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At Raymond’s Math and Science Studio, we bring out the best in every student through passionate teaching and dedicated guidance.

Our learning resources and teaching methodology are specially developed by our team of dedicated teachers to help our students develop the relevant thinking skills and learning dispositions essential for subject mastery.

Once the necessary skills are unlocked and their interest piqued, students will gain a new found passion and confidence in the subject, even for those who used to fail or loathe the subject.

It is this joy of seeing students surprised by what they can achieve that is most satisfying and is a constant source of motivation for us to give our best.

Raymond Loh - the founder and principal of Raymond’s Math & Science Studio (RMSS) began his career in IT but soon realised that his calling was in teaching. He firmly believes that the teaching method is as important as knowledge of the subject, if not more; and went on to develop an effective approach which is now the hallmark of RMSS.