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Thank you Mr Ang for the past 3 years !! Thank you for always readily helping me with my chemistry, and spending extra time and effort to coach me after class! You made chemistry concepts easier to grasp through your analogies and stories! My understanding of chemistry has been strengthened because of the practices that you gave us! You would also motivate us to solve challenging questions by treating to us to drinks if we managed to solve them!! This made learning even more fun because there is a reward to look forward to! Your life stories also serve as an inspiration and you constantly encourage us to do even better that I feel apologetic to you whenever I fail to achieve good results. Thank you for being an understanding teacher, and allowing me to go for the afternoon class whenever I fail to wake up in time for the morning one! When I overworked myself in sec 3, you would always ask me to take a break and have ample rest! I admire how you don't put emphasis on results but instead; you make sure that we enjoy the process of learning. Your teaching also stimulates my analytical skills and this allows me to truly understand and like the subject. All the best Mr Ang!
I have been with Mr Ang since June. After attending his classes, I was able to better grasp the topics, especially those that I have never understood in school. His explanations were really straight to the point and his methods of approaching the questions were very useful. Mr Ang is one of the most passionate teachers that I have known. He does not just focus on teaching us the things we need to know, but also how to teach. He is so “ON” that he even went to an extreme of studying how our brain works, and how he should teach to benefit us. He is the one and only teacher I have ever known, that go to this “crazy” extent of doing researches on such things just for his students’ benefit. Mr Ang is not just a teacher that teaches chemistry, but also a mentor to us all. He is extremely approachable; we can literally approach him and ask him anything (legit anything). When lessons get dry, Mr Ang would tell us his life stories and lessons to be learnt. He would also share his experience with us, which I think is extremely important, as this is what we may be facing at some point of our lives. Mr Ang is a very open-minded teacher, which makes things really easy for us as students. To us, Mr Ang is also like our parent. When in doubt, he does not tell you what you should be doing, but guiding you through and giving you moral support. Of course, what he loves to say is “everything is fine, everything is fine” (HAHA) At that point of time you may think that everything is not fine, but afterwards, you would truly realize everything is really fine. I’m not sure if it is due to psychology effect, that repeating the same thing to one will make one think that way, but oh well, it worked. Mr Ang once said that the teachers that the teachers that he remembers and respects the most are not the ones that teach very well, but the ones that tell a lot of life stories. Unfortunately, to me, Mr Ang does not fit into his definition of teachers that I respect. Simple reason: Mr Ang not only teaches well, but is also a teacher that provides us with ample knowledge that cannot be learnt from textbooks. Basically when you find that all doors are closed, look for Mr Ang. He’ll be the one that opens a window for you…
Mr Quek is a patient teacher, who always answers all the seemingly endless questions in class just to make sure we understand our physics concepts better. He puts in a lot of effort on all his students.
Mr Quek is also a very caring teacher, who often checks on his students' academic results, regardless of the subject and always gives great advice for his students.
Mr Quek's lessons are interesting and engaging. His additional facts on the topics taught always allow us to better understand and apply our newfound knowledge
I am really thankful and blessed to have him as my physics tutor and would gladly recommend him to my juniors.
Mr Quek is a teacher who is not only very knowledgeable but also very friendly and approachable. He is able to simplify complex concepts to allow an easy understanding of it. More importantly, he is a very dedicated teacher that is willingly to go the extra mile for students should they require any help.
RMSS English lessons have been immensely useful and beneficial in improving my English. Lessons have been engaging and not only have I learnt the basics to doing well, I have also learnt more techniques to score better in English. The lessons have been really enjoyable and meaningful during the preparation for the O levels. My English grades have improved after attending English lessons in RMSS.
Thank you Ms Ho for guiding and teaching me since last year. You never gave up on me and English lessons were the best as there were jokes to make lessons engaging. I will never forget the times we spent in English class together.
Patricia Lim Yi Xin, S4 A/EMath (Katong) 2014,
Ever since joining RMSS in secondary 2, I have made tremendous improvement in my Mathematics results. At the end of secondary 2, I had transferred to Mr Sean Yeo's class and under his guidance, I scored several distinctions in both additional mathematics and mathematics. Henceforth, I became a more confident learner with lessons that often include presentations to the class to increase our understanding and develop our presentation skills. Also, Mr Yeo constantly encourages us to keep trying and not give up when we face difficult questions. Mr Yeo not only teaches us math, he also inputs life lessons to us. He would give talks and share of his experiences. I will always remember what Mr Yeo said about how making DECISIONS is important for us to achieve our aims. RMSS has a very conducive environment, which allows students to achieve excellence in their studies. We can easily make friends and cooperate with one another to achieve the best of our abilities together. I truly appreciate the teachers' passion and dedication in teaching their students, and igniting our passion in the subject that they teach. I'll never forget the experiences gained from joining RMSS and I will always remember Mr Yeo as a dedicated and caring teacher.
Thank you, Mr Yeo !
Kasia Chua Chen Xi, J2 Math (Katong) 2014,
After joining RMSS for 2 years, I have found a new joy in mathematics. From a previous C grade during my secondary school life, now I have managed attain A. Mr Yeo is a dedicated teacher that never leaves anyone behind and spends extra time on the weak students to drill them on their basics. Thank you for all your funny jokes that make even 6 hrs lessons bearable! He helped me gain both confidence in myself and made Math much easier than it appears to be. From one of my worst to one of my best subjects, this result cannot be based on my effort alone but the dedication and guidance by my tutor. It is to him that I owe my achievements.
Evangel Tan Shi Hui, S4 EMath (Bishan) 2014,
Before Raymond’s Math Studio, my math has always been D7 or C6, getting a B3 and above has always been just a dream. It was after Mr Lee that this dream slowly became reality.

Unlike other maths tution teachers, Mr Lee also taught us life skills and gave personal advices such as getting close with professors to write referals for us. Now I know I need to be a “professor’s pet” to gain benefits! He also made math fun, which is weird considering most teenagers find math a waste of time, to be honest who uses math in daily life. “I need to calculate the standard devidation and mean mark of students to know that this JC is good”. Even though I don’t use math in my daily life, its beginning to become a hobby of mine to practice math.

Though at times Mr Lee can be abit scary when scolding a student, its sort of for our own good. Like one time, when we forgot to “crucify” our diagram, he shouted at us pretty badly. Until the receptionist had to come in and say “Mr Lee can you quiet down there are parents outside” honestly that was pretty funny. But from that on, we all rememberd to “crucify” our diagrams and became better at answering those bearing questions. We now also have to practice our algebra every lesson which is a killer topic to some of the students. Mr Lee would stress how important algebra is in maths, sometimes I think he is a prirate, he just wants us to find out X to find the burried treasure. Jokes aside, my algebra has improved greatly. Now I can find the value of not only X but the other 23 alphabets as well!!

My fondest memory would be the times when the class would joke around. One time when Mr Lee was promoting a science booklet to help us in our O levels, this boy in our class starts to bargin the price with him! It was truly hilarious! Another time, would be when he was trying to teach a girl proportion, he nearly wanted to pull his hair off! But at last, she finally understood! There are too many fond memories that ive experience in Raymond’s Math Studio to write down. But nevertheless im glad to have come here and meet inspiring teachers such as Mr John Lee.
Jerry Lau Geng Tai, S4 EMath (Bishan) 2014,
When I first signed up for Maths tuition at RMSS, i did not really enjoy going to tuition as i was given a harsh scolding by Mr Lee during the second lesson as i forgot to bring my calculator and was told to go and buy a new calculator. However, I realised that it really helped me to be more responsible to bring my things and myself and take ownership for my well being. I started to enjoy going to tuition afterwards as Mr Lee makes tuition fun and interesting as he would tell us some jokes and personal experience that make lesson really interesting. Not only he teaches us maths but he is concern about other subjects we are taking such as he had promoted a science booklet for us to buy to help us with our science even it doesnt really concern him. I feel that Mr Lee is really a funny and caring teacher. There are many other fond memories I experienced in RMSS and I am really glad i joined this tuition and meet such an awesome teacher !
Privitha d/o Prem Anad, S4 EMath (Bishan) 2014,
Before joining Raymond's Math, my Math was very bad. But after I enrolled myself in Raymond's Math , my Math improved tremendously! Thanks to Mr Ng , without him I would not have achieve good grades for my Math! Mr Ng is also a very sincere teacher & he gives his best to teach the students!
Siah Jia Hui, S4 EMath (Bishan) 2014,
Before I came to RMSS, I was doing very badly for mathematics. The average marks I scored for mathematics was only 25 marks. After attending lessons at RMSS, I scored my first distinction for my first semester. Thank you Mr Ng for your guidance and patience, even though sometimes I am reluctant to come for extra lessons. And also not giving up on me. My interest for mathematics is coming back. All the best to you! - JIAHUI.
Chloe Loong, S4 Physics/Chemistry (Bishan) 2014,
Dear Mr Ang, I never had any pleasant experience with teachers especially in school. I always believed that these teachers do not know what they are teaching, can't teach, only teaching for the money, and honestly very crappy. Hence being the kiasu singaporean teenager I am, I sought tuition and boy, I never thought that I wold be so grateful for tuition. hahaha. I’ve never met a science teacher like you and I never know that a Science teacher could teach like that, in the “outside textbook” manner that you teach with really rocks!. I could understand science especially physics way better than before and learn so many concepts that I believe I could never master on my own. Morever, my huge frustration with physics and chemistry gradually disappeared and I even started to enjoy learning physics (to my disbelief). From your lessons, I feel like physics is really all around us, so brilliant yet simple and it encompasses the living matter which I have come to appreciate much. Though I may still not like physics as a subject, but learning from you make me realise that physics is more than the 91023 formulas and calculations but something so real and practical. I love how you explain concepts without using lengthy definitions. And also thanks for allowing me to ask you so boring 10000 questions almost every week and having to help me with visualisations that my non-artistic eye cant see. I really appreciate that. And finally, I honestly feel very motivated after your lessons which is great cause I am always super stressed out. And lastly, relating back to my first point about teachers, you touched and blessed me in so many different ways that I never believe any teacher could, which I am super grateful. (plus, at a point in time I even thought of being a teacher ). Thanks Mr Ang for everything and I will do my super best to get that distinction for physics and chemistry. I will definitely miss you and the tuition class.
Jasmine Goh, S4 Physics (Katong) 2014,
I remembered I first stepped into RMSS and sought help from Mr Jason Ang at the end of 2013 due to my probation exams I was required to sit for. I've always did badly in physics and had a barrier towards science ever since primary school. It wasn't easy to overcome that stereotype I harbored towards physics, especially when I was sitting for my O levels the following year and was even hanging on the brink of the possibility of dropping to combined science. I remembered it was a grumpy mood I had brought to my first day of class. I didn't know what to expect, but saw Mr Ang sitting in the classroom alone waiting for me. Since then I had learnt that he has always made the extra effort to provide additional assistance, holding additional classes with immense patience and sometimes even humor just so that we can fully attain our potential. Besides being largely optimistic towards students who are willing to make the effort, Mr Ang is also able to accurately pinpoint and practicalize our learning aims to effectively gear towards O levels (for my context). Most importantly, Mr Ang instils the right mindset in us that failure isn't permanent, as long as we seek constant improvement, we will get there. Honestly, it's that motivation derived from the hope and belief Mr Ang has in me that has kept me going till today. I am still doing my pure sciences and have largely improved. Like how I respect all RMSS teachers who works relentlessly to bring out a high standard of teaching, Mr Ang is also able to make every student of his feel valued and potential driven, which is immensely difficult to experience in the corporate world of tutors today. He is open minded, humorous and very interactive. Often making a conscious effort to encourage us, his initial optimism that merely made me feel better about myself transited into a kind of drive that kept me going till today, and possibly till the end of O levels. While we continue to fight towards our ultimate As, Mr Ang fights with us. To me, there is nothing more valuable than that for a student to get a teacher that is with them every step of the way. Thank you so much Mr Ang!
Yeo Min En, S3 AMath (Bishan) 2014,
This is our fourth search this year for a Math tutor for my daughter Min En. Based on past experience, I have never believed in group tuition as my child is weak in Math, fearing that the group size and lack of individualised attention in a Math tuition centre would render learning ineffective. However, although she has been in RMSS for only a few tutorials, under the tuteage of Mr Desmond Tham, I feel that she is slowly regaining her confidence. This could be due to a few reasons:

Firstly, she is impressed with the fact that Mr Tham doesn’t talk down to her but was patient enough to want to answer her questions, no matter how basic they were. Despite a failure in a recent Math test, Mr Tham was patient and encouraging.
Secondly, the accessibility of time and tutor availability outside class were a surprise to me. Help and time were available to her whenever she needs extra attention. This sort of individualised attention from tutors such as Mr Tham was quite unexpected from a tuition centre.

All in, our experience in RMSS has been positive and hope that this centre with its dedicated teachers and right Math strategies will help Min En achieve the necessary breakthroughs needed for both Math in her O Levels.

Mrs Yeo
(Min En’s Mom)
Keith Lee Yu Xiang, S2 Math (Katong) 2014,
Under Mr Desmond Tham’s tutoring, Keith has made tremendous progress from F9 to A2 in just a few months. It is not just good material and delivery method that make such great improvement, more importantly, it is Mr Tham’s inspiration that help Keith regain his confidence.

Mr Lee
(Keith Lee’s Dad)
Marc Ryan Tan Wei Ming, P6 Math/Science (Katong) 2014,
To The Management of RMSS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Eugene Tan for his valuable efforts and patience that he has given my son, Marc Ryan Tan.

His classes have prepared Marc for his coming PLSE. He has taken much time to explain and teach Marc.

There are times when Marc goes for tuition for a duration of 5 hours and he goes without resistance. This speaks about how Mr Tan is able to engage him without him getting bored.

My deepest appreciation goes to Mr Tan. Thank you for guiding Marc.

Kind regards,

Nicole and Steven Tan
(Parents of Marc Ryan Tan)
Darwin Ting, P6 Math (Katong) 2014,
Dear Mr. Eugene Tan

I am happy to write a thank you note to you as regards to your effort in relation to Darwin’s learning journey under your care.

Time flies as Darwin has been tutored with you since last December (year 2013) till to-date.

I understand from my dear son that you a disciplined teacher, imparting knowledge with clear understanding. Therefore, likewise he has to be just as disciplined as you. He has also indicated that his skill in Mathematics has improved under your tutorial.

With an extent of familiarity in your style of teaching as well as your appreciation of his personality, my son laments that he could not be tutored under you in 2015 as you are not teaching secondary levels.

Thank you & Best regards,
Ting Kheng Hoon
(Darwin’s Mom)
Kui Yan, J2 Econs (Bishan) 2014,
Hi Mrs Cheong, thank you for being with me throughout JC which was a really difficult period of my life. I really appreciate the help and support you have given me. Thank you for your help for econs and I hope that I will not disappoint you with my A level grades.
Thanks again Mrs Cheong for trusting in me and seeing potential in me to do well. Because I repeated my second year of JC, many teachers treated me very differently from other students. Some teachers even thought I was lazy because I did not do well in my first year in JC. I am really grateful for your help and your belief in me that I will do well.
Rachel Yeo, J2 Econs (Bishan) 2014,
Mrs Cheong is an experienced tutor who teaches Economics in an effective and efficient manner. She is very passionate and experienced in the subject of Economics and she engages her students very well by giving us a sound understanding on the concepts taught, as well as relevant world events that is highly related to the subject. However, I believe that what makes Mrs Cheong very different from the rest of the tutors is the very fact that she's very caring and understanding in nature, and would go out of the way to help each and every one of her students to the best of her ability. She puts her students above herself, despite the fact that she has many commitments outside of class and her love and passion for both the subject and for her students is indeed admirable.
Jasyn Gan, S4 Math (Katong) 2014,
I have been with Raymond ever since I was in Primary 5, and yes, I can honestly say that being taught by him for all these years is definitely a blessing for me. Before joining Raymond's, I was a pretty timid person and wasn't very confident in handling math questions. Ever since I joined him, I slowly built up my confidence level as we were given the opportunity to do presentations of the work we have prepared. One thing that I admire most about Mr Loh, is that he is a very sincere and real person. He will always teach us life lessons whenever he could, and through him, I have been motivated countless times to work and strive harder for a better future. Raymond is a humourous tutor, and I enjoy attending his lessons alot. Up until now, as a Secondary 4 student, I have always respected him in many ways, and I aspire to be like him one day.
Cherie Lim, S4 Math (Katong) 2014,
I really appreciate RMSS for their dedication in providing an all encompassing education for students and imparting life lessons to us.
My parents suggested I joined Raymond's because of a family friend's recommendation. I still remember when I just joined Raymond's in Primary 5, he was shouted at students and sometimes even tearing their work, or scolding them for being unprepared or lacking confidence when they gave their answers. It frightened me at first and made me wonder why it was worth it to pay so much, just to go through so much scolding and .. math.

But that is just one side of the story. Raymond always tells us about his own life experiences, the good, and the painful. He told us we had to be like the fighter he was and know the goals we planned to achieve.
Occasionally, he specially prints out inspirational stories: how the founder of Alibaba worked his way up; a Chinese family living a life full of hardship to being owners of the chain restaurant, and as well as heart warming stories he shares about his past students.

In retrospect, those scolding a were worth it; lessons were always either enriching or meaningful. The teachers of RMSS are objective, yet always sincere and thoughtful. They make me look forward to lessons in RMSS. Thank you RMSS!
Charlene Chor, 2013
It was one of the best decision I've made to join Raymond in sec 3 and ever since then he has been a great help to my understanding in math. What distinguishs him from other tutors is that, not only he's an expert in what he does, but he also cares for each of his students genuinely. Knowing that it would not have been possible to get a distinction for As, I'm simply too grateful to have him as a teacher and friend.
Soak Teng, 2012
Dear Raymond, your message made me teared first thing in the morning!
My journey with you and RMS was really short but somehow I feel some sense of attachment already. Yesterday was my first visit to katong but I didnt feel out-of-place and even upon leaving, the sentimental me got reminded of how it was gonna be my last 'lesson' at RMS. I will really miss you and your classes (which has become such a routine that I feel strange when you cancel classes)!
Thank you for being so patient with us all the way till the very end and for treating us like grown-ups, understanding us and trusting that we can manage ourselves. Thank you for teaching us beyond maths and creating such wonderful environment for us to learn in.
Thank you for enduring the lack of air-con for us hahaha!
Thank you for reminding us about how this ia a journey.
Thank you for being inspiring.
Wish that my journey with you could be longer but Im glad that my brother will be continuing this journey for me! &You'll still see me around at bishan haha! Now back to chionging the last lap for math~ You've done an awesome job Raymond!☺ Have a good rest!!

P.S. I didn't crap these up,,, they are all sincere and heartfelt! ;)
Paige, 2012
Hi Raymond, thanks a lot for your message :) you've been a great teacher, mentor and friend and you've definitely made a significant impact on my life!!! I was so close to dropping amath in sec 4 until i went to you for help!!! (and sorry for abandoning you last year....forgive and forget ok hahaha) all the best in your future endeavours, will miss your life stories and your charisma. I will definitely visit you after A's!!!!!!!!! :-) thanks for everything!!

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