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Mr Lee is a very funny, interesting and at the same time, strict math teacher. When I first joined, he is very strict with works and treat every one of us seriously. Looking back now, I am glad that he's being so strict. His class is disciplined too. When assignments are given, his class is very quiet and it is very conducive to do work. Of course, he is very friendly too. He will chat with u during the class to make the class interesting. He is also very understanding. For example, I am not doing well for a particular subject and there is exam for that subject tmr, he will try not to put the extra class on the day before that exam. His class is also very easy to understand as the explanations are very clear.
Before I joined RMSS, the grades I got for math was around borderline fail or pass, I wasn’t doing very good for math. That was when my parents and I decided to join RMSS in hope that my results for math will improve. I first came in when I was sec 1 and I met Mr Lee, he was rather strict at the start and most of us new he wasn’t the kind to be messed around with, but his character as well as passion for teaching was what made the difference in making us better, more responsible and disciplined students. In a matter of a few months, he pushed my grades up from D7 to A1 for my Sec 1 SA2, and from then on, I have always been with Mr Lee and RMSS. In class, we will have to participate in a segment called “presentation” where we are call up to the board to present our solutions to the class, this not only helps us with our confidence but it also helps Mr Lee identify any misconceptions and understand our way of thinking when we attempt the questions. Mr Lee will correct us on the spot to prevent our misconceptions from snowballing into bigger problems. Mr Lee is also very hardworking, even though he has to teach other classes, often he would allow us to come for class early to revise for up coming class tests or to revise topics. As such, he is putting in 2 times the effort by running 2 classes at once. As the years go by, Mr Lee has become less strict as at sec 4, we are able to take responsibility of our own learning, for me, this is partially because of the way Mr Lee has taught me since I was 13. In my time in RMSS, I have forged many bonds with my classmates as well as Mr Lee, RMSS is like a family where we share common experiences while working toward a common goal.
Before I joined RMSS, my math results fluctuated often and I was worried I could not maintain and obtain an A. During RMSS lessons, Mr Lee would teach us useful techniques to ace math questions, such as drawing trigo graphs with the steps of moving the axis and I also found it easier to memorise and learn how to draw exponential graphs, which I was having problems with. In many other tuition centres, they just provide alot of math questions for you to practice on. However for RMSS, they not only do that, but Mr lee also takes time to explain in detail on how to answer questions, get us to present our answers on the board to learn from our mistakes, and also gets us to go for extra lessons to improve on specific topics we are lacking in. I enjoy RMSS as even though Mr Lee can be fierce and strict, he is also humorous and jokes around with us sometimes, which does brighten our 3 hours a week. I am really grateful to Mr Lee for helping me on the journey to achieving an A1, thank you!
Mr Lee, this is my testimonial.
I first joined RMSS with Mr Lee when i was in Secondary 2. The reason as to why I decided to join was that I wanted my grades to improve. While my other friends in school were all scoring well, I would be the only one constantly failing the topical tests and exams.

Since I only joined the class when the mid-year exams were nearing, therefore I sat for my very first mock exam just 2 weeks upon joining. As I got back my results that day, I was disappointed, but not surprised. I got a 6% for that paper. However, what made that day memorable was that I had to say my results in front of the whole class and that made me feel very embarrassed because I was just simply lacking so much. Additionally, i could also remember vividly how badly I got scolded because of my horrible skills during my first presentation. As a result, Mr Lee made me stay back after classes and even come back for extra lessons just so that I would be able to catch up with the rest of the students. At that time, i was unable to understand the purpose of doing so much and i started dreading coming for tuition.

Now, as i look back, i beg to differ. I think that because of Mr Lee's constant drilling, I was able to improve and achieve my desired grades.

As a result of the numerous practices i was finally able to achieve my very 'A' a year later in Secondary 3, and as time went on, I eventually got lesser and lesser scoldings during presentation. I am very grateful towards Mr Lee for putting in so much effort in teaching all the students, ensuring that each and every one of them would be able to achieve their desired results at the end of the day. Even though he was strict with us and was very particular about every single working, it was actually for our own good because this allows students to learn how to be more meticulous in their work. I have definitely benefited a lot from joining his class. Once again, i am extremely thankful because i would not have made it this far without joining Mr Lee's class.
Before joint RMSS I was struggling greatly with math, especially because of the introduction of A Math as a new subject that I didn’t know how to revise for. On my firsts lesson, the class seemed very organised and on task, the lesson was very clear cut and straight to the point as well. What seemed to be a strict and rigorous class turned out to be enjoyable as the learning process was easy to understand and apply. The resources provided are much more comprehensive and well-rounded than what is provided in school, giving me ample practice and exposure for upcoming examinations. What stood it to me is that teaching here is more of a vocation than a job. If students are falling behind or face difficulty in understanding certain concepts, they are more than welcome to go down for extras and engage in self directed learning with the centre’s digital resources. Mr Lee is a tutor that truly wants the best for his students. He pushes us to do our best, managing to explain complex concepts into simpler terms and much easier to comprehend. Besides math skills, Mr Lee also instills life skills like discipline and grit, to always give our all in what we do. I’m very thankful for RMSS, not simply just for the immense improvement in my grades, but the person it has molded me into!
I first started out in rmss when i was in secondary 1. i had scored a D7 in math and that made my parents to sign me up for math tuition. that’s how i came across rmss through my cousin, who is under mr lee. initially, i thought that the teachers at tuition centres will be less stricter and more relaxed than the teachers in school but i was terrible wrong. when i attended my first lesson under mr lee, i was shocked by the fact that he started scolding people for their wrong presentations and punishing them for their unfinished homework. that was when i came to a sudden realisation that i had underestimated my ideology of tuition centres. however, mr lee has an unbeatable formula for expediting learning and bringing success in the classroom and his genuine care for his students is beyond the world. He will try his utmost best to help his students regardless of how weak he/she is. take me for example, in my ca1, i had scored a D7 and thus, mr lee had called me down for extra revision and that has certainly helped me to comprehend the chapters that i’m weak in better and i managed to attain an A2 bu the end of secondary 2. although i tend to have mini heart attacks whenever i was called for presentation, i understand the purpose behind it and it has certainly helped me to identify my mistakes better and making sure my working is presented in the correct manner. mr lee is a one-of-a-kind teacher and is also the one you’ll remember till the rest of your life.
when i first joined rmss, both my maths were in a disastrous state. since i have some friends in mr john lee's class, i decided to enroll and give it a shot. the results were not immediate, it was only through weeks of non-stop grilling, extra lessons that went into the evening and night, that i managed to catch up again. i think that mr lee's methods are simple, to be strict when needed. i am typically a very lazy person, but with a teacher who was fierce and cared much about minor details in working and presentation, i was forced to be hardworking in my own right and to understand the concepts thoroughly. initially, i was scared coming into class, but it eventually grew into a familiarity, the usual routine of walking into class. i started not to fear presentations, but rather to embrace it as learning opportunities that helped me grow. thus, it is safe to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my one and a half year journey at rmss.
Mr Lee is a very dedicated and effective teacher that has taught me for approximately 1.5 years. I first joined him in Year 3, where my Math grades began to plummet slowly ever since Year 1 and hit an all-time low for my Y3 CA1 with a score of 8.5/30. My first impression of Mr Lee was that he was a terrifying figure that advocated, “Fear is the most powerful motivator”, and this fear forced me to do all the homework and learn proper presentation (after seeing the others getting completely destroyed by him for not being up to standard) to prevent getting picked on by him. However, this fear gradually changed to respect as I realised I understood his lessons clearly, being able to apply what I learnt in the homework that I forced myself to do and the presentations for questions, and by Y3 SA1 I already began to see improvement. His constant “pettiness” on doing each the steps for modulus graphs and trigo graphs, adjusting range, “Upper minus lower” method etc. ingrained practical skills in me that I could apply effortlessly in exams.
One memorable incident was during that period of time where we were learning Trigo graphs and I drew all my graphs similar to intestinal villi (as remarked by a classmate), he made me redo every single graph for homework, however this experience reminded me constantly to draw my graphs like gentle waves, allowing me to label coordinates of intersections easier, aiding me greatly in future trigo graphs.
Anyway, I stuck with Mr Lee until Year 4, and I have been achieving my A’s thanks to his effective teaching methods. Even though I am a more reserved student, I still learnt a lot from him over the past 1.5 years, increasing my ability in Mathematics as a subject.
Thanks Mr Lee :)
I joined Mr Lee’s class in the beginning of my Secondary 4 year as I was not faring well in both my E and A Math subjects. Struggling to keep up with school syllabus, I joined RMSS hoping to improve my grades to at least a pass and beyond. Initially, I was surprised that Mr Lee was very dedicated and constantly reminded me to revise my work and come for extra lessons to improve and catch up with the class. Luckily, all his reminders worked and I managed to catch up to the class in no time.

Through our bi-weekly RMSS lessons, I have managed to pick up many useful skills and tips that have helped me to slowly improve in maths. Even the simplest advice that Mr Lee shares with us can help in exams, as I remembered that a question that he had helped me with actually appeared in my prelim papers. As a class, we also bonded very well and I’m glad to say that my classmates are also some of my close friends too.

RMSS works hard to push students to their fullest potential by always reinforcing concepts and encouraging constant revision. Teachers such as Mr Lee are also stern and strict but caring and concerned too and this really helps the students to do better in their subjects. I had improved quite greatly in my E Math and maintained my A Math grade and I hope to do better at the O levels with RMSS’ help!
在我还未进入RMSS补习班前,我的数学成绩一直濒临不及格。在同学的推荐下,我抱着"试一试"的心态加入了李老师 (Mr John Lee) 的班。李老师非常有耐心地带着我进入状态,让我能够跟上班上其他同学的进度。后来,我慢慢适应了在他的班上课,我渐渐地发现李老师是一位教导有方的老师。虽然有时候当我们忘记他一再提醒我们要注意的地方时,他会生气地发火,但我能理解他生气是因为恨铁不成钢。同时,李老师也很幽默,虽然有些笑话比较冷...在李老师的循循善诱下,我的数学成绩一路飙升至A1。因此,我非常感激李老师对我的淳淳教诲!
Mr Teng was always patient when clarifying my doubts and gave the class advice and tips on studying. Having joined for less than 6 months, I still enjoyed his classes as he was always encouraging and approachable. He is a kind teacher who did his best to help me improve my chemistry and come for extra classes.
Mr. Teng has helped me in many ways. I can't express my gratitude and respect for a teacher like him enough. Motivated by his love for teaching and care he expresses towards us, I have developed a stronger passion for Science. He has incorporated this subject into our daily livelihood which makes lessons even more interesting and comprehensible. I would have never seen myself as a lover for science but because of Mr. Teng and his efforts to push and drive us towards an even more important goal, other than just O levels but to actually understand the workings of life. He has opened up a new world for us to constantly learn, in an environment that is safe and conducive. I love all that he has done and hope to continue studying under him in the future.
Mr Teng is a very reliable and thoughtful teacher that would answer your question whenever you’re in doubt. He sometimes makes jokes in class and every lesson is sure a memoriable and an enjoyable one. He’s very attentive with his students and will always check in one how they are doing and encourage them to puch on and do better. Thanks to his wonderful efforts , I did benefit a lot from his class
This class is definitely the better class among all my classes here at RMSS. I liked the freedom he gives us unlike other tutors.I felt like Mr Teng was more approachable as a tutor thus i was able to ask for more extra lesson. Great 2 years i had here
Mr Teng has always helped clear my doubts & also never failed to make class fun yet educational. He has helped me tremendously by helping me improve my grades - from a C6 to an A2, which I am very greatful for. Not only were his lessons enjoyable, he also cared for the class a lot. Constantly giving us reminders or giving a small treat to the class. Thank you for your guidance for the past 2 years in RMSS :”)
Mr Teng is a very passionate teacher that has a lot of patience for his students and would go the extra mile to help his students. He helped me better understand this topic and was very patient with me even though I was very weak at some chapters. Mr Teng is a very kind teacher and he never fails to make lessons fun and intriguing for us. He is also very dedicated to helping us achieve the best results as he would come an hour earlier before lessons just so that we could come for extra consultation if we needed too. Apart from teaching me science Mr Teng is also like a fatherly figure to me, he helps me by giving me life lessons sometimes by telling me what is right and what is wrong, he even told me that he would be proud of me if I made it into ACJC. In this past year, my science grades have improved dramatically because of his lessons and his guidance.
I’d like to take this chance to thank you for being such a remarkable teacher. I’m grateful for your patience and knowledge in writing and presentation skills, which you have passed down to me. Also, I appreciate the humorous lessons everyday. Although I know that I am not really active in participating in class, I still appreciate all the efforts you put into every lesson. In addition, I do enjoy your lesson because of your passion in teaching. So, I hope that you’d continue to be inspiring because I have learnt a lot of things from you.
Mr Teng has always been a teacher who tries his very best too help me and my other classmates. He is very knowledgeable and his also creates a fun learning environment. I am thankful that he allows me to come for extra lessons and makes time to help me in my preparation. When I ask him questions he tries to make sure I try my best I’m thinking before he answers me and I feel this really helps my understanding and improve my ability to understand as well
Mr teng is a very friendly and patience teacher, he always answer my questions clearly and i learnt alot from him. Learning from him also make me understand the chapters better. Thanks for teaching and make this class interesting with your random stories!
This tuition helped me a lot. When I first joined RMSS for physics tuition, I didn’t know what to expect as I usually do not have tuition. When I joined the class, everyone was really friendly and my teacher was really helpful, he helped me adjust to the environment quite fast. I used to fail physics but now, with the help of my teacher, I’m doing well in Physics.
I’ve learnt a lot from the lessons here. Even though I’ve joined for less than a year, I was able to clarify my doubts and vastly improve in my prelims from just a few lessons. The lessons have been helpful and I am able to understand physics concepts better now.
Mr Teng is a tutor who is genuinely concerned for his students and encourages everyone to voice any queries that they may have. He strikes the balance between fun and studies, bringing joy to every lesson! Patient in explanation, he really brings out the best in every student ! Thank you for these 1.5 years :D
Since joining Mr Teng’s RMSS Science classes, my Sciences have drastically improved as Mr Teng is dedicated to teaching, correcting students’ misunderstandings and reinforcing their concepts.
When I first started learning Physics in Secondary 2, I vividly remember having a lot of trouble trying to understand the subject as a whole. Despite putting in my best effort, I kept scoring a B4 and below and felt really frustrated. Joining Mr Teng's class in Secondary 3, he helped me understand each and every chapter. From a simple chapter such as Kinematics to the more tedious chapters like Electricity, Mr Teng has always ensured that his students understand his lessons and will always answer any queries from his students without fail. I really had a fun time during his lessons and gradually, my love for Physics began. Currently, Physics is now my most favourite subject out of all of the 8 subjects I take and I no longer feel frustrated studying it. In fact, I have lots of fun! In addition, my results in Physics have been consistently an A, so my results in the subject has really shown great improvement in this short 1-2years. Furthermore, Mr Teng is always concerned for his students, asking about our well-being from time to time, which has really made me grateful as not many teachers right now would even take the time to care for their studdnt's well-being.
Mr tan is a very kind teacher who takes time to understand each of his students is very patient with every single one of them. He is very eager to help answer our questions and never leaves us hanging no matter how long it takes to solve the sum. His explanations are very clear and always ensures that we understand before moving on. Through the short 8months that i have been in his class, i have grown in my love for mathematics and almost always look forward to attending his lessons as i am able to learn new things each time and better myself with the guidance of such an enthusiastic teacher like Mr Tan. The amount of effort and passion put into his work encourages us students to reflect it in our math too and i am grateful to have him as my teacher

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