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I’d been failing really badly in my sec three year for Amath, and my mum decided to enrol me in RMSS, which was a really good decision on her part.

When I first joined Mr Lee’s class, I was really scared of him because he scolded people whenever they didn’t present homework properly, or didn’t complete their homework. So I strived to make sure that I did my work to the best of my ability in order to be “safe” from his scolding but I know that he only wanted the best for us.

Since I’ve been under Mr lee’s guidance, I’ve been improving constantly in my math and I understand the topics better, having the conviction that as long as I study hard and remember all the necessary things that Mr lee has reminded me of, I’ll do well.

Mr lee constantly does his best to make sure that his students are tended to with only the best, no matter how weak he/she might be, making sure that everyone will be able to absorb what he teaches and understands.

Overall, I’ve definitely improved from failing badly in my exams to getting b’s and a’s and I owe it all to Mr lee!
Mr Lee has been teaching me for about almost a year now. I was failing A math but after I joined Mr Lee, I start to pass my tests and I can see that my understanding of this subject has deepened.

Presentation was what made me feel stressed and reluctant to come for lessons. I am glad that I pulled through it and learnt from the mistakes I made in my workings. I must admit, I heard a lot of stories about what Mr Lee did to those who didn’t bring the materials and do homework and that is why I do my homework and bring my stuff.

There are also mock tests to do, which I am really thankful for because I can find out where I went wrong before going for the actual exams. I remembered there was a time I got caught cheating.

Now that I think of it, it was actually quite useless. I could still remember how nervous and anxious I was and how tensed the whole atmosphere was but luckily I did not get into a big trouble. It was definitely the most vivid memory I had with Mr Lee.

After joining, I was placed right in front of Mr Lee and it is kind of awkward but it is easier to ask him questions. Sometimes, I can see his mood swings too. I think the difference between Mr Lee and my previous tutor is that he genuinely cares for his students. He tells his students to come down for extra classes if he thinks his students are weak in a particular topic. I did not understand how to draw Trigonometry graphs at first but after he taught me the technique on how to draw, I think trigo has become one of the topics I enjoy. The other difference is that he is fierce and can be scary at times. Though he can be scary, he can be really funny too when he share with the class about his life lessons. All in all, I am very thankful for what Mr Lee has done for the class and myself.
I have been with Mr Lee since I was Secondary 1. Before I joined Mr Lee, I found my first semester in secondary school to be rather challenging. At times, I struggled to understand the topics taught by my schoolteachers and my results were inconsistent. This made me turn to tuition for help.

I have to admit that I dreaded his class. His constant scolding & irritability made coming to his class daunting. You never know when he will just flare up and unleash the 7 deadly sins at you. However, I gradually got accustomed to his modus operandi & my results started to improve. Mr Lee advocates 'fear as a motivator', which sort of compels me to complete all given homework & to do my presentations properly so as not to incur his wrath.

There was once where he made a student do push-ups and jumping jacks, as the student did not present the question to Mr Lee's satisfaction. He had also thrown a student's bag out of the class when he did not finish his homework. Fun fact: Mr Lee once shouted so loudly at his Bishan Class that a parent signing his kid up felt intimidated & pulled out halfway through filling up the registration form.

However, underlying this menacing persona is a diligent & witty person. Mr Lee's good side used to be a rare sight, but has become more prevalent over the years.

Mr Lee teaches his class in a straightforward & encyclopaedic manner. He ensures that all students understand the works taught fully, before progressing. The weekly presentations allowed me to be more outspoken & confident. Mr Lee also prepares weekly tests for us a few weeks before semestral exams while monitoring our preparedness, steadily getting us into examination mode. He asks us to return for extra lessons to prepare for tests and/or catch up on things we are ambiguous about. Although I do not enjoy returning for extra lessons but behind it, I do know that Mr Lee has our interests at heart.

Ever since I joined Mr Lee's class, I have never scored lower than an A before, even topping the school on 2 consecutive years in Additional Mathematics. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr Lee who had painstakingly done everything in his power to keep me on my toes and ensure I excel in Maths.
Mr Lee is a very kind and thoughtful teacher. When I joined his lessons in sec 4, I struggled to even understand the basics of certain chapters, such as binomial theorem and graphs. Upon finding out my weaknesses in A math, Mr Lee asked me to come down for extra lessons to understand these chapters more in depth. Mr Lee also uses real life examples and unique teaching methods to help me to understand different math questions, such has how insurance payment and taxes work in Singapore during a few E math lessons. There has never been a question that Mr Lee has struggled to solve or explain in detail so that I can understand the question. Although there are times that Mr Lee would scold us due to poor presentations and undone homework , as the saying goes , "骂就是爱",he scolds us for the sole purpose of helping us to understand and improve our mathematical abilities.
Tough love. These 2 words are the exact definition of Mr Lee's teaching style. To prepare myself for AMath, a new subject I would face in Sec 3 which many students struggle with, my parents decided to enrol me at RMSS, where my sister had been taking tuition which earned her an A* for math in PSLE.

The receptionist immediately recommended I join Mr Lee's class upon learning that I wanted to be enrolled in the Sec 3 AMath class. After spending 2 years in Mr Lee's class, I now know why. To be honest, he came across as an intimidating tutor as he would often severely reprimand students for their incompetent presentations and incomplete homework. The idea of presenting answers to our homework on the whiteboard is extremely unique to RMSS thus it was very foreign to me.

However, it is this aspect of RMSS that is a factor as to why it produces so many distinctions, especially if you have a tutor like Mr Lee; who can help you identify the gaps in your learning and broaden your perspectives on various question types through analysing your presented answer on the whiteboard. At least this has been a reason why I have managed to clear certain misconceptions.

In addition, Mr Lee is a committed teacher who gives us tough mock tests. Several weeks prior to our Mid year or End of year exams, he would call us 1.5 hours earlier to conduct mock tests. These mock tests help us to familiarise ourselves with higher order thinking questions and to be acclimatised to a stressful environment, so that we would be mentally and mathematically prepared for our exams.

In Sec 4, he personally marks our tests and gives us individual feedback on areas of improvement, despite his stringent schedule. After the tests, if he finds that we need more revision in a certain topic, he would ask us to stay back to strengthen that topic. Although he can be intimidating, finding such committed tutors is rare these days. Besides, he does joke around in class to lighten the stress we might be facing and he does reward us for our good results as well.

I remember at the end of Sec 3, since I managed to clinch an A1 in both my Mid Year and End of Year exam, I was able to claim $100 from him after buying myself a brand new pair of Puma shoes!

This is why every time I come to RMSS; I always wear those shoes to reminisce that moment. Moreover, he gives us valuable advice such as what to expect in JC, Uni as well as how to manage our time during study break before O Levels. He even shares with us some turning points in his life that taught him many things to inspire us. All in all, I am grateful to have Mr Lee as my tutor because he is an effective tutor who shows tough love that motivates us to want to excel. Without him, I would have probably have struggled with AMath in these 2 years. Thank you Mr Lee!
Mr Lee is an excellent teacher. He is kind and caring for his students and keeps discipline in his class. I feel at ease in his class and ready to learn. Moreover, he teachers math in a way which is very easy to understand. Thank you Mr lee!
At RMSS, Mr Lee helps solidify our mathematical concepts by assigning mock tests regularly before any important test or exam. There are also lessons taught during the holidays. These aspects really helped me tremendously as I was able to practise maths consistently even as the rigour of learning increased in Sec 4. With the help of peer presentation, I was also able to gain new insights as I could see other ways in which students presented their answers and we were able to learn from each other’s mistakes. The learning environment is regimented which allowed me to learn concepts ahead of school. It also exposes me to questions of higher difficulty allowing me to learn more.

Thank you Mr Lee!
I joined Mr Lee’s class in sec two, when F9s for math didn’t surprise me anymore. However, after joining Mr lee’s class, concepts has been easy to understand and instead of following steps to certain question types like I used to do, I had been able to apply concepts to even the most abstract of questions.

In about six months, I had scored an A1 for my mid years in sec two, and have been somewhat consistent since then. Mr Lee goes extra miles to make sure I didn’t just know how to do the questions, but I understood the concepts. In sec three, I was called out for not understanding the concept behind discriminant and was asked to stay back for extra class just so I could get the concept right. Always being ahead of my classmates in school, I breezed through math lessons in school and was surprise that tests were pretty easy for me. Although I have to admit, I had to drag myself every Sunday for the weekly mock tests, I realised that it had paced me just in time for my actual exams and helped me focus on the topics I was weak in.

Mr Lee’s class goes beyond just math. Because of all the gruelling practices and weird questions I had to face with the right amount of pressure put on me, I had learnt to be more resilient and think out of the box. Of course, good grades will come naturally in his class if you’re on par with his lessons. He makes sure nobody gets left out when learning topics, and even though it’s group tuition, lessons are still personalised specially for every student. All in all, I have definitely benefited from his lessons and I’m glad I joined his class. Not only has he helped me find x and y, he has helped me to find all the other 24 letters in the alphabet. :-)
I joined Mr Lee in secondary 2 where my result was a D7 .He shows care to my grade by asking me to stay back and try his best to help everyone My math grade has tremendous improve from a D7 to a A1 during that year. Mr Lee teaches the entire math topic in a way that is effective for me.

During my 2 years in RMSS I have learnt many things from Mr Lee. He not only taught math but life skills as well. When I first joined RMSS, I was shocked that he scolded students for wrong presentation and punishing them for unfinished work. Doing presentation help us to build our confidence and we can learn from each other mistakes. In Mr Lee class it’s the best when he say there is no homework or no class. Before joining Mr Lee class I try very hard to remember all the formula but after consistent practice the formula when into my head.

Overall, I am very thankful for his effort and very grateful to him. Thank you Mr Lee
I joined Mr lee since sec 1 and I can safely say I have never regretted my decision for the past 4 yrs.

Although there are times where I feel like quitting due to having up to 2 lessons a week, having to complete lessons as well as juggling my school work and CCA. In the end I feel that it has all paid off due to how Mr lee has structured his lessons:

He often asks us to present our homework so as to check for any of our misunderstandings regarding the specific topics and although it may seem daunting at first, or even humiliating when o mistakes are pointed out in front of other students, it is in arguably an effective way to learn your from your mistakes be it conceptual or not.

Moreover, his lessons are not as strenuous as it might seem, as there are times where the class is held in a fun manner where he interacts with us students to get to know us better as well as sharing his experiences as an ex-student.

However, you have to be ready to interact with Mr lee to clarify your doubts as well as he is not able to always read your mind and hence in my past 4yrs with Mr lee, I can happily say that my maths would not be what it is (straight As) without Mr lee's help :)
I was never really exceptionally good at math and had always gotten average marks in primary school. When I got to secondary school, I had trouble even with passing my assignments and tests.

By the time I was in Sec 3, I was getting very used to failing math. When I got my mid-year A Math paper back, I was not very surprised to see that I had gotten an F9. My parents and I began to look for a tuition centre in hope for me to improve and someone I knew recommended RMSS to me.

I joined RMSS at the end of Sec 3 and I still had many big learning gaps and topics, which I had, trouble understanding. At the start, Mr Lee asked me to attend many extra sessions so that I could catch up on earlier topics. Although it was rather tiring, it really helped me to improve and recap on earlier topics. The very first topic I learnt from Mr Lee, Differentiation, was the first time that I managed to score an A1 for an A Math test in school and I was extremely encouraged because of it.

One thing that was different from any other tuition centres that I had been to before, was that students were made to do presentations in class. I remember when I first watched other people doing presentations; I was quite scared, as Mr Lee would scold students if they were not doing the work properly or up to standard. However, after doing a few presentations myself, I began to realise that the presentations were not meant to be scary or intimidating, but were actually supposed to help students to better understand the reason behind their working or the methods in which they answer the questions. It made me think deeper as to why I was doing what I was doing and I also started putting more effort into my work to make sure I could present it better. Mr Lee would also ask me to clarify any doubts that I had and would take the time to explain the questions to me if I came across anything I had trouble with.

I feel that RMSS and its tutors, like Mr Lee, really put in a lot of time and effort into making sure students improve. The extra sessions and all the guidance provided certainly proved that Mr Lee was indeed very dedicated in his teaching. I would say that it was a good decision to join RMSS and I do not regret anything as I have definitely gained much from my time here.
I first joined Mr Lee’s class when I was Sec 1. My math results were horrible then, but with the help I received from Mr Lee, my math skills have improved greatly. Through Mr Lee’s lessons, I have understood that practice makes perfect and he has always been providing homework for us to do to ensure that we are constantly practicing math.

Mr Lee’s teachings are straightforward and easy to understand. He would teach us to look at questions from different perspectives. He would make sure everyone understands what’s going on before moving on to the next part. This helped us to get a strong foundation for math so that we would have room to strive for a better result.

During lesson time, Mr Lee would always ask students to come out and present their answers on the whiteboard. This ensures that everyone is able to understand the topic fully by sharing their thought process when answering the questions. When I first joined, I was really anxious about presenting my answers, as I was afraid to get judged by others when my answers were wrong. However as time passes, I eventually got used to presenting the answers in front of everyone as I knew it was for the sake of so and myself did everyone.

Thanks to Mr Lee’s effort, my math is now one of my so-called “anchor” subjects and I am really grateful for what he has done for me.
I joined Mr Lee's class for A maths before starting sec 4 due to me never passing once. Right now, I can say that he has definitely helped me improve in A maths, bringing me from an E8 to a B3. Joining Mr Lee's RMSS class definitely was not a mistake.

Mr Lee's lessons are engaging and informative, and he makes sure everyone understands the topic or concept. If not, he'd drill it into our heads. He may be strict at times, but I know he is doing this for our own good. When he isn't strict, he is friendly with his students, often engaging in conversations with them, sharing life experiences or even cracking jokes. Before I joined RMSS, I heard about how strict this place was through peers. I dreaded coming, but soon got used to it. When I started, I was way behind everybody else in my class, but Mr Lee slowly but surely brought me up to speed, teaching me new concepts and re-teaching old concepts I did not understand.

It has been a long journey, which started with me joining Mr Lee's class, ending soon with our O levels drawing closer. I owe a lot to Mr Lee, for showing me that even if I could barely do it I could always learn it and for boosting my grade
I joined Mr Lee's class in sec 2. I scored a D7 for math during MYE and that made my parents sign me up for math tuition and putting me in Mr Lee's class as my older brother was under him before. When my first class started, my brother told me that Mr lee does not give mercy to forgetful students that do not complete their homework or forgotten to bring their calculators for lessons. I was very intimidated by him when he started scolding people for their wrong presentations or send people home if they forget to bring their calculator. However, this fear made me do all the homework he assigned and write a proper presentation that he taught. His explanations were all clear and straightforward. He always makes sure that all his students come down for revision and get sufficient practices before our exams.

I scored a D7 and made tremendous improvement by the end of sec2 by attaining an A2. Although I always get anxious whenever Mr lee calls me out for presentation, all of us appreciate the efforts he made for us to improve. Mr Lee not only teaches us math but also his life experience.

Thank you Mr Lee :-)
I joined Mr John Lee's class at Bishan during the second half of 2018 after attaining F9 for Amath and a C6 for Emath. During the first few months I dreaded going for class due to presentation, as my foundation was weak and the questions were challenging I usually got the answers by 'smoking' through which will lead to Mr Lee scolding me as I couldn't answer the questions he asked me during the presentation of my answers. However the scolding didn't last, as I soon got the grasp of the topics I was previously weak on. Mr Lee went out of his way to ask me to come down for catching up lessons, which finally allowed me to understand previous concepts I couldn't understand. Mr Lee also made remembering concepts easier with his simplified methods and unique nicknames which actually helped, for example, the "+-+" method was easier to find the range of discriminants and the 'hamburger rule' helped me remember conditions for using Cosine rule in a triangle. In a mere 4 months Mr Lee helped me achieve a A1 for Emath and a B3 for Amath which I feel that will not be possible without the help of Mr Lee.

I can only thank Mr Lee for his help throughout this 1-year for helping me improve my math drastically and I would like to thank him for being an effective and helpful teacher who I am really grateful for.

Thanks Mr Lee!
My sister had a wonderful experience being taught by Mr Victor Chew….so I decided to join his class too. Boy! I am glad I took up her recommendation.

Mr Chew made every lesson so interesting, fun and easy to understand. He loves to crack lame jokes that made the class laugh which helped to relieve the PSLE stress in us……at the same time…he was very strict with punctuality and made sure we completed all our homework every lesson…

He does not mind spending extra time to clarify our doubts and helped me (actually my mummy) solved our Math problems via watsapp …that is Mr Chew…he doesn’t mind going that extra mile….U ROCK Mr Chew….
ms liew is very nice and patient and will always teach me until i understand / know how to do. i join this tuition when during my olevel year when my grades were still very bad at mid year. i got an e8 for mid years but within half a year of coming to ms liew’s class, i got a b3 for my prelims. ms liew will always ask us to come back for extra to do practice papers and practice our weaker topics which proved to be very useful as she wld use this to give us extra help apart from the normal lessons.
Ms Liew is a very passionate and dedicated teacher, she always makes sure that I have enough practice, as well as rest, so that i am prepared for my math papers. She also explains questions throughly so that i will not make the same mistake if a similar question in the exams and prepare us well for exams by having timed practices in class and keeping track of our improvement. She would also keep us motivated for the exams and the upcoming o levels so that we do not give up. Overall, Ms Liew is a really great teacher who teaches from the heart and with Ms Liew's help, I have managed to maintained both my A Math and E Math grades at A1, thank you Ms Liew!! :)
Ms liew is so encouraging and always pushes me to do my very best for my Amaths . Ms liew can legit teach . Im now more exposed to greater varieties of maths question which I am sure it will help me for my exams !!
Ms liew is really patient and nice haha!! She constantly helps us countdown for our Os and I think it’s q helpful! Also under ms Liew’s guidance, I improved in my math! Before I joined her my math was like a borderline pass.. but after some time I really improved a lot under her guidance! She manages the class well too and is able to patiently deal with all our nonsense which is smt I’m really grateful for haha! Ms liew also constantly encourages us to work harder and aim higher which is the motivation I always needed. Class time is fun too cause ms liew is naturally funny:))
katy yeung, S4 AMATH PUNGGOL, 2019
when i first switched to ms liew’s class it was already close to mid years and my results were not great. however ms liew still believed that i can improved and encouraged me to continue pushing for the last lap. even though i was not taught by her for long, through the past 5 months i know that she is a dedicated teacher that will help she students to thrive for the best in any circumstances! to me, success not just requires hard work of the student but also having the people around them to believe in them so thankyou ms liew for bringing out the positive side of me about math and motivation to work even harder :)
I think I joined RMSS wanting to at least pass Amath , because I’ve been failing or on the borderline of failing since Sec 3. I’ve never expected to be able to make a bigger improvement in my grade , as compared to how my Amath was in sec 3. Ms Liew helped me to better understand concepts, she’s patient and straightforward. She has helped me to better understand many concepts with her teaching. Really thankful to Ms Liew heehee :-)
Ms Liew is one of the few teachers that constantly gives me support. I joined RMSS earlier this year with very weak NA Amath foundation. But as months passed, I do see that my foundation has become stronger and now, I’m able to do most of the questions with minimal help. Though she’s a really busy tutor, she still has time to answer my questions through texts. She’s also a really caring tutor.
Ms Liew has helped me so much with amath and emath . At the start I didn’t understand a lot of amath topics but she was patient with me . Now I’m able to understand amath better than before . Before I’ve joined RMSS , i was failing amath really badly but after a few months of lessons and many worksheets later , I’ve managed to pass amath for the first time ever .
Ms Liew is always patient with us and does not give up on us despite us not doing well for her tests. My math grade improved tremendously from a fail to a B3 as she always pushes us to strive hard. Lastly , she always spares a thought for her students and always making sure that they understand the concepts.