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RMSS lives by the motto "work hard play hard". Throughout my 4 years with rmss from secondary to jc, i've learned valuable lessons not just academically. my greatest take away is that it is not what i've achieved at the end result but the journey towards it. my math tutor, Mr Jackie, is always passionate about what he does and he really made me come to love the subject. I've been in Mr Jacke's class for 4 years and he has never failed to scold us and laugh at our silly careless mistakes for a very long time but he also never failed to encourage us, check up on us and motivate us. My chemistry teachers Ms Melissa Lim (secondary) and Mr Leonard Teo (JC) made chemistry lessons just a little more entertaining and yet informative. And i have improved immensely under their guidance. Teachers in RMSS are not only teachers, they are also like your friends. the lively classroom environment and how easily you can strike a conversation with the teachers made me enjoy learning and attending classes in RMSS.
I joined Mr Jackie's class in Sec 1 and my ability in understanding math concepts has truly been improved. Mr Jackie teaches topics in a straightforward, effective and easily comprehensible manner. Regardless of what time of the day it is, he always tries his est to answer my never-ending questions to make sure that I have a full understanding of all math concepts, which I really appreciate. Extremely dedicated, Mr Jackie never fails to go above and beyond with his help. I owe a lot of my achievements to Mr Jackie and I'm really grateful to him! Thank you for making a huge difference to my results!
Ms Ong is a fun and entertaining teacher. I joined her class when RMSS began teaching the P6 syllabus last year. She taught me different ways to understand certain Maths concepts. As for Science, she also taught me easy ways to memorise keywords for certain Science concepts. I really love the way she teaches me as she slows down and explains the concepts, that students in my class do not understand, during every lesson till they do. As a result, my Math and Science results have improved greatly. Thank You Ms Ong!
We would like to thank Ms Ong from RMSS ,She is a dedicated and commited tutor, She has helped my daughter, Joelle greatly for Mathematics , Joelle has improved tremendously over the year.
I enrolled my son in RMSS when he was in P5 as he didn't score very well during his P5 SA2 exams. For my son's first lesson at RMSS, I was surprised to be informed by the tuition center that I'm required to come earlier to meet with the tutor. During the meeting, the tutor laid out clearly the expectations and what my son and I would expect during the lessons and I was even given the tutor's mobile number for ease of communication. I was pleasantly surprised as this is so unlike other tuition centers. This marks the beginning of the amazing teaching, commitment and care from the tutors in RMSS. The tutors there are always willing to go the extra mile. Special kudos to Ms Ong who always give her best in teaching her students and also caring about themd. She has also successfully built relationships with the parents and parent-teacher communication is always excellent.
Without saying, my son's science grade improved under Ms Ong's tutelage and due to the wonderful experience, I enrolled my daughter this year and she even scored an A1 for her mid year exams. Once again, a big thank you to RMSS and dedicated tutors like Ms Ong.

Thanks and Regards,
Mrs Lim
Vera Ang, P6 MATH BISHAN, 2019
I hope is not too late to write in my testimony for my daughter Vera’s learning experience at RMSS.

“I am glad that I had found a good tuition centre for my daughter, it was a last minute decision to enrol her into RMSS to improve her mathematics grades within 3 months for her incoming PSLE.

Firstly, I would to like to compliment RMSS has a good managing system who keeps parents well-informed and updated on schedule and progress.

Secondly, I would to like compliment my daughter’s math tuition teacher Ms Ong, my daughter actually enjoys her classes and was motivated to attend as there was improvement in her grades. Even though my daughter Vera was a short term student, I was quite surprised that Ms Ong had actually went extra miles to give my daughter extra learning hours out of normal scheduled tuition lesson, which show that she do really care about the student learning progress. Ms Ong's ability to teach and help raise my daughter's interest and confidence in solving difficult mathematical questions definitely deserves a thumbs up. Kudos to the job well done!”

Thank you Ms Ong!

Best Regards
Ron Ang
Vera Ang Daddy
Thank you Ms Ong for journeying with Martin this year for his P6. Through your patience and guidance, Martin has improved tremendously for Math and has increased his interest in Science. He no longer fear and avoid Math problem sums but see each question as a challenge to solve. Thank you for giving him a safe and assuring environment to learn and excel. He loves going to RMSS!

Thank you again.
Jeffrey and Amelia, Parents of Martin Ong.
Dear Miss Ong
Thank you, for patiently educating Elizabeth this year. You have helped to provide a foundation and interest in Science.

Now, she has progressed from 42 marks to at least 50 marks for Science MCQ. Her confidence in this section has increased tremendously.

When Elizabeth has questions, she asks and you were patient. Sometimes, she will review the videos to refresh her understanding on weaker topics.

For paper 2, this has been her weaker area. Now, she is better able to grasp the concepts, how to apply them and answer the difficult questions with more clarity.

The trips to reward their children for their effort e.g. Universal Studios, graduation bowling party and movie night also incentivise her to progress in her academic pursuit. These has been very effective in pushing them towards their personal best.

Thank you for the extra Saturday classes for her to practise.

Best regards
Mr and Mrs Choe
Dear Ms Ong,

We are deeply impressed by your dedication, patience and enthusiasm for teaching both my kids in Mathematics and science for my elder son.

Throughout the PSLE preparation period for my son, you have helped him to work on areas of weakness and taught him effective techniques that really helped him to better understand the topics that were tested. Whenever my son met with difficult questions at home, you will guide and explained to him via whatapp even during late hours.

My daughter used to hate Mathematics but I have seen her improvement and she always look forward to attend your lessons due to fun and enjoyable classroom learning experience.

As parents, we are heartened to know that my children are in good hands and confident that they are able to excel academically and beyond.

Thank you .

Best regards,

Mr & Mrs Christopher Shi
Dear Ms Ong,
Thank you for your dedication and commitment in teaching my daughter, and for all the extra lessons that you have put in during exam periods to make sure all those under your wing do well. The final primary years Julia had in RMSS with you was fruitful and inspiring. Her grades improved and she is interested in Science and more confident in her answering techniques. So much so that her school teacher chose her, together with a small group of other girls, to mentor those in class who are weaker in Science this year. Thank you for your tireless efforts and encouragement to the class ?encouragement to the class
Hi Ms Rachael,

I sincerely would like to thank you for providing the guidance, patience and encouraging Fierra.

She did overcome her fear of Maths and she needs to continue to practice more.

Thank you Ms Rachel for being there and teaching her the strategies to solve questions.
Dear Ms Rachael :

涵尹的妈妈 ---- 云山
Ms Rachael is a responsible teacher who takes the progress of Jonas's Math n Science seriously. Each time I ask her to go through those Science and Math questions which my boy doesn't know, she will take time to go through with him during RMSS lessons. Appreciate her extra mile of giving extra lessons for Jonas. Really hope that he can give his best n do well for his PSLE.

Thank you, Ms Rachael!
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for tutoring Cadence. I find you are a caring and passionate tutor who helped my child in Math and Science. Thank you!
Being a student at RMSS has allowed me to not only excel and thrive in my subjects but also allowed me to meet new friends. Not only are the tutors good at teaching , they are also very patient with me and have encouraged me on my 3 years with them. THANK YOU RMSS AND MR DAVID LIM!
Emily only came in to RMSS late this year in the 3rd semester of the school curriculum after being recommended by her fellow schollmate who was also taught by David. We were impressed that David had heped her schoolmate to do well for her mid year exams and Emily asked if she could be taught by David too. Even though Emily was under David for a short time, he shoed a genuine interest and effort to help Emily with her prelims and PSLE. Emily did say that even though there were a few boys who were disruptive in class, David was still able to help and explain the work they were doing in class effectively to her. Whenever there was doubt or apprehension, David was also contactable and helped either on WhatsApp or during class time. What impressed me most was that even though Emily was under David only math, he still showed his genuine concern for her and her studies when she broached him about science too. He readily offered her help when she needed it. Teachers like David should be commended and appreciated as I could tell he took a genuine interest in helping Emily on her PSLE journey. I know David has given his best to her and she herself has also tried her bbest so we leave the rest in God's hands now.
Thank you David again for being there for Emily and we hope Emily will continue to bbe blessed with inspiring and caring teachers like yourself as she continues her journey in RMSS.
My elder son was in Primary 5 when he was coached by Mr Lim from Raymond's Math & Science Studio. He scored A's for both subjects, Math & Science in his PSLE 2016. Though my son is no longer coached by Mr Lim, he still remembers Mr Lim fondly.
My younger daughter started her lessons with Mr Lim when she was in Primary 4. She just finished her PSLE exams this year (2019).
Mr. Lim has been very patience with both my children. He is also a dedicated tutor and very approachable. There were times that we encountered difficulties with maths sums or Science quizzes and we texted Mr Lim for assistance (on the days when my children not having their tuition classes), Mr Lim has always been responsive and provided us the solutions and showed us the step-by-step method to achieve the correct answers. His replies were swift and prompt, even when it was late in the evening or on Public Holidays.
Mr Lim is also very understanding and considerate. My daughter was once being harassed and bullied by another boy in the tuition class. When I reported the matter to him, he arranged my daughter to have seating arrangement away from that boy. When the bullying did not stop, he gave that boy a stern verbal warning and followed up with appropriate measures to ensure the bullying stopped.
I strongly recommend Mr Lim from Raymond's Math & Science Studio.
English is Jade’s weakest subject. She does not like to read and write. Her SA1 result was 50/100.

Being worried for her, I enrolled her at RMSS Oasis Terrace. Under Ms Eveline’s guidance, Jade has picked up several useful learning tips and strategies.
There was a marked improvement during her preliminary exam.
Ms Eveline is a very responsible teacher and she really puts in effort to teach Jade.

We hope to enrol Jade for next year’s Secondary 1 English classes soon!
Dear Miss Eveline,

I would like to thank you for your patience in teaching Zedan and guidance provided along his English learning journey with you. It is certainly not an easy transition for him to transit from Kindergarten to Primary One in which the focus in learning has to be taken real seriously.

I recall his first few lessons which he was highly dependent on you to help him focus on his practices during lesson. I really appreciate your honest feedback at that time and advice on how I should manage his homework and practices at home as well. With your collaboration, I have noticed significant improvement on him and look forward to even better progress by him.

With his current performance and hearing his improvement in class, I felt glad that he started his tuition with you and I'm sure he will further benefit from you in time to come. Thanks again.
Regards, Kok Kiong
Miss Eveline Tan has helped coach and guide Dylan with absolute techniques of a very experienced and patient tutor. Dylan has shown better understanding towards English and has developed a more independent, “can-do” attitude. This will surely help him develop more interest for English and improve more in future.

Thank you Ms Eveline for the results in the short span of 2 months.

Teo Yu Chin Father of Dylan Teo
I joined this class before the June holidays and after my MYEs as I felt I really had problems catching up with both my AMath and EMath.

I joined Mr John Lee’s class after my friend recommended me to come to RMSS. Mr Lee never fails to care for each and every of the students, always walking around to ensure that all of us do not have any doubts before we move on.

He always gives us opportunities to come out to present our answers, helping to correct any wrong understandings and at the same time training our oratical skills. He is an engaging educator who never fails to bring in his personal stories that would expand our context. Once, he shared his experiences of owning a car when one of the EMath question touched on the concept of owning a car.

He is straightforward person who will not hesitate to roast some of our classmates, and sometimes would be a no-nonsense teacher and be extremely serious about work during class.

I felt that I have improved in my AMath tremendously as prior to joining this class, I would give up easily when I saw the questions but now, I can attempt the questions with confidence. I definitely recommend joining Mr Lee’s class if you want to grow holistically and also improve on your Math.
When I first joined Mr Lee at the start of the year, I was passing additional mathematics, but barely and since I was doing so badly in it, my hatred for the subject came naturally. I preferred studying and learning other subjects and wasn’t interested at all because I thought mathematics was a waste of time. Now, I’m doing better in mathematics but more importantly I have newfound admiration for the subject – all thanks to Mr Lee.

His refreshing take on academics in general and interesting ways of teaching even the most complex topics made me understand that mathematics was so much more than just a problem sum. The development of my respect for the subject allowed me to understand the topics better and to be able to apply concepts better. Moreover, having such a straightforward and strict teacher helped me become more disciplined and meticulous while doing my work.

Mr Lee always allowed and encouraged us to come for extra lessons to cover topics we were not extremely comfortable in and during these extra lessons, he would often come by and ask us whether we needed any help in solving any questions or understanding a topic. This allowed for the session to be more fruitful because any doubt that I had would be clarified immediately.

One other thing that made me look forward to wanting to come to tuition was the stories, advice and insights Mr Lee was always giving us. By injecting bits and pieces of knowledge on how to deal with academics while always showing us the importance of going out of our comfort zone, he was able to leave a longer-lasting, positive impact on all the students.

All in all, while this school year has been a hectic one, mathematics lessons were always a constant and helped develop me into a person who was willing to be more proactive in achieving her goals in both academic and non-academic pursuits.
Ever since I enrolled in Mr Lee’s class in sec 1, mathematics was my best subject. Mr Lee’s class was fun and interesting, and it was always a joy for me to be going to his class to learn a new topic. Mr Lee’s teaching methods changed over the past 4 years, from being strict and always scolding someone every lesson to being kind and patient. However, despite the change, his teaching style stays the same and he made sure everyone understands before moving on. This made me more confident in doing maths and made understanding concepts better. When coming to the prelims and O levels, Mr Lee made us come down 1 and a half hours before our regular tuition timing to conduct a mock test. He always tells us to get out of our comfort zone, and we did this for almost every week, until we were used to it. The countless mock tests that we did also made my grades more consistent, and this made sure that my grades were never below an A1.
I have been in Mr Lee's class for almost 4 years already. I feel that he has been a huge help for me, as I don't really understand what was taught in school. The way he teaches math makes it easier for me to understand math formulas and concepts. One example is differentiation, my school uses the exam paper formula that is very confusing but Mr Lee taught us a different way to do it, which is much easier than the formula version. I don't struggle as much as my classmates when doing differentiation because of his methods. Through the 4 years I also learnt to be less lazy as he would make students stay back if they didn't do the homework, which I had to go through... and because of that I am less lazy now. My grades have been consistently B3s to A1s since joining which may have not been the case if I didn't join. In conclusion, since joining Mr Lee's class my grades have been good and I have also grown as a person since my time there.
Throughout my Secondary Three Year, I had been scoring C5s for my A Math exam, which made me decide to join Mr Lee’s A math class. Once I joined Mr Lee’s A Math class, I began to see huge improvements in my A Math results, and begin to score A1s for every single term.

In Mr Lee’s class, he teaches in a comprehensible manner. He ensures to drill us well enough for one section before moving on to the next. On top of that, we have homework and peer presentation every week, which ensures that we truly understand the concept that he has taught us.

During exam season, we will be required to go for weekly mock tests. Mr Lee will mark each of our mock tests, and from there he will record down the topics that we are weak in. He will then ask us to present some of the questions from the topics that we are weak in. Whenever we score badly in a mock test, he will also call us down for revision to revise the topics that we are weak in. Mr Lee is also encouraging as he sends us motivational messages to encourage us to strive on and never give up. For students like me who often gets complacent, he would keep us in check and asks us not to get complacent and continue to work hard, whereas for weaker students, he will ask them to come for extra revision and send encouraging messages to help motivate them.

Overall, my experience at RMSS under Mr Lee has been a great one as my grades have improved tremendously. His great teaching methods have helped me to have a greater understanding towards the subject.