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My son, Ong Zhen Wei, has improved under the guidance of Mr Eugene Tan. Although his guidance under Mr Tan was only 1 year long, he still did improve. Ong Zhen Wei also finds that Mr Tan is very humorous and engaging with the class.
Mr Tan is a very experienced and dedicated tutor. He has the ability to distill abstract idea in mathematics into clear and comprehensible concepts to students. More importantly, Mr Tan injects humour into his lessons, thus making math and science lessons so much more relatable and enjoyable. Mr Tan would make extra effort to give us personal attention, often making us come back for extra lessons to catch up on missed lessons as well as topics that we were weak in. I have benefitted tremendously from his lessons and have done well consistently in these two subjects after joining Mr Tan’s classes since Primary Two. Thank you very much for preparing me well for PSLE, Mr Tan.
Mr Eugene Tan has been my tuition teacher since 2017. My science grades have improved from 56% to 79% from my P4 End-of-Year exam to P5 Mid-Year exam. I do not regret making my way from Bishan to Punggol just to make it in time for his classes. Mr Tan has been very patient with me and my classmates, helping us when we were stuck in questions. No matter how hard it is, he would still persevere and teach us.
结缘RMSS,得于地利! 搬迁至住家附近,接送孩子非常之方便!
2018年11月末,给宇欣报名来RMSS 补习数学课程,已 是她五年级年终考试结束之后。
没有进入RMSS之前,宇欣在数学学习中一直不得法~概 念模糊,理解力弱,不会思考,遇到难题只会求救于旁人 ......
选择来RMSS给宇欣补习数学,为了小六会考冲刺一段多 争几分是理由,但不是目的。 深知,老师也是常人,并非神仙!不可能一朝一夕就能解 决孩子所有的问题,何况孩子也是普通孩子。
我之初心,只希望在老师的指导和帮助下,能够打开孩子 内心对于学习数学的兴趣,激发出孩子自己思考的能力, 敢于尝试解决难题的勇气!不仅仅是针对数学这一科,对 于一个孩子刚刚开始的漫长人生路,凡事都是需要这样的 品格来面对的!
大概过了半年之久,宇欣完成数学作业就很少再听到她说 不会做了......偶尔遇上难度大一点的题,她也不再向从前 一样直接推给别人帮忙解答了。她会说出自己的理解,她 很清楚地知道自己哪里是不明白的。和她一起讨论时也不 再哑口不言只是听,她会积极发表自己的意见,常常在争 论中她突然悟到得出解题方法......
小六会考数学考试当天,宇欣说,她答完了试卷上所有的 题目,包括几道非常难的题也都尝试的做了!如今,会考 全部结束,成绩还未揭晓,究竟孩子数学能考几分,对我 来说已经不是最重要的了。孩子成长中这些看得见的进步 ,不是在考试中提高了几分可比拟的!
学习是终身的!老师的影响是巨大的! 非常幸运,宇欣在RMSS遇上了Mr Alex ~一位难得的好 老师!
教学上是高手! 在学科领域用心琢磨悉心研究,将复杂变简单,得出最为 通俗易懂的方法来教小学阶段的孩子们解答数学难题。 课堂上风趣幽默,讲课方式紧紧吸引着学生们的注意力! 孩子们喜欢老师的同时,爱上了数学这门课! 老师,这个职业,被称作是“人类灵魂的工程师”! Mr Alex 当之无愧担的起这样的颂扬!
对学生,心怀慈爱! 默默地关注着每一个学生的动态,不厌其烦地和家长进行 沟通交流!时刻鼓励着学生们要相信自己,大胆尝试敢于 挑战!给学生们注入了极大的鼓舞和激励! 放弃无数个本该属于自己的休息时间,陪着学生们一次次 地做练习,一道道的讲解难题,一份份的细心批改作业 ......
都说,老师是“蜡烛”,燃烧自己照亮别人!Mr Alex 以实 际行动践行了这一崇高而无私的奉献精神!

仅仅几个月就在孩子身上看到有非常大的改观和进步, Mr Alex 写就了奇迹般的可能性!教易育难,Mr Alex 推 崇的教育理念与我身为家长的初衷不谋而合深得人心,堪 称典范!
感恩,RMSS的一贯好品质好口碑,让孩子在这里愉快地 学习,获益良多!
致敬~Mr Alex ! 遇此良师,孩子之福!家长之幸!
Mr Tan is a responsible teacher. Despite under a tight timetable for a Sec 4 class, he would make sure that the students understood the concept before moving on. He also explain with great patience and never give up on any student. He would make the extra effort to plan revision timetables for his classes, so that the students can learn at a steady pace. I have made tremendous improvement after joining Mr Tan’s class. I indeed appreciate the fact that he focused on the understanding of concepts, and practicing of questions are build up on top of understanding. With that, the students can apply the knowledge in a new question, and the learning is more meaningful.
Mr Tan is a patient and dedicated teacher who always has our best interests at heart. i joined rmss in early july in 2019, barely scraping through a 50% for amath but Mr Tan was willing to help me improve. He asked me to come for extra lessons so that i could clarify my doubts, and they were very helpful. Mr Tan finds ways to explain the math concepts very clearly so that they are understandable. I look forward to each lesson as i get fresh new revelations about math that make me like the subject even more. After attending Mr Tan’s lessons 1.5 months, i managed to obtain an A1 for prelims. I really couldnt have done well without him. Thank you Mr Tan!
Before i joined Mr Tan’s class, there were many math concepts that i was very unsure of and since i am very shy in nature, i did not have the guts to raise my hand in class to clarify. However, Mr Tan ensures that everyone in the class understood and also explained the questions very patiently to me. Mr Tan also often uses interesting ways to help us remember various formulas, it has also made many complicated workings seem much simpler. Mr Tan is one of the nicest and most patient teachers i have ever met, it is obvious that he puts in a lot of effort to help us improve and obtain the grades we desire. I am very thankful for having Mr Tan as my teacher !!
When I first joined Mr Tan's class, my A Math was very unstable. Although I was still able to pass, however it was so unstable that I may fail. Mr Tan has given me many ways and methods to tackle all sorts of A Maths questions. Thanks to Mr Tan, I have improved from a C5 in Sec 3 mid year to A1 in Sec 3 end of year and subsequent papers in Sec 4 consecutively. Honestly, without Mr Tan, I would not be able to achieve such results for my A Maths. Thank you Mr Tan!
I joined Mr Tan when he first started a class for Sec 2 students in June 2 years go. I remember that I was failing math very badly in my first semester, but with Mr Tan’s help I went from an E8 to an A1 in just the short period of a term! With Mr Tan’s help, I was able to understand concepts so much better, starting from Sec 2 all the way up to A Math in Sec 3 and Sec 4. Mr Tan’s lessons are never boring, and he even cracks a few jokes here and there sometimes. My experience of being Mr Tan’s student has been a fulfilling one, and I would very strongly recommend my friends to join his classes in the future.
I used to dislike both EMath and AMath because i did not understand what my teacher taught in class and i had little intrest in both math . I was constantly failing thus decided to join Mr Tan class after my secondary 3 end of years exams as i failed badly for AMath . He encouraged me to come back for extra lessons to work on my weaker topics so i did 3hrs lesson twice a week . Mr Tan would regularly check on my progress in class and always taught me patiently and ensured that i understood what he thaught and this motivated me to study harder for both Math . He also allowed me to come earlier or stay back after classes to clarify certain math questions . During secondary 4 i managed to improve my grade to an A1 for both math for my prelim exams . I am very truly grateful for the guidance and teaching by Mr Tan . Thank you Mr Tan .
Mr tan has always been a kind and patient teacher. he is approachable and is always open to answering our questions and clarifying our doubts. he also allows us to go for extra lessons and helps us in anyway he can. mr tan’s classes are fun and engaging, it makes learning math less of a dread!
My grades have maintained a consistent A, and this is all thanks to Mr Tan who has guided me and taught me the past 1.5 years!
Thank you mr tan, it has been a joy being in your class :)
I joined Mr Tan’s math class in secondary 2, just before my end of year exams. Before that, I have been struggling with math since primary school and hated it, it sounded impossible to get an A. I have been to many math tuition centres but nothing seemed to work as my grades hardly improved. Upon joining Mr Tan’s class, my math has improved so much. Even though at first I was super unmotivated, after a while lessons became fun and I even looked forward to attend tuition. Mr Tan is a patient and rather tolerant teacher, he his able to explain concepts well and is willing to slow down if you don’t know what’s going on. Mr Tan changed my mindset towards math and I am genuinely so happy and thankful that I have joined his class. Thank you Mr Tan!

I joined Mr Tan’s class in abt end 2016 after my abysmal math results from Sec 1. I had zero clue what was math all abt and I had zero passion in wanting to do anything with math. To me back then, math was just numbers and since we had calculators, the point of doing math to me was really irrelevant. But after seating through a few lessons with Mr Tan, Mr Tan realised my extremely weak foundation and got me to come back multiple times to buck up my foundation. It was really mentally straining and physically draining after school to drag myself to tuition where it just felt like I was doing it for the sake of it. Somehow, this would all change as I sat through his lessons. I really felt that he was able to bring forth the engaging aspect of math and convince me that math was really something that can be fun to do, and slowly over time I realised that it became less of a chore and more of an exercise to allow me to challenge my own creative thinking. To add on, his lessons were never a bore and was in a friendly environment where I could ask for help without much shame as he would guide me slowly and make sure I fully understood what he meant. What made me really want to stick with him throughout my secondary math life with him was his ability to make the environment a bonding experience as he would often make lessons less monotone and engage us in some banter and conversation. Never once did I feel like I wanted to quit his class bcas he was that engaging of a teacher to me and it’s honestly a big deal to me as I managed to learn some important values from him as well apart from just regular math skills. Right now I happily look forward to tuition every single time as it’s a subject that I really enjoy and the overall motivating class culture really pushes me to work harder. With my grades stabilising well under his careful care and guidance, I’m really proud to say that I was tutored by him. I really just want to say thank you Mr Tan for helping me so far for the past three years, and I hope to really be able to do you proud at the major Os. I will remember all the help that you have offered to me thus far and keep looking at you as a role model to me. Thanks Mr Tan :”)
Mr Tan is a very patient teacher who explains my questions slowly to me until i understand it well. He helps me go through my exam papers and gives me extra practice for the topics i am weaker at. After joining his class, my math results improved by many grades and i can handle papers on my own now. He is very nice and replies my questions quickly when i text him to ask for help. i have learnt my math well under his guidance and i no longer dislike math! :) thank you for teaching me, Mr Tan!
Joining Mr Tan's class only in the later part of 2018, I was very behind in lessons. To help me cope with the lessons as well as the new topics, Mr Tan asked me to go back for extra lessons. He made sure that I understood the math concepts correctly and if I had issues with a question, he would willingly explain the methods to tackle it. Initially, I had trouble keeping up with the math taught in school. However, after joining Mr Tan's class, I found it easier and easier to solve complicated math questions. Mr Tan's patience and easily understood explanations has allowed me to take a greater interest in math and have caused significant improvements in my results. Furthermore, having always been a quiet person, I find that his approachability had given me more confidence to clarify my doubts in class, paving the way for even more desirable results. Thank you Mr Tan for all your hardwork in teaching us!
Mr Ang is a very blunt and relatable teacher. He rarely sugarcoats anything he says but I really appreciate the bluntness as it was those same words that encouraged me to work harder. I remember the first time I asked him for help in chemistry. It was very close to exams and he straight up told me that I would fail this coming mid year exams. I was initially very shocked but I felt that I needed to hear that as a wake up call. I really did not put in effort into learning chemistry back then and Mr Ang’s words really pushed me to do better. But more importantly, his words encouraged me to look further. Mr Ang’s repeated principle has always been to not focus on things that you know you will not be able to do well and instead look forward to the upcoming obstacle and use the imminent challenge as a stepping stone to learn and do better to prepare for the upcoming challenge. I really appreciate the practicality Mr Ang uses to talk to us, including the times where he told the o level students that prelims would be an inaccurate gauge and encouraged them not to be discouraged by the prelim results, as well as the times where he told us that we would not do well if we do not take the daily practices seriously. I feel Mr Ang’s bluntness has really helped with the incorrect mentality that even though you’re smart, it does not mean you do not need to study that I think I used to have back in secondary three.

Mr Ang is a very meticulous and caring teacher. I feel Mr Ang always plans his lessons and makes sure to prepare topics in a digestible way for us. Most of the time, he takes into consideration topics that our class is specifically weaker in. He makes a lot of effort to observe and place emphasis on topics the class is weaker in and often look for extra materials to help us. Mr Ang never hesitates to offer extra lessons or ask us if we need help with any topic. He always asks us during revision or holiday lessons which topics we are weaker in and offer to dedicate more lessons to these topics. Mr Ang also tries his best to answer any questions we have outside of class extra lesson or via WhatsApp. Mr Ang is able to adjust the lessons to consider the speed of learning of all of the students and makes sure everyone is able to take note of specific questions. Moreover, Mr Ang is also very considerate of the students’ feelings. Sometimes when he makes jokes, he always adds disclaimers that he never meant to offend anyone. Mr Ang also offered counselling for anyone who felt stressed during the exam period. Mr Ang also offers encouragement to students who do well and post their results on his Instagram. Furthermore, he is also giving us a pizza and Kentucky fried chicken party for the last lesson.

Mr Ang is a very humble and understanding teacher. Mr Ang is very open to listening to his students when it comes to questions and solutions. He is very willing to listen to alternative solutions and viewpoints about certain questions. He’s also willing to admit his mistakes and often make fun at his own expense to make the students laugh. I personally haven’t met many teachers who are as open to listening to their students. Mr Ang lets me do my own work in lesson and sometimes I do not pay as much attention as I should. He’s always very understanding and checks up on me during lessons. If I were to behave like I would in class, most teachers at school would not have been able to accept that. Mr Ang is very understanding that the students all have different learning paces and allows us to take a longer time or do other things if we’re finished with our assigned work. Mr Ang also takes into consideration of our other works outside of class when we cannot finish his work and often gives us more time.
Mr Ang is a very special teacher. Even from the first lesson i had with him, he stood out in more ways than one. The way in which he teaches brings life to the subject and his passion and love for teaching is evidently seen through the way he talks and conducts his lessons. One thing that i appreciate about Mr Ang is the way he relates to his students. As a fellow saint from St Andrew's Secondary School, Mr Ang and i can bond over his funny stories of my current teachers, who are his old colleagues and friends. He never fails to make me laugh and relieve my stress! On top of just physics(which he is only required to teach) Mr Ang also teaches us valuable life lessons that we can cling on to in the future. Mr Ang is more than a teacher to my class and i can boldly say that he is our friend and i am thankful for all his help over the past year of teaching me.
From the beginning, Mr Ang has been extremely encouraging and supportive of us regardless of our previous performances. I remember telling him that I had failed my Chemistry for MYEs and yet he warmly responded with no worries, still have time!". Indeed there was time but I would not have improved to such a great extent if it were not for Mr Ang. He is incredibly dedicated to his teaching and he channels his drive and passion for chemistry by constantly motivating us with stories of his own experiences. He equips us with the necessary skills and prepares us with ample practice through plenty of past year papers. He painstakingly went through each paper to ensure that all of our doubts have been clarified and patiently explained every question that we had asked. Despite only having attended his lessons for 4 months, I felt comfortable to ask questions during lessons as Mr Ang's positive and cheery attitude reassured me that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Lastly, I want to extend my utmost gratitude to Mr Ang, for it was he who made me finally enjoy chemistry. I believe that such teachers and very rare and I am glad that I joined your chemistry lessons.
Mr Jason Ang is very passionate about teaching and his lessons has not only been about learning, but it has also allowed me to gain more in-depth understanding of the subject and change my perspective of the subject. I used to dislike physics until I joined his class and learned from his simple short-cut methods and unique and interesting teaching of concepts. From something that seemed tedious and complicated to me before, has now become something I find interest in to learn more about. Mr Ang has also helped a lot in repeating explanations in different ways to cater to our different learning styles, this is something I find very helpful as compared to the typical teaching style, he uses analogies and examples to help us visualise and grasp concepts and ideas better and has out-of-textbook tricks and shortcuts which condenses long textbook explanations into short and concise summaries which are easier to absorb. A big thank you to Mr Ang for helping me improve my understanding of physics and changing my perspective of the subject, also, for all the essential and helpful practices he has prepared for us and along with the well-planned our lessons to help us adopt the various applications of the knowledge we learnt. Thank you Mr Ang for your constant guidance and advice!
Before I joined Mr Ang's class, I was barely passing chemistry in school and it made me very unmotivated and I didn't enjoy learning chemistry. But after attending classes with him, not only did my grades improve, I started having an interest in chemistry because the way Mr Ang taught the subject made it so easy and interesting. He also constantly motivates us during lesson which makes me look forward to lessons with him. When I first started lessons in 2018 , I was demoralized as I had not passed the subject at all .But by The end of the year , I managed to pull my grades up from an C6 to a A2. Mr ang is friendly and approachable, making it easy to ask questions. He is also caring and understanding . Thanks Mr Ang
Starting out as a Sec 1 student with Mr Ang for science, he has laid a good foundation in my lower Sec sciences and always encourage the heart of the students to always do their best in the very next round and has the students interest in heart. He is a teacher that readily renders his help at any point of time and ensures students grasp the concepts well through his patient teachings. Despite facing my failure in chemistry from Sec 3, He has always motivated me and patiently correct my misconceptions towards chemistry. His lessons never fail to be full of rich learning and every lesson is greatly productive through his Organised lessons with snippets of tips and tricks to help us remember our formulas and content.

If asked to describe Mr Ang, he is not just a teacher in class but also a teacher full of wisdom both in academics and non academics. His care and concern for his students enhance their learning and heals one. Within this 3 years with him, I’ve gained knowledge and wisdom that has brought me through this few years.

Thank you Mr Ang for always lending your helping hand to help me strive better each and everytime!!
Mr Ang is one of the most experienced teachers i know and takes time to listen and make sure his students understand the topic he is going through or the question he is answering. He does things very orderly and systematically and makes sure that he teaches everything thoroughly. Although i joined his classes very late at the start of secondary 4, i have seen an upward trend in my results ever since i started.
Mr Ang knows when his students are stressed out and tired, telling stories to lighten the mood so that we can carry on with the longer 4 hour lessons. All in all, Mr Ang is definitely one of the best teachers i have come across, making difficult concepts easy to understand and gives his students a conducive environment to study and revise, welcoming early comers to wstch videos and make notes. I would like to thank him for pushing me and all his students to always do better and not get complacent.
I would like to thank Mr Ang for being so patient whenever he’s teaching me. Despite being his student for 4 years, he would always care for me. During exam periods, he would constantly remind us to take a break and to put our health first. I have also improved a lot from his teaching. I used to not understand many physics concepts but with his patient teaching, I managed to understand physics and now I do physics with ease and even find learning physics enjoyable. Moreover, i always look forward to his lessons. His lessons are very enjoyable and interesting as he always tells us very funny stories to make us understand physics concepts better. Additionally, Mr Ang would always reply my Whatsapp messages instantly whenever i have any doubts for physics. I appreciate how he is willing to help you outside of the classroom. Without Mr Ang I wouldn’t be able to attain an A1 constantly. I highly recommend Mr Ang if you’re looking for someone that can help you improve!
Even though I have been consistently getting B for my science, I wasn’t satisfied. I couldn’t get beyond B grade. That was the time I decided to join RMSS, Mr Ang’s class. It was at the start of the year of my Os and I thought it was too late. But it’s not. I still remembered the first time when I meet Mr Ang, he asked me about my situation and encouraged me to not give up. I wasn’t expecting a teacher whom I met the first time to do such thing. After attending subsequent lessons, I realised that the reason that I couldn’t push through the B range is due to my understanding of some concepts. With Mr Ang’s teaching, I learnt different ways on how to understand the concept well. He ensures that everyone in the class understood the concept well enough, then he will continue to the next one. If not, he will use another perspective to explain it. It wasn’t easy to manage a big class, but Mr Ang tried his best to ensure that he is able to help everyone. Not just on studies, to encourage us to continue work hard, he tells inspiring stories and care for everyone’s situation. All these, it was very unexpected from a tutor. Through Mr Ang’s class, I finally got my desired grade of A in prelim exams. Thank you, Mr Ang, for your consistent motivation and well-rounded teaching. I’ll take your words in mind and continues to strive for the best of my ability!
Mr Ang has helped restored my faith in physics when I was on the verge of giving up as I haven't been doing well since the start of Secondary 3. Coming from a neighbourhood school, it was very discouraging as I knew I had to compete against students of better schools. If I could barely pass physics in my own school, how would I do in O levels? I was constantly thinking of that every physics lesson. However, it was after I joined Mr Ang's class which made me so much more hopeful that I would be able to do well. I only joined his class in Secondary 4 before the Mid Year Examinations so it wasn't very long before my Mid Years. When I got my physics paper back, I got a borderline pass yet again. I felt so discouraged. However, Mr Ang told me to continue working hard and not to give up. I was so grateful that he did not give up on me and said those words as that made me so determined to do better. His lessons are interesting and he uses real life examples to help his students understand concepts better. Mr Ang is also very kind and caring which is important as I am more willing to ask him questions without being afraid of getting scolded. So, I would constantly ask Mr Ang questions after class just to clarify my doubts. I am the type of student who takes a while to grasp a concept and need lots of explanation until I finally understand a concept and I am glad Mr Ang is willing to spend his time after class just to hep me. Mr Ang would also go out of his way just to help his students by printing extra worksheets that would help us understand a topic better and asking us to find him during the June holidays if we need help. He would constantly give his students advice on how to study and tackle certain questions as well as remind us not to overwork ourselves. Because of him, I now hold physics close to my heart as he helped change my mindset about physics. I am not aiming for a distinction as I know my own limits but I will do my best and I hope I can do well to make him proud. I am not able to put this experience I have been through into words. One would have to go through this journey by themselves to truly understand how amazing it is. No words can truly express how grateful I am for him. Thank you so much Mr Ang.

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