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Joining Mr Sean Yeo’s math lesson since secondary 1, is a choice I have and will never regret. Having joined him for 4 years has made my secondary school journey with math a much memorable and pleasant one. Mr Yeo always made sure everyone of us in class understood the lesson before we left and for those who did not understand he would ensure that they come back for extra lessons till the topic became their strength. Being a person who like math, Mr Yeo helped maintain that burning flame in me which allowed me to excel and achieve greater heights.

At the start of secondary 1, I was really afraid when my name was called to present my solutions on the board however, over time, it boost my confidence level and by presenting my answers it allowed me to better understand the topic and the way to tackle the problems. Apart from imparting his knowledge to us, he also constantly taught us values such as punctuality and respect. He would definitely give us a tongue-lashing if we are ever late and don’t hold accountability for it by texting him in advance to inform him.

Well I wouldn’t say anyone likes to be reprimanded, but this is something I have never experienced before with other tutors, and from this tiny act it just shows Mr Yeo concern for his students and his wish of making us a better person academically and holistically. He always tries to make lessons engaging by incorporating jokes and this never fails to keep us attentive.

Mr Yeo also taught us to look at problems in a different perspective and before our national examination, he never fails to send us motivational messages. To us, before the examination we are all very nervous and this message just came right in time to calm our nerves and allow us to sit in the examination hall with the right mindset that we will conquer the papers!

Mr Yeo is more than a tutor to me, I still remember there was once I was hospitalized and when he heard of the news, he actually sent a message telling me not to worry about the lessons I was going to miss as he will help me make up those lessons and focus on recovering. Besides that he also asked for my dad to update him about how I was whenever possible. This just shows how dedicated he is and I am very appreciative of having such a wonderful tutor who I look up to.

Thank you for all you have done for us Mr Yeo, we may not have expressed our gratitude constantly but deep down in our hearts I believe everyone of us in class is truly thankful for your every action and for making us excel in Amath!
A good teacher is like a candle; it consumes itself to light the way for others

When it comes to math there are loads of teachers that gave many empty promises such as guaranteed A1s etc., but Mr Yeo is dedicated in ensuring that that would happen,not just by talking but by actions. For 6 years, he has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to approach Math without fear. What separate him from other tutors is that he is actively engaged to both students and parents alike, and seek to integrate us students into the vast world of math

I signed up for Math tuition @RMSS in 2011, expecting just a regular ol' class that will 'improve' my horrendous math grade and to 'achieve' good results at the upcoming PSLE examination.

Boy was i wrong.

Not only did Mr Yeo taught me all that, but he also teach me something that most teachers cannot replica, his devotion to my understanding

Under Mr Yeo, I learned how to answer various math questions specifically. I also learned that by the simple writing of various formulas, I am able to apply it to anything; from simple quadratic equations to full blown integral questions!. I also discover his unique ‘methods’ and ‘techniques’ that allows me to tackle simple yet tricky questions, and was even given the opportunity to present my workings to the whole class every week.

However, what separates him from other teachers is that he is committed in ensuring that my understand of math is at a tip-top level. He would be extremely particular in areas that may seem superficial to us but is everything to him. For example, the writing of the integer '6' and '8' must be distinguishable to avoid any careless mistakes. It is the commitment from him that not only touched my heart but to each and every individual student in the room. If he is a candle, he would already been 'melted' from devoting himself to us!

Not only was the lessons both fun and challenging but Mr Yeo’s direct feedback for improving my workings was invaluable. He has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I remembered vividly the three paradigms he taught to master a subject; To first LEARN about the concepts attentively, then PRACTICE it yourself by drilling endless amount of questions, and finally to TEACH others what you have learnt.

To Mr yeo, THANK YOU for greatly impacting my lives and transforming a dull and boring subject to something that is interesting and unique. I would never forget the endless jokes you created, the cheerful and playful side of you, and most of all, I would always appreciate your devotion in cultivating the beauty of math into our hearts.

Joseph Cheng
I’ve been with Mr Sean Phua, my math tutor, since August 2015. I was a little uneasy when joining RMSS, as my math grades did not improve despite the previous tuition lessons I’ve had, as well as the hard work and effort I’ve been putting in.

However, Mr Phua’s lessons are very effective and efficient, helping me achieve better grades at each exam. Somehow, he also makes the lesson fun and enjoyable, unlike other math tuition classes that I used to dread going to. Mr Phua also dedicates his time and effort to help us outside of class, such as staying back with us for extra practice and answering our questions on whatsapp even at very late hours. Although my class has a disproportionate number of females to males, we are still rather united as a class.

Mr Phua created a vibrant and lively atmosphere in class. I can talk to my classmates comfortably and ask them questions anytime, be it in class or on whatsapp. During my time here at RMSS, Mr Phua has not only taught me to learn and love math, but also to be a person with respect and care for others. These are just some values that he has taught me on top of how to achieve good grades in the examinations.

Many people might think that Mr Phua is a rather intimidating person, but I found that he is actually a sincere educator who cares for his students through his little actions. He scolds and gives punishments when you do not complete your work, or when you misbehave in class, but we all know that these are intended for our benefit. I would definitely introduce my friends to RMSS, especially to Mr Phua’s class if they need help in math. Thank you Mr Phua, for your never-ending patience, guidance, and intensive training to help us achieve our A’s!
Mr Ng is a very devoted teacher who goes the extra mile to help his students. I used to struggle with my Amath when I just started secondary 3 as it was a huge difference from secondary 2 math. Mr Ng allowed me to come for extra classes where he would teach me the different topics I was weak in. Whatever questions I have, Mr Ng would patiently explain to me how to solve them and he would give me lots of practice to ensure I fully understand how to do those questions. Thanks to Mr Ng, I can now confidently say that Amath is one of my best subjects. There were times I remember where Mr Ng would stay back after class (which was the last class of the day) just to clear some of the doubts my friends and I have. Mr Ng never fails to encourage and motivate us to do our best. His patience and guidance has helped me a lot in my studies and I wouldn't be able to do it without him. Thank you for your awesome teaching Mr Ng!
I've been in Raymonds for three years under the guidance of Mr Ng and I have never regretted my time there. He helped me immensely with my mathematics and I couldn't be more grateful. When I joined in 2014, I barely passed my mathematics. Mr ng called me back weekly for extra sessions and within 6 months, I rose from a C6 to an A1 student. And now, I'm scoring constant A1s for both my mathematics and additional mathematics. He is a dedicated teacher who devotes his time to helping his students, even if it meant that he has to help them outside class time. He teaches with patience and never ever gave up on us. He believes in us and always stretches us to our fullest potential. Thank you Mr Ng, for always helping us and for giving us your 100% in mathematics. To me, you're more than just a math teacher, you're an educator. All the best for your future endeavours!!! I'll miss you and your math class a lot.
I joined RMSS shortly after my SA1 exams in secondary 4. At that time I was still getting F9 for my A maths, and was really worried about O levels. However Mr Tham told me not to give up and to persevere. He guided me along the way, explaining in detail how to do questions I had no clue on how to solve and also allowing me to send photos of questions over WhatsApp. He helped me in and outside of class and it really helped me alot. I was able to do much better in my prelims for A maths. If it wasn't for Mr Tham's help, I would probably still be struggling with A maths. I am really glad to have Mr Tham as my teacher!
Thank you Mr Tham!!!
I enrolled into RMSS really late like just a few months before the O Levels. I was recommended to Mr Tham's class by my friends. He may seem to be very easy-going with us, but in his own way he caters to each student differently. He is there whenever we need help and he always tries to make lessons more fun, I never felt like i was in tuition, he allows to tackle math problems at our own time own target while always being there to check on us and help us if we need help. He also tries to make us think and understand what we are doing instead of forcing information into us. I have a lot of personal commitments and have missed quite a few lessons, but he always understands and allows me to ask him questions anytime. He is a really great tutor even though i have only talked to him a little bit but i have learnt a lot.
A BIG thank you to Mr Victor Chew!
We are glad that Jayden has come to you in this crucial year of his primary education.
Despite the short period that he had with you, you had managed to boost his motivation and allow him to excel in Math (7 months) and bring out his full potential in science (4 months).
During swimming and waterpolo competition season, you will ensure that he did not miss out any topics taught in class on the lessons that he had missed.
Thank you for the many extra hours and lessons arranged for him and understanding his challenges to managed between sports and studies.
I am very sure many children will blossom under your care.
Thank you, Mr Chew!
Mr Ronnie Quek is a very charismatic teacher. He is very organized and goal-oriented, and that is to bring out the very best in every student. The way he conducts his class by drawing parallels between mundane Physics concepts to interesting real world context never fails to engage us during lesson, and for that, enabled me to develop a deeper interest in the subject. He makes sure his students fully understand the concepts through clear delivery and simplification of complicated ideas. His commitment and devotion to teaching, in addition to his resourcefulness and wisdom, will definitely bring his students to greater heights. Thank you Mr Quek for being one of the best Physics teachers I have ever met!
When I first stepped into Mr Yu's class, I was not a big fan of Chemistry for I had failed my chemistry before and always struggled to grasp even the most basic and seemingly simple concepts that any man on the street would be able to comprehend. However, as soon as we embarked on a learning journey that encompassed lessons filled with mnemonics, unrelated jokes, or maybe somewhat related jokes and very very clear explanations that miraculously got me to understand them on the first explanation, my confidence in Chemistry, as well as my love for the subject burgeoned. Nicholas imparts to us all sorts of weird mnemonics and other lame but really effective, memorable and, most importantly, indispensable shortcuts ranging from TAM CAPS (that's derived from tampons) and CRAyOn. I use the shortcuts each time I do chemistry and it makes things so much easier to understand and information so much easier to put together. Furthermore, his explanations are super clear and he never spares the marker to elucidate on his points with visual aids in the form of diagrams and different coloured arrows and boxes to make the presentation more exciting and easier to comprehend. It may seem like an unnecessary step any teacher should deal away with to save time for the meat of the lessons but it is
indubitably helpful in connecting the dots between different concepts. Meanwhile, although I am his biology student, but because I didn't learn the bulk of my content with him, I can't give much feedback about regular lessons. However, his revision lessons that I have attended have helped me to better understand the points to look out for in exams to formulate my answers.
Furthermore, for both biology and chemistry, we get to come back for extra lessons FOC, whether it is to watch videos to brush up on our content or to ask questions from work that we have done. I find this super useful because although my teachers in school are good and reliable help, it isn't the most convenient for me to go back to school every time I have doubts about my work. Hence, by having the extra lessons, I get to consult someone (kind of) at my convenience. Anyway, one of the best things about Nicholas is that he gives you more than an education in a sense. Everyone knows that education is important for survival in this increasingly demanding society we live in and it's evident in our society because our childhood pivots around education. However, often enough, I feel that the moral support and little things teachers do to make a more meaningful impact

on students' lives also goes unnoticed. Whenever the class looks exhausted or depressed, because of results or whatever other reasons there may be, Mr Yu gives us prep talks after prep talks urging us to be resilient and push on in our studies. He genuinely cares about us and our well- being. Although a teachers' primary concern would often be their students' results, on top of results, he also seeks to cheer us up and encourage us, asking the simplest yet sometimes most impactful questions like " Are you okay?". Apart from checking up on us when we are down, on a normal basis, it is quintessential to find him telling jokes, some admittedly lame but still funny enough to tickle our funny bones.
Basically, to sum it all up, Mr Yu is a really caring teacher who teaches superbly well. Thank you, Mr Yu :-)
Joining Mr Yu's Chemistry class at the end of Secondary 3 is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was surprised as to how he made an effort to know all of his students' names and on top of that, made time to talk to each student to get to know them better. He is very passionate when he teaches and has a witty sense of humor which always helps lighten the mood in the classroom and never makes class dreadful! His quirky shortcuts and constant repetition of key concepts have helped me tremendously and have also greatly boosted my confidence in tackling any Chemistry paper. He always encourages us to talk to him when we are confused and to come for extra lessons when in doubt which has really helped me in understanding and grasping fundamental concepts a whole lot better. I was a C6 student throughout Secondary 3 but by the end of Secondary 4, I managed to obtain an A2 for my prelims! All thanks to Mr Yu for helping me whenever I needed help, always encouraging my friends and I and just for being an awesome teacher and person.
Dear Mr Ong,

After attending your class in RMSS, Chloe has gain more confidence in her Maths & was consistent in doing her homework from RMSS & school preparing for PSLE. In fact now she is even requesting us to buy her assessment books for Sec 1 which is a surprise to us. Attending RMSS boost her eagerness in doing better in her studies which we are happy for her. Thanks for being her teacher for Maths.

Derrick Teo
Father of Chloe
Hi Ms Florence,

It has been a wonderful learning journey for Seth since he joined your English class this year. English has never been his strength yet you have been patient with him all this while, guiding & correcting him along the way.
You were able to detect his weaknesses in certain areas of this subject and thereby spending more time to work with him on those areas. You often encouraged him to go for your extra lessons so that he could polish up on this subject.

Thanks for making alternative arrangements to schedule his lessons whenever he had to miss his usual class due to school commitments. We truly appreciate what you have done for him. He is looking forward to be in your Secondary One class next year!

Best regards,
Victoria Kok
(Seth Asher Kok's mom)
Hi Mr Neo,

On behalf of Jay Han, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your guidance and dedication.

Joining RMSS only in June and under your rigorous coaching, Jay Han has made tremendous improvement in a short space of 4 months - from a borderline pass in his mid-year exam to scoring an impressive 90 marks in prelim exam. We are heartened that he achieved the 'Most Improvement in Math' award in his class in school!

Jay Han has commended especially on the clarity of your explanation during classes. He has since gained confidence and joy in solving Math problems like never before!

Throughout the past 4 months, we really appreciate your prompt communications, commitment and constant encouragement. We were not surprised when Jay Han felt confident after his PSLE Math paper, as a result from the numerous additional revision sessions arranged by you. Certainly you have made a difference in his appreciation of Math. Thank you once again for the great help!

Best regards,
Kenny Tan (father of Jay Han)
My daughter, Madhumitha, joined RMSS for Science in May 2016 after performing badly in SA1. Ever since, I have seen a remarkable change in her, thanks to Mr Neo's support and guidance. His teaching style has a balance between being firm and friendly. He explains concepts in great depth, any number of times until she understands it. In a short span of time, Science has turned from the scariest to her most favourite subject! He has kindled her interest in the subject which is very important in learning. She is looking forward to learning Science in secondary school. He is a remarkable teacher.

Mdm Sundari (Mother of Madhumitha)
Since the start of secondary 3, i've always failed and disliked physics thus it was really demoralizing to me. Despite trying to constantly trying to understand the topics and going through my work over and over again i still couldn't seem to do well in it, let alone understand anything that was taught in school. Towards the end of secondary 3, i started to worry as the stakes of failing physics in secondary 4 was pretty high. Thus, by the end of secondary 3 i entered RMSS and had Mr Teo as my teacher and i saw a steady improvment in my grades and understanding of the subject. From constant F9s since secondary 3, i managed to get a B4 at my prelims which felt really miraculous to me.

Patient and dedicated, Mr Teo would never hesitate to explain concepts and solutions to any questions. When i first entered RMSS, Mr Teo provided extra help to me for the topics that i was weak at and that really helped me in understanding them. I'm really grateful to Mr Teo for not giving up on me despite my slow progression and for always believing in me. His care for all the students and ensuring that we understood the lessons are very heartwarming. I'm very thankful for having Mr Teo as my tutor as his teachings taught me to never give up on myself and to always keep trying even if it's hard in the beginning.
Thank you Mr Teo for being such an inspiring science teacher to me. Although it has only been a few short months, my science grades have improved tremendously thanks to your constant guidance during lessons. Having been poor at science since primary school, it is heartwarming to know that I am still able to do well in the subject because you have helped clear my doubts and reminded me of the areas where I am lacking in.
I am now better able to grasp the chemistry and physics concepts because of the questions and small quizzes that you carry out with the class. These small challenges that you give us has helped clarified my doubts and corrected some misconceptions that I have on certain topics. They have also prepared me in the way of how to tackle such questions and have enhanced my answering techniques. I am now more confident in tackling challenging questions because I have a stronger foundation and am clearer of concepts which I previously had not grasped yet. Thank you for believing in all of us and supporting us through our journey in RMSS. It has truly been an enjoyable and enriching experience being under your tutelage.
You have always gone the extra miles to help us with math. You are really a wonderful teacher that will never be forgotten by us. Thank you for all you have done for us. Mr Lim I guess all good times will have to come to an end. Your patience and the extra effort you put in to ensure we understand how to solve difficult question. I guess the only compensation you will want is to see us get an A1 for mathematics. thank you for being there for us when we need help.??

Thank you Mr Ong for your hard work and effort in teaching my daughter, Cherie. Although she was under your tutelage for only a few months, your dedication and passion for teaching were evident. Cherie finds you a rather humorous teacher who livened up the lessons with jokes. Learning is made interesting with reference to practical and realistic examples. We thank you for the extra hours put in to ensure that Cherie understands the concepts and gearing her ready for PSLE. Indeed, Cherie is blessed to have a caring and devoted teacher like you.
Dear Eugene,

I would like to thank you for the Math and Science lessons you have given Rebecca over the past 2 years.
She has always been a strong student, but taking your lessons helped clarify and solidify the learning.

She told me enjoyed her lessons with you as you teach it with passion and you make it interesting and is able to motivate her to do well.
Despite the class size she felt you were able to identify each student’s needs and weaknesses and address them.
Hence, I placed full trust in you to address her learning needs.

RMSS is different from other tuition centres. They care for the students and they also give back by taking them out for a well deserved break
after the exams. Additionally, RMSS actually take holiday breaks from classes, unlike some tuition schools that just plough though with no breaks at all.
RMSS is also flexible with make up lessons when there is a need for it.

Finally, RMSS understands the challenges that both students and parents face with the education system and is able to deliver quality lessons.

Thank you again.

Mrs. C Chao
When I first joined Mr Lee in sec 2, my first impression of him was like all the other students. Fierce, scary and unfriendly. Plus, he made us all present our homework on the board in the front of the entire class. At that time, my math was horrible, constantly getting just passes and never ever achieving an A. Hence I was extremely scared of presenting my work on the board. I felt that my math was not very good and the way that I may have answered the question was not the way Mr Lee would have liked us to use. I still remember one time where I had to present a complicated trigonometry question on the board. I did not know how to do it at first, but after some help from Mr Lee, I managed to solve it. Mr Lee is an extremely dedicated teacher and has a unique teaching style. As he is strict, many students fear him and diligently do their homework knowing that the consequence is a harsh scolding for incomplete homework. This way many students work hard to ensure that they are not scolded. At the same time, the students are also able to practice their math and are able to work towards their goals for the subject. On the other hand, Mr Lee is also very dedicated to his students. As mentioned earlier, when I first joined his class, I was bad at math. Knowing how bad my math was, Mr Lee taught me from the basics. He made me come back almost every day so he could help me improve and get up to speed with the other students in class. Was Mr Lee forced to do this? No. He could have just let me be and I would have been lacking behind my peers in class. This goes to show how dedicated Mr lee is to his students. In the end, after I joined Mr Lee, I have never scored anything below a A2. Besides the teaching, Mr Lee has also taught me many life lessons, through some of the personal experiences he has shared with the class. For example, he gave me ideas on how to be unique at interviews.

All in all, if you are looking for a teacher that can help to improve your math and widen your knowledge, Mr Lee is the right person to go to and in my eyes is one of the best teachers that I know can guarantee results. Thank you Mr Lee.
When I first joined Mr Lee's class, I used to be terrified to attend his lessons as he was really particular about everything, including those minute details and workings, and he would scold me if I missed out on them. I used to dislike going for class as he would scold me even for my seemingly small mistakes. He would also make us present our workings on the board. At that time, I was pretty bad at math, so these presentations would be quite embarrassing as more often than not, I would get those questions wrong. However, as time passed, I began to heed his advice and follow all the steps that he would instruct us to take. This made my math skills improve and gradually, Mr Lee stopped scolding me. I used to dread receiving my test or exam grades as they would usually be pretty bad. After attending Mr Lee's class for about half a year, I made significant improvements and scored an A in my end of year examinations. I've also been constantly scoring well for both A and E math. Even though Mr Lee can be strict at times, it's definitely for our own good. I'm really glad that I made the decision to sign up for Mr Lee's class as his teachings have boosted my confidence, and I can safely say that math is one of my best subjects. Thank you Mr Lee!!
Many testimonials speak about how one has improved from a F9 or C6 to an A1, as for me it is a little harder to testify for that. Having joined RMSS for five years, two and a half years with Mr Lee, it is not surprising to many that my results have only been going up since I first entered RMSS. When I joined Mr Lee, I was initially rather incoherent with certain concepts and was unable to grasp methods adopted by my school. However, Mr Lee had opened my eyes to methods that are clean and easy to apply. For the first couple of sessions, I was constantly challenged as I had to present my answers on the board. It goes without saying that it was extremely intimidating especially when there was always a small fear at the back of my head that I may get yelled at. No surprise there, when I skipped steps or did not follow the methods properly that I would get scolded for it. However, I do find this method of teaching effective because that scolding would haunt me during my examinations so that I would not make the same mistake again. As for my results, I did say previously that they have been going up ever since I joined RMSS. I first joined in P6 with a poor Band 3. As I moved on to Secondary 1, 2, 3 and finally 4, with the challenge of math becoming increasingly harder to score at, I have been consistently attaining high A1s. I believe that is an achievement I would not have attained if not for RMSS. I will be completely honest here and admit that I am not one to express my gratitude openly to others. Forgoing this discomfort, I would like to thank Mr Lee for the quirky pep talks and the motivation he has given me to excel in every area, not just Math alone. Thank you for going beyond the role of a teacher and putting in tremendous amount of efforts to shape us both in academics and character.
Mr Jackie is a patient and caring teacher who always greet us with a smile. In lesson time, he always strive his best to clarify all our doubts before moving on to the next question. Aside from class lessons, he has allowed us to consult math qns over whatsapp and this has been truly helpful for me as I practice math at home. No doubt, I have honed better math foundations over the course of my 9 months tuition. I am really thankful and blessed to have him as my math tutor.
I have been with Mr Ng ever since I was in Secondary 3, and yes, I can honestly say that being taught by him for all these years is definitely a blessing for me. Before joining RMSS, I was a pretty timid person and wasn't very confident in handling math questions. In addition, I have never ever pass math but ever since I joined him, I slowly built up my confidence level as we were given the opportunity to do presentations of the work we have prepared. I am very grateful as without his teachings, I would not be able to get constant As. Because of Mr Ng, I have been motivated countless times to work and strive harder for a better future. When I first saw Mr Ng, the first impression he gave me was that he was very strict and fierce but once I get to know him better, I find that he is a humourous tutor, and I enjoy attending his lessons alot. Up until now, as a Secondary 4 student, I have always respected him in many ways, and I aspire to be like him one day, being a secondary school mathematics teacher. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shine bright. A true teacher that takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

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