying strengths and potential problems, which helps his students holistically.
Mr. Franklin strives to create a fun, warm, and inviting classroom atmosphere. His sincerity and support for each individual child has been the main reason for his students’ success in achieving good grades. I am really pleased with Mr. Franklin’s professionalism in undertaking his job, both academically and nurturing good learning attitude for my son. We are very pleased with Mr. Franklin’s dedication.
Mr. Franklin’s friendly and frequent updating of students’ progress also helps in establishing an open communication and rapport with parents.
To sum up, no words can describe the heartfelt gratitude we have for Mr. Franklin, and we can only end this letter by saying a big THANK YOU TO MR. FRANKLIN NEO!
In January 2018, Kieran started his first tuition class conducted by Mr Neo. After the second lesson, I was asked to see him along with Kieran. Mr Neo sat us down and said: “Mr. Wong, I want to let you know that Kieran cannot come to my class with incomplete homework” Then he turned to Kieran: “Kieran, your parents sent you here to learn and improve, don’t waste their money…”

From that day onwards, Kieran completes all his homework before every lesson and his Maths has improved. He then requested to join Mr Neo’s Science class as well because he enjoys lessons conducted by Mr Neo.

Mr Neo changed Kieran’s attitude towards learning and motivated him to better himself all the time which we are sure will benefit him in his PSLE preparation. I would like to thank him for the incredible effort he puts into his students and most of all the discipline he instilled in them. Thank you Franklin!
Mrs Cheong is a very passionate teacher who really looks out for all her students. She throughly prepares for each lesson, pointing out questions and concepts that may be tested, and gives us tips on exam strategy and answering techniques. She always gives us the opportunity to clarify our doubts and she patiently answers our questions and re-teaches us concepts we may not understand. Mrs Cheong also gives up her spare time to give us consultations and look through our exam papers so she can identify our individual problems and help us improve. In addition to caring about our grades, Mrs Cheong also cares about our health. She always advises us take good care of ourselves and to make sure we eat before lesson. Overall, it is clear that Mrs Cheong really loves economics and she really loves her students. She gives her 100% to all her students and we love her for everything she has done!
Despite being with Mr Khoo for only half a year, Mr Khoo has helped me improve my Chemistry significantly. Before joining his class, I remember struggling to understand several concepts in Chemistry and I have never scored B3 and above for my major examinations before. It was until joining Mr Khoo in around a month before my Mid Year exams where I start understanding the subject. Thanks to Mr Khoo's clear explanations, I was able to finally grasp the concept and this eventually helped me get my very first A1 in Chemistry for my Mid Year Examinations. In addition, I also managed to consistently be top in class for both Mid years and Prelim exams. Mr Khoo also cares for his students constantly, never failing to ask "are you ok?" to us whenever we look tired.
I enjoyed mr Ong's lessons in RMSS as he is not like the other Teachers. He teaches with enthusiasm and always make sure that I can keep up with my work. He treats us to food and gives us riddles after our exams. After attending mr Ong's lessons in P4, I topped my class for math. My grades have improved tremendously and I have been getting straight a's for math ever since. Mr Ong has changed my perception of tuition classes of being mundane and stressful. I look forward to his lessons every week. He is inspiring and cares for every student. Mr Ong is my Favourite tuition teacher.... my only tuition teacher.
Big THANKS to Mr Jackie as Syakirah, my daughter, has considerably gained confidence in her Math skill. I have seen a remarkable change in my daughter’s Math practice. His teaching is very detail and he is very helpful as well. Syakirah has been always looking for his lessons every week. Mr Jackie is a very dedicated and committed tutor as he always make sure that his students feel comfortable with his tactic of teaching. Many thanks Mr Jackie
Since Mr Teo has started teaching at RMSS, he has been an extremely dedicated and committed teacher who has helped my chemistry grades to improve vastly. Regardless of what time of the day it is, he always tries his best to answer my questions to make sure that I have a full understanding of all chem concepts, which I really appreciate. No matter what he does, he looks out for the welfare of his students first and is overall a really great teacher!
My lessons with Mr Ang was a short yet memorable one. During lessons, he would ex
plain concepts such that all his students understand it fully and when someone is lost, he wouldn’t mind explaining it all over again. Additionally, he gives additional practices to
master our concepts such that we know our content inside out. With all these help that I’ve received from him, I managed to jump from a b4 at MYEs to an a1 at prelims, which is something that wouldn’t have been possible without his concise teaching. His tips and tricks made learning science more enjoyable and I now walk into the exam hall with full confidence. So to anyone out there who’s looking for a tutor who explains concepts clearly in a simplified manner, Mr Ang is the one! Thank you Mr Ang, without your guidance I wouldn’t have made such a huge progress in a matter of months.
My girl has joined RMSS, Bishan branch
since she was in Primary 5. She had just
taken 2018 PSLE exams. She was in
David class since day one when she
joined RMSS.

She enjoyed Mr David teaching style
and her feedback was the syllabus used
by RMSS for teaching was in accordance
with the school topics but usually ahead
of what the school would teach. This
made her felt more confidence and able
to pick up what the teacher taught in

She took Maths with David and her
results were consistently above
90+ marks. Ever since she joined RMSS,
she fell in love with Maths and would
use her free time to try and solve more
maths problems. At time she would
approach Mr David for help and he was
quite nice and willing to help her.

If you are looking for maths tuition, I
would strongly recommend you to sign
up mr David’s class.

Your sincerely
Mrs Seah
Nicole’s Mother
RMSS Testimonial for Mr. Eugene Tan

Mr Eugene Tan is an outstanding tutor. I am extremely grateful to have him guide my son, Rex Ho, in his Science studies from P5 to P6.

Eugene is a teacher who not only excels at teaching his students, he cares about them and knows them well. I appreciate that he is very strict with his students as it instills discipline in them to take pride in their work and hand in a job done well.

Eugene is very affable and takes time to listen to parents. I will tell him about my concerns on my child and his learning. Eugene not only listens well, he takes note and updates me as well. In time, I see my son's results improve, his thirst for knowledge increases, and his confidence increasing when he asks more questions in class.

I like that Eugene, as a young, male teacher full of energy, laughter and fun, is also able to be a positive role model to my son. Eugene shares stories from his personal experiences in class and the students have fun times listening and learning life lessons along the way.

Please accept our sincere thanks for guiding Rex over these 2 years. I can't thank you enough and Rex and I will miss you. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavours. Take care Eugene.

Mrs Ho
i joined mr yeo’s math class in sec 2 and he has helped to push my math from an F9 to A1 . mr yeo is an effective teacher who gets things done in a fun and enjoyable manner . he never fails to break the ice amongst classmates with his jokes and cheerful attitude . he has a special way of explaining complicated questions which makes them easy to understand . he takes time to explain even the simplest of questions asked by students, making sure to clear any doubts that we have . i really appreciate his effort and encouragement each lesson !! thank you mr yeo :)
The best Teachers teach from the heart not from the book.

My amath grades would not be made possible without the help of Ms Liew. Having joined RMSS in early September , she was only given a shocking timeline of 2 weeks to help me prepare for my end of year amath exam. After telling her how I had grades as Low as a F9, she did not give up on me, but instead took on a challenge on coaching me. Of course, my hard work and focus also played a role in helping me achieve good grades. With Ms Liew patience and guidance, I made a shocking improvement fr F9 to A2 within a span of 2 weeks!
Thank you for the constant guidance, encouragement and support as well as being really patient in explaining to me how to solve questions I don’t understand. I really appreciate your step-by-step explanations of difficult concepts and how you do your best to help us learn and improve.

I remember when I first came to your class I was really anxious and worried about my maths because I have just filled my mid-year exams and I really couldn’t understand a thing in school but thanks to your patient guidance and methodical approach as well as letting me stay behind to watch the videos and catch up on the topics that I was week at (pretty much everything to be honest).

Slowly I began to understand the topics I was initially confused about.

Slowly I began to realise that the questions were to do-able and regained my confidence in maths. Soon my results progress to B3 and subsequently an A1. Thank you, Mr Ng, I couldn’t help achieve it without you.
Dear Florence and RMSS

Its been 2 years plus since Benedict started English with Florence. His grades improves gradually and contained in the 80% range . His foundation is strong particularly on Grammar despite the fact that he hardly reads. This would not have been possible without the tutulege of Florence. Whenever there are areas which I would like Ben to focus, Florence makes time and listens and would prepare him for it. I am glad I made the right choice to send him to Florence instead of previous where he had 1to1 personal tuition which was not structured. I would not hesitate to recommend students who need help on English to approach Florence. As a matter of fact, I would still have Ben to continue with his English tuition with Florence in RMSS.

Sincerely Best

Over the past 4 years, lessons with Mr Quek were extremely detailed but yet easy to understand. Mr Quek has a very clear understanding of the concepts and exam skills required and his patience in explaining them made physics really approachable. Most importantly, I am extremely grateful for the effort Mr Quek puts into explaining the theory behind certain problems or concepts that is not commonly taught in school. This has allowed me to be better prepared for whatever examinations throw at me and has broadened my appreciation for physics. Overall, my experience with Mr Quek these 4 years has allowed me to gain so much more than I would have imagined and I really appreciate Mr Quek's kind guidance.
Throughout the three years where I was under Mr Lim's tutelage, I've seen the same exceptional qualities being displayed in every lesson, dedication, patience and kindness. He exemplifies what it means to be a teacher in its truest sense, preparing his students not only for their upcoming exams, but also for the future, and the struggles that come with it. Every lesson is interesting and at the end of it, Mr Lim never fails to encourage us to keep pressing on and to never be content with our current standards. Despite how bad a student may seem, or how lazy someone was, you never gave up on them and very lost hope. For that, we thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond to help us achieve our fullest potential, for showing us care and concern that goes above what is required of a teacher. Thank you for being a true educator, one who educates the heart as much as the mind, and last but certainly not least, thank you for being the best tutor one could ever ask for:) Your lessons will never be forgotten.
I joined Mr Lee’s class in Sec 2 and my ability in math has truly been improved. I believe that having confidence is a huge prerequisite of scoring well in math and attending classes in RMSS has given me all the reassurance I need.

Mr Lee teaches topics in a straightforward, effective and easily comprehensible manner. He ensures that the whole class fully understands a concept before progressing to the next through peer presentations and checking of our work. Before I joined, it was hard for me to be in tandem with my class in school for certain topics but Mr Lee makes sure that everyone moves at a common pace, which is really important in building a strong foundation for higher standards of math in the future. I never had a doubt that wasn’t clarified in RMSS.

Mr Lee also ensures consistent progress through maintaining discipline in the class which was daunting to me at first but I realised that it was vital.

I owe a lot of my achievements in the past 3 years to Mr Lee and I’m really grateful to him! Thanks Mr Lee for making a difference in my results :)

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