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I recently joined RMSS at Secondary 4 , about a month before my prelims. At first, I felt that it was already too late to join a tuition centre. I actually gave up on my science as I have been scoring E8/F9 since I was secondary 3. I then realised that science is an important subject .

After I joined Mr Tham's class , I can understand more topics better. His ways to memorise things such as formulae makes it easier for me to understand and memorise them. He always encourages us to ask questions and even constantly reminds us to practise regularly.

I am seeing improvements in my Science, and I am sure I can strive better for my O Levels !

Thank You Mr Tham :)
I joined Mr Tham's Science class in early Secondary 4. Ever since Sec 1, my grades for both Physics and Chemistry have either been bad. I thought that i would never even see the letter B for either subject.

However, after joining Mr Tham's class, I have been seeing improvements in my science grades, especially physics.

Thankfully, I got a B for combined science in Prelims after facing constant Ds. I am very thankful for that.

In class, Mr Tham is a very creative teacher who always surprises me with interesting and quirky ways to learn and memorise important Physics formulae as well as Chemistry Procedures.

Thank you so much Mr Tham for allowing me to believe that I have the potential to do even better than I expected. I will definitely work hard to make sure I score my desired results for the upcoming O'Levels!
It was during Sec 3 when I joined Mr Tham class. At that point of time I was failing my Science or a just pass. I was about to give up on the subject.

But slowly as time passed, lesson after lesson I started to be interested as Mr Tham teaching was unique and very interesting. Like remembering the reactivity series... Now my Science has improved from a C6 to B3 and it's all thanks to Mr Tham.

I eventually attained a B3 for my N-Levels Combined Science in 2017 and this year, I am confident in doing better for O-Levels Combined Science.

Thank you Mr Tham for your guidance:)
Dear Mr Tham,

I am so blessed for having you as a teacher, you have been great, I used to be the bottom few in Science but now, I am in fact the top half of my cohort! The paper set was rather difficult so even though I was top half, I only got C6, however, it is a drastic improvement since my Mid Year Exams!

Thank you for helping me understand the confusing formulae. You are a very engaging teacher and help go through questions thoroughly. Your students also love you just as much as you love them and have been helping them since day 1!

Thank you for making your class fun. I hope to achieve at least an A2 by the end of the year! Thanks so much for helping me!
I joined RMSS at Secondary 4 during June. I remember how much I hated Physics and Chemistry back then.
However, Mr Tham somehow always made Physics and Chemistry fun for me!

Mr Tham comes up with various interesting ways of remembering the formulas which was really helpful as I manage to improve my physics from a D7 to a B3 in this prelim since i could remember the formulae better.

I remember when I first joined RMSS, I was asking my friends if my teacher was going to be scary. My friend, Richard, told me that Mr Tham was a great teacher and he will not be fierce to students unless needed. True enough, he is indeed a great teacher with patience and I am really thankful for joining his class as I've improved greatly in my Science.

Mr Tham was also encouraging and always told me to stay for extra lessons so that I could improve further. Thank you for helping me improve my science by leaps and bounds Mr Tham!!
Since the start of Secondary 3, my Science grades started to worsen, dropping from an A2 to an E8. I was introduced to RMSS by my friends and decided to Join Mr Desmond Tham’s Science class.

Initially, I was unsure of many of the old chapters and my foundation was weak. However, under Mr Tham’s guidance and teaching, my foundation in Science became a lot stronger and I was confident with my Science subjects.

Being the kind and caring teacher that he is, he would constantly encourage me to go for extra lessons to ensure that any of my doubts that I had would be cleared.

Mr Tham also uses funny and creative ways for us to memorise notes that were previously hard to remember. This allowed me to achieve a B3 during the recent prelims.

Thank you for everything Mr Tham!!
I used to fail my Chemistry very badly (F9) in school before i joined Mr Tham’s lesson. After I joined RMSS in Secondary 3, I attended Mr Tham’s class every week and even extra class during the weekends to clear my doubts.

For my Sec 4 Mid-year Exams, I scored 40/50 (A1) for my Physics and managed to not only pass my Chemistry but to get a 30/50 (B4) which used to be a failing subject.

Mr Tham’s unique methods of remembering the concepts for Chemistry and Physics have helped a lot during the exam and make me understand the subjects even more due to the theory behind it with his funny ways of memorising formulae!!

Mr Tham is a very dedicated teacher who is willing to even help me through WhatsApp chat when I don’t understand a question and explain it to me personally!

Now I feel prepared for my major exams which is upcoming.

Thank you, Mr Tham for helping me in Physics and Chemistry!
To Mr Desmond,

Thank you for teaching me for around 3 years and it has been a joy to be able to taught under you.

Thank you for cracking good and bad jokes occasionally to make us laugh and also allowing us to come for extra class so that we can improve in our Math !!

Thank you for being very flexible with us and also understanding our circumstances :) and also for sharing with us your experiences so that we can become a better person!
I have been in Mr Tham’s math class since Secondary 1 when my Maths grade was a C for PSLE, however after joining Mr Tham’s class, my Maths improved to an A2 and eventually to an A1.

My Maths results remained consistent throughout my lower secondary. Due to an injury, I had no choice but to quit RMSS for a year and my grades dropped, both my AMath and EMath were getting an F9.

However after rejoining in Mid Secondary 4, I could see a lot of improvements in both my AMath and EMath! I could better understand the Mathematics concepts and my results improved from a F9 to a B4!

Mr Tham is a really encouraging and compassionate tutor. He allowed me to stay back almost every lesson to catch up on what I had missed and topics that I was unsure of. Whenever in doubt , he is always there to answer my questions and explain to me till I get it.

Thank you Mr Tham for all the support !
Before I joined Mr Tham’s class in lower secondary, I have been failing Math constantly which made me doubt myself as to whether I would be able to pass the subject.

However, after I joined Mr Tham’s class, my grades in Math improved from a E8 to an A2 in the EOY exams and I was able to take up AMath as a subject.

Although my grades in EMath dropped slightly in upper secondary, I continued to ask him questions regarding the concepts and my EMath grade in prelims improved form a C5 to a B3.

One would say that Mr Tham is an extremely caring teacher, who never fails to answer whatever doubts I have in the subject, even when it’s late at night.

He constantly asks if I have any questions to ask him in class, and if I do, he would do his best to answer the questions that I had. He would also allow me to stay back after class to revise on the topics that I am weaker in.

Thank you Mr Tham for your efforts and not giving up on me!!
Mr Tham has been my tutor since I join RMSS in Secondary 1 . He is a very dedicated teacher and has never given up on me.

I still recall scoring a borderline pass for my A math in secondary 3 but under Mr tham’s coaching, I managed to Ace my AMath and EMath for my recent Preliminary Exams and even achieved Top In Level in my school.

Mr Tham is a very conscientious teacher that would help answer my doubts even in the wee hours of my revision and he has provided me with the utmost help in my revision towards the O levels .

A big thank you to Mr Tham for always believing in me and helping me achieve my A in Math ! :)
Mr Sean Phua,I have a lot of things to say to you.U are a part of my life and will always have a small place in my heart even after I graduate.Trust me when I say this,but u are probably one of the few teachers in my life which I will remember.

All those typical teachers always look at me like I’m some sort of black sheep just because of the way I look and behave,but you made me feel equal to every other students in the class.Although I hate what you do so many times,you still do what’s best for me.You talk to me and give me some advices which

I heed to.Behind the facade of coolness,you are actually a lovable and fun to be around person.Your jokes at time make me laugh so hard even after having a long day,but also very lame at times?.

I would always remember the first time I joined you in Secondary Two and I was quite a rebellious student back then.U were strict w me but fun as well.You made me love maths since then.You are the guy that made maths seem so simple and fun.You helped me reached an A1-2 from E8.U are also a good teacher that buy students treats on occasions.Thanks for all these things you have done for me and I just want you to know i am appreciative of majority of the things u do ?.And I won’t forget the extra classes that u gave me.
Mr Phua is a great teacher mainly coz his teaching is good and he is willing to explain till u understand and also he buys pizza so that’s a bonus coz who doesn’t like free food yea. Being in his class for about 2 years I think was enjoyable and great tho he is kindof strict yea but I still enjoy being in his class.class very good yes awesome I think that’s all lol oh and pls go easy on my brother hahah
Helloo Mr Phua! I just want to say that I’m really grateful and happy to have joined your class in sec2, when my sister introduced me to you.And even though my sister kept on saying that you were a really really fierce and strict teacher, I was like ‘hmm how fierce can he be?’.

The moment I stepped into your class I suddenly sensed fear as chills went down my spine (maybe it was because of the really cold air-con?..)It was like entering the devils home..

I also remembered that while I was at the corner of your class watching the iPad, you were screaming at one of your students for not presenting properly. I still have vivid memories of how scared I was, afraid that you would also scream at me. That was mainly also the reason why whenever I’ve finished my work I’ll just remain where I am, silent, doing other work..

Anyways I really love your class partially due to your hilarious teaching (fake names and making jokes etc.) + very skilled teachings and also because of the amazing friends that I’ve made.

And also not forgetting the various foods that you’ve bought for us, I really do appreciate it. Even though going for your classes are coming to an end, this pleasant/scary moment of my life would definitely live in my memories forever.

And also Being the 2nd batch of the 12am homework, it really is very helpful because as everyone has already said, It pushes us to do our work and also lets us realize the things that we might have troubles with.

Long story short I’m really thankful for your guidance throughout my time in RMSS and I just want you to know that you’ve been a really great blessing/help in my life. Thank you lots!!!

P.S. You don’t have to call me ‘KFC’ anymore because I’m gonna lose weight ?
Thank you Mr Phua for really guiding me this past year I am truly appreciative of your help and support. When I first joined this year I really had a very weak foundation and couldn’t do math for my life but after you asked me to go for extra sessions of tuition, I slowly began to understand more about how to do math. Thank you also for allowing me to always sit in for replacement classes whenever I miss classes and for taking your time to slowly explain things to me. All about getting that A1!
Thank you for teaching me for the past few months. Although it is a short journey, the knowledge i have learned is definitely not. The lessons are mostly fun and enjoyable as it is always funny to see you ‘bully’ Xavier by testing him the trigo table.

It is also funny to listen to stories about you from Ms lim and vice versa. The most unforgettable pain is the 12 am homework :(. Even though it is tiring, it actually helps me to recap what i have learned.

There are rumours that you are a very fierce teacher but that is what i need because i know i dont really pay attention to class. But overtime, i find that you are a very interesting teacher who loves to eat oreos. Sometimes, when i log in to Instagram, i can also see videos of you singing karaoke and pictures of your homemade food. I also hope that someday you can bake for the class and I will also prepare myself to not get food poisoning. jokes hehe
initially i was quite apprehensive to join mr phua’s class as i have heard of his army style of teaching...however for the sake of my math grades i just decided to give it a shot! it was indeed a blessing in disguise, mr phua’s lessons were not only enriching but also very effective.He was able to teach us the most straightforward and concise method to tackling even the most challenging of questions. As a tutor he was very dedicated and devoted and often went out of his way to help us in the topics we were weak at. When i felt like i was having a mental breakdown bc of math mr phua is always one text away and is always willing to help us no matter how stupid or brainless our questions were :DD he is always very generous with us and his lessons never fails to be filled with light hearted jokes and laughter! i may not have joined for a long time but thanks for tried your best to help me nonetheless!! u r rly a math god!
hi mr phua, thanks for always helping me with my math bc sometimes im damn stupid especially when i just joined in sec 1 HAHAHA thank you for always buying us food & making us fat with moon cakes, pizza and all the starbucks cards!! thank u for creating the “Last min ask for help” whatsapp group with clare and me when we needed urgent CPR for our end of year math results LOL we would’ve died without u tbh :.) MAJOR THANKS for putting up with all the noise me, tammie and clare make and for tolerating us (+not changing our seats HAHAHAH )even though we talk like 24/7 YAY 4 years flew by real quick and ill miss freezing in your 16 degrees classroom every Thursday and Saturday :( i still remember when you kena langa by i don’t know what and you were in a cast and had cuts like everywhere but you still came to teach and I remember thinking like “woah he damn on”
so thank you for being so dedicated even though all the 12am homework really damn tedious wondownfjrnfkeknfked!!!!! thank you for everything mr phua you da real mvp :.) ILL MISS YOU!

p.s sorry this took so long HAHA
Time passed so quickly. I still remember the sec 1 days when I was with you. I can’t even remember any classmates names. Here I am now sec 4 and will soon be taking o levels. Mr phua you are a good mentor and teacher. You not only teach us math, you teach us to be responsible and teach us life lessons. I wish you teach jc classes so that I can continue my journey with you. But sadly you don’t. Every time when we come to your class is like going to Antarctica, Cold af. You always bring laughter to the class and never stop believing in a student.
I joined Mr phua's class at the end of sec 1 because my math was failing really badly and ever since I joined it has really improved my math. I was never one to take tuition at tuition centres as I've always thought the atmosphere there to be very serious and tense and i wldnt dare to ask questions. But when I joined his classes, he would make jokes which helped to lighten the mood. His classes are also probably the reason why I was even able to take Amath. If we didn't understand a certain topic, he would let us come back or stay back to work on that topic until we get it. I joined his Amath class again in S4 and ever since, my Amath is getting better, after staying back after classes to revise my work.

My Amath isn't the best right now, but I can definitely see myself improving, which would not be happening if I did not join his Amath class in S4. The 12am homework also helps alot as it forces me to finish my work and also revise at the same time.
Although I have only been with Mr Phua for less than a year but I can say that he has been a very kind and caring teacher towards all his students including me. He never fails to make sure his students are on track by making them present their work to the class on the board. He so caring that he even helps us with our English oral by making us read out loud some of the forms that has been given to us.

Honestly, I was pretty scared when I first decided to join his class and heard from my friends that he was a very stern teacher but as the lessons went by from when I first joined, I’ve come to realize that he wasn’t as scary as my friends said he was. He could be, at times and when he needs to he will be but most of the time, he is just a very cheerful and fun teacher who likes to crack jokes and make lessons enjoyable for us. He even rewards us for working hard by giving us Oreos or Snicker bars and during intensive periods where there are 3 hour long lessons he drives us on by buying us pizza during our break time. So if you heard he was a very strict and scary teacher, honestly, don’t let that stop you from joining his class. Ever since I joined his class, my math has only seen improvement and has jumped 3 grades because he would always accept my requests to stay back for extras and guide me on what to do and how to do it.

Since I have never really done well for my AMath, I remember the day when I received my AMath results and for the first time I passed I was so happy and I told him that I passed, he was also very surprised that I did and cheered me on to do better. The scariest thing I think about how he teaches his students is the 12am homework.

Although the 12 am homework that he gives us every time before our exams has always been a nightmare for me as my math standard has always been the benchmark for the class but I think it has actually helped me improve as I have to push myself to actually complete the questions he has given us. All in all, I’ve enjoyed my lessons with him and I can’t believe I have only a few lessons left and I think I will miss them as I move on. Thank you Mr Phua.
Looking back, the three years I have been in Mr Phua's class has really passed fast. I joined the class with terrible grades, with not much hope of improving. However, under Mr Phua's help, staying back after classes to do extra work and after failing tests, I managed to pull up my grades. Mr Phua has inspired me to do better in Math by his dedication to the class. 12 am homework and extra classes as the O levels show how much he wants us to do well. Mr Phua is truly an amazing and funny teacher.
Mr Phua is an outstanding math tutor. His lessons are never dull and has many shortcuts and tricks that aids students in their journey to claim their A1s. He can be strict at times but i feel that it is necessary for a teacher to be stern for students to improve. He is also very resourceful and helps his students regardless of time and place. A few examples of this is the amount of extras me and my peers had attended over the course of this year.

He also sometimes do live videos on social media and welcomes students to join the live as he clears up our individual doubts. I feel that from these examples we can see how passionate he is in guiding us. However the one instance which particularly stood out to me was the 12am homework where as the name suggests we have to take photos of our homework and send it to him personally by 12am this not only shows how much he cares it also helped us improve significantly as we are constantly doing math. I feel that this is a trait not many teacher shows and is one of his greatest strength as an educator. He also constantly awards us when we do well and encourages the weaker students to try harder. Overall, Mr phua is a fantastic tutor and i will recommend my friends to join his class.
Hello mr phua thank you for cultivating the interest for math in me and i appreciate all that you have done for our class especially the extra classes.You make sure none of us get left behind and that we move forward together as a class.I still remember I would have to write the special angle table every week because I could never memorise the table and you would only target me.AT LEAST I remember sin(0)=0.So all in all,Im grateful that you were my tuition teacher throughout these 3 years,without you I probably would have never gotten my As.
Mr Phua is a very good teacher. But i didn’t think so when I first stepped into his class somewhere in March ‘17 LOL. I hated math alot since it was one of the few subjects I couldn’t even pass and thus I rolled my eyes at mr phua. big mistake. So i got kicked out of class until I rejoined in Oct’17 to rescicuate my dying EM and AM grades......

emath : 38/100
amath: 8/100

so i went and humbled myself down and threw myself into 27 hour tuition weeks (roughly 4 hours for 7 days) and i’m pleased to say that my math grades are now As. yay!

To Mr Phua, thanks for teaching me. and not giving up on me. Also being strict.

The class room very cold.

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