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Tel : +65 6222 8222

Amila, 2013
Thanks mr yeo! :) for all the hard work you have put in and patience you have had with us. :)
Nithya, 2013
Thanks mr yeo! You're the coolest math teacher i've ever met!:)
Valerie Lim, 2013
Hahaha thanks Mr yeo! I'll always rmb you and thanks for teaching us :)
Han Hui Zhen, 2013
Hahaha thanks Mr Yeo for your long and touching message. We'll do you proud tmr! Lessons have been very enjoyable because of all the funny moments in class! Thanks for your encouragements and guidance once again! :)
Bharat, 2013
Thanks Mr yeo for all the help. Regardless of tomo, I will always remember you! Thanks a lot.
Jocelyn Lau, 2013
Haha thanks Mr Yeo for putting up with my constant stream of questions! :) thanks for all the fun and laughter we had in class too! it made math much more bearable haha! hope you can find your 'significant other' soon and lim kopi with her haha! Thanks again Mr Yeo! :)
Chan Zi Jian, 2013
Thank you for the kind words. It has truly been a great experience for me as well!
I believe the time I spent and lessons I learnt with the class and you have made me better overall in math as well as in life.
I believe that we are judged in life by the differences we make, not the money or the fame. So, for what it's worth, your infectious and joyous personality and sincerity have changed me for the better.
Thank you :)
Mrs Neo, P5 Math 2012
Thank you for your guidance given & patience towards my child. I can see that she is comfortable with your teaching and I feel that this is important as a teacher's attitude can influence a child's learning.
Mrs Chow, P4 Math 2012
I would like to say thank you to you for the pass year efforts to train Cedric. Right now he can completed all the questions during examination and he likes maths so much.
Isabelle Tan 2012
Haha the paper was better than expected! Could do almost all :) thanks for your help haha otherwise i think i can forget about passing math.
Brenice 2012
Haha will come visit u:) thx for teaching me for the past two years. Have learnt a lot of valuable lessons from u.
Annabella 2012
Awwww thank you Raymond :'( !! You really made a huge difference in my life! Actually make me LIKE math you know! So relieved and happy I took the step to text you. THANK YOU!
Bi Hui 2012
Thanks Raymond! For being more than a mere math tutor. Really appreciate ur effort and dedication:) we will work hard and do u proud:)
Rachel Corera 2012
Thank you Raymond for not only teaching us math and valuable life lessons too! Don't worry I would do some visiting sometime after A's
Hui Zhen 2012
Thank you so much for all these years for your guidance Raymond. I'm really thankful for everything. Although we kinda paid you for your tutoring and all but I feel you gave more than what you were paid. Will definitely visit you at RMS in the future. ^^
Teng Jie 2012
Haha thank you for everything you have done for me:) accepting me and Cody even when it was already so late and so near the a levels:) my maths have definitely improved since you helped. All the best in your endeavours too! Continue to be a shining beacon to future students:) we won't forget you.
Michelle Tan 2011
Yes Raymond! (: I'll visit you (: thank you for everything. Your commitment and passion in teaching is really insurmountable. You're an inspiring teacher and I'll never forget you, nor what you've done for us. I'll miss you - the stories you tell and how you teach your lessons are unique to you and only you. Press on in your tuition school. May you become the top tutor soon! (: all the best!

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