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Abigail Tan, 2010
What I remember most fondly about Raymond’s lessons was his dedication and his genuine desire to go the extra mile for us. No matter how long we stayed to ask for solutions for our Math questions, he would give his time freely and would explain the solutions to us until we all understood. Granted, he might seem a little imposing or scary at first, but I realised that he expects so much from us because he believed that we had that potential to achieve excellence.

Besides teaching Math, he also taught life lessons along the way in that straightforward way of his. His honest advice was refreshing to say the least and it helped me to prepare for the A levels and I believe it will help me through university and the future. As an individual that finds Math a tough subject to grasp, I am especially greateful that Raymond was my tutor and took the time to help me out with any questions I might have. So thank you Raymond, no matter how many Kopi – Os or Gongcha you drink, you’re still one awesome teacher!

Hazel Yow, 2013
Under RMSS, I joined Mrs Cheong's Econs class and I'm so glad I did. When I first joined Mrs Cheong, I had little Econs knowlege and had no idea how to study for it. School lectures were tough to follow but Mrs Cheong has guided me so well and covered all the various topics extensively. Also, Mrs Cheong is always trying so hard to find time to meet us personally to go through our work and point out our weak areas. I've improved so much in Mrs Cheong's class! Thank you Mrs Cheong!!!

Lee Jiang, 2013
"Math Tuition at RMSS was never a bore because lessons were always short yet concise. Thank You Raymond for teaching us math concepts from a different perspective our schools never did! Thank You RMSS teachers for going the extra mile and the dedicating extra time to us to help us achieve our goals! :)"
Weng Fong, 2011
RMSS has greatly aided me in my academics. Due to the culture created by all the staff, I was able focus on my studies without any distractions. Every teacher is driven and motivated to help each student excel in their respective subjects, and the collective effort of all of them gave me a solid platform to excel in school. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RMSS to any school student today.

Raymond has been my Mathematics tutor from Primary school up to my Junior College years. As such, he has played a major role in my development as a student and a person. Aside from his clear instructions and concise teachings, Raymond also ensured that my classmates and I approached questions in the most effective and rational manner. It was this mindset that allowed me to excel in math and all my other subjects. Raymond also made it a priority to nurture my character, so as to ensure that my academic success was coupled with a matured view of life beyond school. I want to thank him and the RMSS staff dearly for the huge impact they have played in my studies and in my life.
Ezekiel, 2013
I joined RMSS when I was Sec 2, and it has become a second home to me. Raymond has shown me that math isn't as boring as it seems, with his creative approaches to each problem. To me, he is more than just a tuition teacher, and his sharing of life lessons constantly inspires me to push forward in life. Thank you Raymond.
Eunice Wang, 2013
Attending tuition had never been more enjoyable than attending Raymond's lessons. It was never just about books and numbers. During lessons, we were armored with skills to solve math problems, equipped with knowledge that would take us even beyond the realms of equations and calculus.

These are just 2 out of the many reasons why Raymond's math lessons were so precious to me. I guess if I had to put it simply: Raymond was never just my math tutor. He was and will always be my role model, my life coach and friend.
Jorinda Hsu, 2013
Joining RMSS, my understanding of the individual subject's contents and concepts were brought to a new level. Due to the effective and comprehensive methods of teachings by RMSS teachers, I have regained confidence in areas of subject that i was previously weak at. Graduating from Raymond's math class, numbers were not the only things that we learned as he showed math in a different light - being able to explain the most difficult problem in an impossibly easy way.

The commitment RMSS teachers have towards their students really touched me, as i could see how busy the teachers are during our exam periods, making sure we have ample revision. Squeezing out any possible time from their endless schedule to compromise to our school schedule just to do a final revision.

RMSS is a school that really helped mould me into a student that is equipped with the right concepts and content to manage exams better. Though the class may seem big, the conduciveness of the environment is not compromised. The classroom has allowed a more dynamic teaching that brings about more teacher and student, student and student interaction, which really helps, facilitates the class.

Overall, i am really glad that i joined rmss 2 years back, which helped ease, my hectic academic pressure in my junior college times.

-jorinda hsu
Zou Li, 2013
I have really enjoyed my lessons at RMSS, especially Raymond's lesson. Raymond's lessons were very clear and concise. He also tried many different teaching methods and analogies to help me understand difficult concepts and made lessons engaging, like complex numbers. This has helped me achieved my desired grade for the A'levels. So thank you Raymond!
Samantha Lau, 2013
I joined Raymond when I was 12, in great need of help for my Mathematics. Since then, Raymond has been an influential mentor and teacher in my life. He not only helped me in my academics, he also shaped the values, which I hold dear to me now. During lessons, Raymond is a strict teacher who only wants the best for his students. Outside of lesson, Raymond is a mentor who helps me with my life decisions, like choosing my university course. Raymond's explanations make mathematics easy to understand. His dedicated staff of teachers and him has helped me greatly in numerous times when I did not quite understand what was being taught in school and in preparing me for my exams. They even took time out to give me extra lessons when I needed it.

During my years with Raymond and his teachers, they emphasized not only on getting good grades, but also on our character development, grooming us to be the best person that we can be. I feel extremely fortunate to have found and joined RMSS early in my schooling years. Raymond and his teachers will always have my respect and deep gratitude for helping me not only in my academics, but also in shaping me into a better person.
Rebekah Seow, 2013
Mr. Yu is an inspiring teacher who is great at teaching students science concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and at the same time, knows how to keep the lesson interesting and engaging. He is a passionate teacher who never gives up on his students and works his hardest to do the best he can to ensure maximum results.
I entered Mr. Yu’s class only 6 weeks before my O levels because I scored a C6 for my biology preliminary examinations. I was discouraged and felt like I could not do well for biology no matter how hard I tried. However, in a short span of time, not only did Mr. Yu increase my understanding and knowledge of every biology topic, he boosted my confidence in the subject and reassured me that I could do it. He is also an extremely hardworking and kind teacher who never hesitated to give us extra lessons on certain topics that we were unfamiliar with, without any demand of a payback.

In the end, he turned my biology grade around from a C6 to an A1! Thanks for never giving up on us, Mr. Yu!

Rebekah Seow
Hazel Yow, 2013
RMSS has great tutors who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their students get the results they dream of. Raymond is such an amazing math tutor who is always there for us and ensures that we grasp our concepts well. He constantly challenges us to think outside the box which is extremely crucial. The results I got were far beyond my expectations and it's because of Raymond encouraging me every step of this arduous journey. I am truly grateful for Raymond and RMSS. Thank you so much!
Jarel Tang, 2013
An extremely focused teacher, Raymond doesn't try to 'smoke' you with fanciful teaching techniques - he uses what works. He makes sure you get the concepts right, and gives you the most direct and efficient way to solve maths problems.

Raymond really cares for his students. Even though lessons are in groups, he knows the progress of every student and puts in the effort to give extra practice and lessons when needed.
Yee Pei Xuan, 2013
Raymond's lesson has always been clear and math concepts have been made easier under his guidance.
Clara Tan, 2013
Being a student under Raymond not only improved my math results, but also my overall attitude towards studying. He always makes it a point to ensure every student in his class performs well and understands the mathematic concepts taught.
Christopher, 2013
RMSS has been a tuition centre which does not only go the extra mile for your grades but as well as for your character, especially you Raymond. You have selflessly dedicated your time and resources to help me in taking up a math when my school was very reluctant to let me take it for my o level examinations which left me depressed and at the end of it all, though I did not manage to get an “A”, nonetheless I will always remember the times we had together when you shared your life stories to inspire me. Thank you Raymond for all your effort :D
Teri Toi 2011
Hi Raymond! Thanks for teaching me for the last 5 years! Besides rescuing my math grade when I was sec 2 and all the math shortcuts you taught us that made me feel smarter than my friends, I’ll never forget the ‘life lessons’ that you’d teach us when you were feeling wise. I looked forward to class every time and you made math my favourite subject. You always went beyond your duty as a teacher to make sure we were doing well in all areas of our lives, everyone says to ask Raymond for advice when we don’t know what to do with our lives.
I don’t think I would have ever gotten into medicine if I wasn’t taught by you:) I hope you never lose the passion you have for your students and your school! Everyone should be a Raymondite!
Nyein Nyein 2011
I have been with Raymond’s Maths Studio from Sec 3 to J2. With his dedication towards his students, I attained an ‘A’ for Maths in my A Levels. To excel in Mathematics, students need more than just incessant practice, but more of a deep-rooted understanding of formulas and mathematical methods, and this is exactly what Raymond gave me during the 4 years with him. During each lesson, he personally handheld us and showed us thinking process behind each solution, which proved to be very beneficial for me during exams. I have enjoyed all his lessons throughout the 4 years, and Raymond has always been very warm and approachable. Thanks to him, Mathematics in A Level has been more of an enjoyable process than an obstacle for me.

Nyein Nyein
Dunman High School ‘11
Gabriel Yu 2012
6 years with you have been truly memorable. Time flies so fast as I remember the first day sitting in your class doing algebra practice questions. I remembered how bras basah used to have a pillar in the middle of the classroom, how fully air conditioned and pass code accessed toa payoh was... I've seen through RMS development from a home grown tuition to a fully established school. I am so proud to be able to sit through the process. It's also hard for me to accept that something I've been so accustomed to do every 2 days each week is finally coming to an end. I've felt the unwavering love you showered upon me and I have truly been happy and grateful. Thank you and it's been my pleasure to be under your teaching and care.

Cody Ong 2012
That's very heartwarming to know, sir.

It gives me great motivation to push for my best for tomorrow's math paper.

Thou our brief encounter may be short lived but I hope that there are many opportunities in the near future where our paths might converge.
Ivan Ong 2012
Claire Tan 2012
Thank you Raymond! Although I only joined your tuition centre only in J1 I want to thank you tremendously for your guidance! Thank you for making math less mundane and always bringing a new "short cut" in the way we solve things! You really are a dedicated teacher and I'm thankful for having this opportunity to be in your class! I hope to do u proud too and get an A! Thank you for your unwavering support for this class and I genuinely appreciate it! Once again, thanks Raymond!
Leon Tay 2012
Thank you Raymond, for these past 4-5 years. I've definitely learnt a lot from you :)
Candia Kek 2012
Hey Raymond, firstly thanks for being such a great teacher to me for the past 5 years. I know I'm not the most outspoken student but I really sincerely appreciate everything. I still remember my first lesson at 13 not knowing what to expect with my horrible math. and I want to say that you have been a great part of my life and maybe a lot of people say this but you have seriously impacted me in a huge way. my life would have been v different haha. it has truly been one hell of a journey from tpy to bb to katong learning about math and life haha. I don't think I can forget about this even if I tried. thank you for always being there and I wish you and rms all the best always.
Sherlin Toh, 2012
Wahliao Raymond!!! Make me tear only!!!! (': been a wonderful journey with you as well.
Sherrie Goh 2012
We will come back and visit or even work for you! thank you for being such a good teacher it has been a memorable two years.

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