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Despite being rather quiet in class, I truly believe that Mr Teng has improved me a lot, be it directly or indirectly. In terms of physics, Mr Teng is someone who is very well-versed and offers very useful help whenever I am in doubt. He never fails to use certain analogies or any other methods to help us grasp certain topics better. He is also willing to hear us out if we have any other claims or ideas that do not agree with his. Alongside that, I do believe that the help he offers yields results. My physics' grades have been on a steady increase since I first joined his class, shifting from a C5 in Secondary 3 SA1 to an A2 in Secondary 4 Prelim 2. Moving away from physics as a subject, Mr Teng is also a tutor who encourages a balanced learning environment and brightens up the lethargy of tuition on a Friday night with stories and jokes about various topics. All in all, Mr Teng has truly enriched me and assisted me in many ways. Thanks Mr Teng :D
So I joined Mr Tan's class in 2017 just before end of year exams were starting around September maybe. At that point of time I was getting straight F9s for amath in school and I did not have any passion for amath as I had a hard time comprehending my teacher and everything was just not working out. After joining the class, I had to basically learn amath from scratch and I knew I had to do well for it as I needed it for my O levels. However, I joined when the class was already doing practice papers so Mr Tan asked me to come back for extra lessons in order to help me cope. So I came on Mondays,Tuesdays and Saturdays for I would say about 3 hours a day for a period of time just to allow me to catch up. It was a hard time, the long hours and fatigue got to me on some days but Mr Tan was always there to push me. It has been about a year now and I have made so much progress thanks to Mr Tan. From a F9 in sec 3 to a C6 in sec 4, mid year exams and now an A1 for prelims. Honestly, Mr Tan has been a great help, although he may be strict but its for the better good. Without Mr Tan I would probably still be struggling for amath. I would just like to thanks Mr Tan for being understandable, caring and of course, spending his time, energy, everything just to help me improve and understand the concepts, you are a great teacher and I am blessed to have you as my teacher."
I only joined RMSS in 2017 last year because I felt that my chemistry subject was a lost cause. When I was first introduced to Ms Lim, I could easily recognise her as being an excellent teacher, capable to teaching her students in a captivating way to bring more life to chemistry. Even then, I was always a bit skeptical that even though I felt I was learning so much during my time in RMSS, that I would see a significant improvement in my chemistry grades. However, I was proven wrong. Thanks to Ms Lim, I not only moved from a C6 to an A1 in chemistry, but I’ve been able to maintain this standard from 2017 till today. Thanks to Ms Lim, I’m the top boy in my class for chemistry!

Moreover, Ms Lim shines in more ways than just her teaching style. Equipped with a gregarious personality, Ms Lim always injects laughter and joy into every class, be it relating to her students in ways no other teacher can, or making silly chemistry- related jokes to liven up what many would see as a dry subject. Ms Lim is also very understanding to her students and has never failed to treat us with kindness and respect, even though we may not deserve it sometimes. Ms Lim is also very motivational and an all around inspiring woman who continues to put her heart and soul into every class and most importantly, every student.

A strong and independent that has not only taught me many many chemical concepts, but many life lessons that I can take away after my time in RMSS. Ms Lim is truly one of the most inspirational Teachers I’ve ever had in my life and I wish her the best in all her future endeavours.
I remembered joining Mr Tham's at Secondary 3. At that time my Science was really bad and I hated it a lot. But thanks to Mr Tham, my opinion of it has changed and I feel that Science isn't that bad after all.

My grades also jumped from F9 to a C6 within a few months, and then improved to a B3. Mr Tham always encourages me to do better and continue to work hard towards better grades.

He also encourages me that no matter how undesirable one's grades is, it is still reversible as long one works hard. He also encourages me to come for extra lesson to clear any doubts.

Furthermore, he also teaches me super creative and fun methods to remember certain science concepts which are really effective.

I am really grateful to be taught by Mr Tham.

Thank you, Mr Tham, for your help and moral support for these 2 years!
Mr Tham is probably the greatest teacher to have ever taught me Physics. His style of teaching is the reason why I am still motivated in learning the subject.

Being a student of his for my entire Lower Secondary education, he was the teacher who he sparked my interest for Physics. He always has the tendency to use weird and unusual methods to help us memorise the content easily, which is really helpful. He makes Physics lessons really fun too.

The only reason why I made it to Pure Science in Upper Sec, is mainly due to Mr Tham. Before joining RMSS, I was always struggling with my Science.

However, ever since I joined Mr Tham’s class, my Science had improved tremendously. Still remembering the day before my Sec 2 end of year exam, I would bug Mr Tham to help me go through the entire textbook.

Even though it was troublesome, he still spent some time after the revision class to go through the topics with me. It was totally worth it as I eventually acquired an A2 and was just 1% behind an A1.

For my Sec 3 year, I was shocked that he stopped teaching Physics classes. My grades would then drop and go back to its usual inconsistent self.

However, being my most crucial year, Mr Tham started to teach Physics classes again. I immediately swapped to his class as I believed that he will be able to help improve my Physics grades. It certainly did, currently my physics grades is facing a positive trend, scoring better grades after each consecutive major internal school exams. I am really grateful to have been taught by him.

Thank you, Mr Tham!
When I first stepped into the class as a young and immature Sec 1 student, my very first thought were "Oh no, yet another fierce teacher..."
Even though Mr Phua has very high expectations for his students, I know that it is all for the good of us. After almost 3 years of attending his tuition classes, I realised he is actually a committed and dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help us excel in our math. Without a doubt, my math has improved significantly from a B4 in Sec 1 to A1 and so has the class on an overall. Thus, I am really thankful for that.

In addition to his hard work and dedication, Mr Phua is also a really good teacher! He is able to implement effective techniques in helping us improve our math, such as teaching us simple ways to remember formulas and the special angle table. One example of his extra policy is the 12am homework. It is unique to his classes only, and this technique is able to better help us complete our math homework in time before 2359 and also drill us sufficiently so that we would always be on our toes. In addition, he would also spend time out of work hours to check our answers and also send us his answers to the questions, so that we can refer to them to check our work. All of this was done out of the good will of him and I respect him for that.

All in all, I would really like to take this opportunity to thank him for his constant help and guidance in helping the class improve their math. Thank you so much Mr Phua for your tutorage all these years. I would never have been able to achieve such results if not for your help!
Hey Mr Phua, time passes so quickly and it has already been around 2 and a half since i first joined your class. I definitely did not regret joining your class after Maximus recommended you to me ; even though he said u can be really strict, which made me hesitate at first, but i later found out that u were indeed, quite strict with our work but u can be very easygoing and humorous too!

My math definitely improved a lot from your classes; i also learned to be more time conscious and conscientious too! Even the presentations, which i hated and was quite nervous about at first, made me more confident of both expressing myself and my knowledge.

You were generous with both your time, effort and even money (pizzas, starbucks cards,watches, and so on…) and you have my heartfelt gratitude for everything u have done for me and S4A. Everything you did was in our interest, including 12am homework and tests, but I will never forget how interesting your classes are, and i hope your efforts will also reach and help many more in the future!

The thought of only being able to attend your class less than 10 more times now is really quite depressing, but i think now is not the time to be feeling down, especially when o levels is starting next week HAHA. I’ll make sure to try my best and do you proud, hopefully i’ll be back with A1s for both maths and probably even a L1R5 of 6 (fingers crossed). Sooo yeah i have many more things on my mind but you said not to type an essay hence i’ll have to end it off here. Thank you for all your efforts in grooming us as not only math students, but also (adults?) and having fun with us like you were our friend at the same time. Hope to see you around if i pass by Bishan in the future (or even join RMSS during JC HAHA)!
When i first joined Mr Phua i was midway through Sec 1. The reason i joined was because i had failed my mid year exams. When i joined, i was quite unsure of pretty much everything for math in secondary school. However after joining Mr Phua, i could understand everything very clearly. It was also shown when during my next exams which was my CA2, i got the highest in level. So i do definitely have to thank him for that.

Mr Phua is also very patient. Whenever i don’t understand a question or don’t know how to do it, he will try his very best to explain it such that i will be able to understand. He also always goes out of his way to provide us with extra lessons if we still do not grasp the concepts of a particular topic. He also sometimes asks us to come for class earlier for us to do tests. He conducts the tests as a form of indication of what we still aren’t very good at which in the long run was very helpful as i could narrow down what i should focus on. They have also pushed me to try even harder so that i could try being the top for the tests.

To me, he is a very good and understanding teacher. In the event we are unable to make it for a class, he will ask us to come back to replace the class so as to make sure we don’t miss out on anything. He also tries to motivate us in many different ways. One example would be the CNY ang bao challenge where he gives us ins to do and whoever can do it within that certain amount of time gets an ang bao. Another way he is understanding is by giving us ample time for the 12am hw which he makes us do. The 12am hw is when we have to complete all the hw we were given that lesson by 12am on that day and take a picture of it and send it to him via WhatsApp. He would always give us reasonable amount of time to do the hw. If he were to give us a lot of qns for hw that day, he would extend the deadline to 12am the next day. Though i didn’t really like it because every saturday, i have tuition for the whole day so doing the 12am hw after my whole day of tuition is very difficult and usually i ended up leaving blanks because of mental block. However in the long run, it is very helpful because he will check through our work and tell us if there are any mistakes and it also forces to actually do the homework for ourselves.

If i had the option, i would definitely wish Mr Phua had a class teaching JC math because if i were to go to JC, i would definitely join his class again.

THANK YOU Mr Phua for guiding me through my math for 4 years and putting up with my constant missed classes due to school related duties.
I first joined Mr Phua’s class around March 2017. On my first lesson I was shocked and a little afraid to see that I was the only one attending the class. However, Mr Phua’s commitment to helping me improve in my math made me want to improve too, encouraging and spurring me to continue coming for his lessons. Eventually, more people started joining and thankfully I wasn’t the only one in the class any longer.

His lessons are 3 things.

1. Always helpful
Be it learning new topics or concepts, revising old ones, doing test papers, his lessons have helped me in having a deeper understanding of the topic as well as learning something new about it too. Without Mr Phua’s classes, I know I would have much more difficulty learning and understanding them.

2. Always engaging
I enjoy coming to lessons as Mr Phua makes them surprisingly fun and engaging by sharing some personal stories and anecdotes and making jokes with his students during class. It’s surprising because I’m sure others dread going for tuition. Yet, I look forward to Raymond’s, wanting to learn and improve even more in my math.

3. Always cold
Mr Phua’s classes are NEVER warm! So be sure to always bring a thick (winter) jacket to every class. The cold environment is the reason I don’t take heat for granted. Back in Katong, stepping out of the building, into the heat and feeling relieved that our toes and fingers had not fallen off was always a fun way to end class.

I am very grateful that my parents had encouraged me to take up this class as without Mr Phua’s lessons, I highly doubt I would have passed A Math. Without his teachings, dedication to his students, constant nagging for us to come earlier and/or stay back for revision, 12am homework, I would not have seen improvement in my math.

Mr Phua’s words may be blunt sometimes, but he only wants what’s best for his students. Him forcing students to stay behind and work on homework not completed, scoldings when students do not do their work, are all signs pointing to just how much he cares for his students.

Thank you Mr Phua for my almost 2 years at Raymond’s in your class. They are 2 years I won’t regret. You have somehow made math fun and tuition enjoyable to attend. I am saddened to leave your class, but I won’t forget your teachings and the lessons you’ve taught me.
I started taking tuition lessons from Mr Phua at the end of my sec 2 year and I must say, it is a decision that I'll never regret. I used to fail my math all the time in sec 2 even though I was attending tuition classes in another tuition centre then. Before joining RMSS, I thought I'll never get to see an A beside the subject 'math' on my report book. But after joining RMSS, mr Phua proved this thought of mine to be wrong, and even made me realise how fun math can be.

Even though Mr Phua can be really scary sometimes and I'll be so afraid to ask him questions, he's still a great teacher afterall:) He is very strict when it comes to doing work, (so please do his homework especially 12am hw yah because it's really helpful) which pushes me to be more disciplined and study harder. He also cares a lot about the details during presentation, (e.g The difference between big K and small k omg) which again helps us to improve in our presentation of work. And do memorise all the exponential graph because if you happen to forget how to draw them, Mr Phua will draw it on your palm with his thick marker and ask you to show his drawing to the class. :') However, Mr Phua's class is enjoyable too! He'll play kpop songs (e.g blackpink-ddu du ddu du, bts-fake love etc) just to entertain us, and buy us all sorts of nice food during special occasions.

Mr Phua may not be the best teacher, but he is a responsible and strict teacher who has his own ways of teaching students. I would have continued to hate math if I had not met him in sec 2. Thank you for your guidance Mr Phua:)
Mr Khoo is an excellent tutor who never fails to engage his students. My Chemistry grade has improved significantly under his guidance and I am more motivated to do well in Chemistry because of him. He also treats us whenever we do well and manages to impart his knowledge of the subject well. I am also able to be a step ahead of my school peers in terms of Chemistry due to his teaching also. Mr Khoo is also capable of explaining important or difficult concepts very clearly to us. Hence, this makes understanding and memorising Chemistry much easier.
Mr Ong is a patient and kind teacher who has helped me improve my math problem solving over the year. I had joined his class last year in November, and have never regretted it. He focuses on math questions that we can't do, and would explain to us if we didn't understand.Thanks to him, for this year's CA1, I had gotten a 97, and for mid-year, I had gotten a 99. He kick-started my love for math and I thank him with immense gratitude for teaching me. I hope I make you proud for PSLE. (And also, thanks for the times that you treated the class and I to Dim Sum!)
RMSS is the perfect tuition for people who struggle with their subjects, ranging from Primary to Secondary to Junior College. I have never, ever regretted coming to this centre. Although I am unable to continue at RMSS in Secondary One next year, I am extremely contented. And I will never forget this place. Thank you RMSS!
-Isabelle Toh, Mr Franklin Neo's Primary 6 Sunday Science class 2018 and Mr Ong's Primary 6 Wednesday and Saturday Math Class 2018
Hi Victor, we would like to extend our greatest thanks to u in helping skyler to achieve n maintain a positive level standard in his maths subject. We have witnessed his improvement in maths. It was indeed a great help in maintaining his level of learning with postive mindset. We believed in NO PAIN NO GAIN! though i heard that the whole class got reprimanded at times but it works in certain ways. Times flies! He kind of misses your class and initially thought of getting u a little gift. I told him that the best gift for tutor is to achieve good grades to show them their achievement in teaching. So i suggested to him to pen down his thoughts towards your teaching for all these years. Hope u will like it! Once again, thank you for all the hard work n kind tolerance towards this bunch of naughty kids. He sincerely hope to be in your class in the near future!
Hi Mr Teo, attending your lessons have always been a joy. You taught me how to tackle Chemistry the way my school could not. Even though my chemistry isn't great, you were like the ethene that decolourises the reddish brown bromine water (darkness of chemistry) that I'm in. You did not give up on me and continue to motivate and give me tips. I'm sure I have improved alot under your guidance. I'm priviledged to be your student. Thank you Mr Teo!!!
Mr Teo is a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher who always makes lessons engaging for us. He is willing to help us learn at our own pace and answers our questions promptly, helping us clear our doubts. He simplifies even the most difficult topics and makes things much more doable, sharing tips from his wealth of experience.
Thank you Mr Teo for being a great teacher and always answering my questions no matter how busy you might be. You’ve made chemistry concepts much easier to learn by explaining the rationale and reasoning behind instead of just asking us to memorise concepts. Thank you for always allowing us to come down early whenever we want to clarify our doubts and providing additional lessons to help us catch up on J1 work.
He's a really devoted and effectvie teacher. Under his guidance I made great improvements in my chemistry
Mr Teo's passion to teach has motivated me to work hard for chemistry, a subject i never liked. He has a way of effectively communicating with the students and cares for them. Very grateful to have met a tutor like Mr Teo!
i really appreciate the way mr teo tries to make learning an enjoyable process for us by trying different methods of teaching. his lesson material is easy to follow and understand. he’s also receptive to feedback on his own teaching :)
Mr Teo is a really patient person who never fails to make an effort to understand each student's weak points.He is constantly encouraging us to come for extra lessons in order to make sure we do well which is something i really appreciate . His enthusiasm is also a great motivation for us to do well in our studies and become more interested in the subject.
Mr Teo is a patient teacher, whose classroom environment is a comfortable one where students are unafraid to ask questions because he never makes you feel stupid for having to clarify anything, no matter how simple the question may be. He is always willing to help his students and cares about them. He is a good teacher and helps us understand the concept and get to the answer ourselves, giving prompts so that we can solve questions ourselves in the future, now that we know the train of thought required to solve such questions.
Mr leonard teo is a very kind and patient teacher. No matter how many questions we have,he would answer all of them with utmost patience and ensure we understand the concepts better. It is a privilage to have him as my teacher.
Mr Ang has taught me for 4 years, from Secondary 1 to 4, which is, as you can tell, a lot of lessons. Yet in every lesson, he never tells me what he wants me to do, but rather asks what I need from him. Sometimes it is occasional guidance with a few tough questions, sometimes it is a full tutorial on a new topic. No mater what kind of help I needed, Mr Ang would provide it unfailingly. He explains topics in memorable, concise examples that get straight to the point and stay in your mind, comparing sugar levels in coffee to mole concentration in stoichiometry.

Beyond his teaching methods, Mr Ang also understands his students. He never fails to put himself in our shoes, and understands when we need a break, or need some extra time to process information. Mr Ang understands that learning is not about rote. Memorisation of a model answer or formula, but rather of true understanding and relaxed fun, the latter of which he tries his best to provide in his lessons, given the frantic pace of our education system. Through this, Mr Ang becomes and often much-needed breath of fresh air in our learning, mine included.

He puts in all of his effort into each and every student, no matter the grades each one produces. I have never been talented at science since day one, but Mr Ang has never failed to do his best to help me make sense of confusing science concepts. He truly goes above and beyond in trying to help his students in every way possible, from offering extra sessions when we need it, to compiling questions and notes into topically arranged books.

Science was made fun and relatable thanks to Mr Ang, and I will be eternally grateful for having met a teacher like him.
Mr Jackie is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The kind you will remember for life. He is so upbeat you would feel ashamed of yourself if you don't work as hard as he does. His care for our futures is the only reason he pushes us to do as well as he knows we can. I’ve been his students for 2 years and I must say it has truly been a joy.
We are very grateful for Mr Jackie’s guidance over the past few years. Amelia’s math showed improvement after joning his class and she is happy in the class too. Mr Jackie is a great tutor being patient, reliable and encouraging. We would highly recommend Mr Jackie.

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