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Before joining Mr Lee class, I was a shy girl who had no interest in mathematics. However, after joining Mr Lee in secondary 1, I started to love mathematics as a subject and also started to gain confidence through multiple presentations in class. Thanks to Mr Lee, I managed to build a strong foundation in math from lower secondary and this allowed me to have an easier time learning amath and emath in upper secondary.

Mr Lee is truly an inspiring and encouraging teacher. When we did well for our exams, he would reward us with $100 to buy anything we wanted. This motivated me to work harder for math so that I can do well all the time. Mr Lee is also a very entertaining and funny teacher who conducts his lessons in a very sophisticated manner. This is because when he is teaching us new topics, he will become very stern and serious to ensure that we understand his method. However, when we are in class doing our work, Mr Lee will constantly check on us or crack a joke to lighten the mood in the class.

This definitely helps us to loosen up a bit especially when we are always feeling so tensed and stressed in secondary 4. Even though, covid-19 has affected our daily lives a lot, Mr Lee is still able to conduct his online lessons very well as I have learned a lot from him and managed to apply his method to all of the questions that I have done. Thank you Mr Lee for your guidance.
Samantha Tan

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2021)

Before I joined Mr Tham's class, I was constantly struggling with my Physics and Chemistry. I never really understood what my teachers were saying, and as such never gotten remotely close to an A.

However, around a year ago, Mr Tham was able to pull me from my pool of ignorance. He thoroughly explained each topic to the class, elaborating with examples and giving us funny quotes to memorise the information taught.

Furthermore, whenever there was a question I couldn't solve, I would message Mr Tham and always receive an answer usually within 30 minutes. The answers were easy to understand and digest, which afterwards allowed me to confidently do similar questions.

So far, my grades have improved from D7 to B3. That A is within reach!

I am truly grateful for being taught by such a wonderful and engaging tutor and will always cherish the knowledge he bestowed upon me.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Tham Kai-An

Marine Parade S4 Phy & Chem (2021)

Throughout my 3 years with Mr Lee, I believe that it is safe to say that he has definitely pulled up my grades. I think it is very had to find someone of his calibre- he always has this certain drive to push us further than where we are already at. Being hard on us is part and parcel of his job.

The way I interpreted his scoldings changed over the years; initially, I had just thought that he was an extremely strict teacher who discredited our efforts at times, but now I see why he does it- to ensure that we have fully grasped the concept. I also very much admire his dedication towards his students; how he has always forked out time of his own to make sure we get enough practice before our examinations even though he has other way more important things to do. He has also always made it clear that we reap what we sow, rewarding us when we score well. Thanks to Mr Lee, I was able to purchase some of my highly coveted items annually.

Every time I had to do an internal school examination, I had always faced it with an excitement rather than anxiety, and I think there were two reasons that contributed to this. It was either my hubris or my confidence to perform well for my Mathematics examinations. I highly believe that it has always been the latter; with all the extensive practices that Mr Lee had drilled into our daily life. Mr Lee has never failed to clear our doubt in Mathematics and has always ensured that we are well equipped for our examinations. Mr Lee is a very driven man, and I strongly encourage anyone seeking to improve in Mathematics to join his lessons in RMSS.
Natania Lim

Bishan S4 Amath (2021)

I would like to thank you for the constant and continuous support throughout this journey. Thank you for always being patient with me although i might not always be the easiest student to teach. I might be slow at times and the patience you have showed me would always be something i would remember. I hope that you enjoyed teaching me as much as i have enjoyed learning from you.

Seeing how much my math has improved since i first started until now made me like a subject i once loathed and dreaded. Thank you for helping me find that spark and joy for math and it would forever be something i hold close to my heart. Thank you Mr Ng.

Bishan S4 Emath (2021)

I've been in Mr Tham's Science class since the very beginning of Sec 1, and I still remember the first day. I came in so scared I was actually shaking, but after the lesson, I came out of the classroom and I thought it was one of the most fruitful learning experiences I've ever had.

Since day 1, I have really enjoyed his class, like how he came up with so many funny ways to help us remember things (I told my classmates about the cao cao limewater thing five minutes before my Mid Year paper and it actually came out in a question). He is so patient and kind that i always feel comfortable asking questions, and how he always gives off the vibe that he really enjoys what he is teaching.

Needless to say Mr Tham has helped me do very well in Chem and Physics so far, but more so he helped me understand how Science is really fun and applies a lot to real life.

Also, he is one of the teachers who, throughout my school life, has helped me realise that I also want to be a teacher when I grow up and help others like how he had helped all of us.

I believe I speak for all of us who have been in his class before that we really appreciate everything he has done for us, from painstakingly explaining questions to giving us random life advice, and generally being someone we can rely on.

Thank you for everything, Mr Tham!

Marine Parade S4 Chem (2021)

Ms Rachael is a dedicated, committed and patient tutor. She has been a great tutor for the 3 years. She takes the effort and time to explain and guide my girls. Even during their own revision, Ms Rachael would still guide them if they were unable to understand a question. Above all, she is motivated to guide my girls. She is very positive in her approach.Thank you Ms Rachael.
Nayli & Naila

Punggol P4/P6 Math & Sci (2021)

I initially enrolled into RMSS to strengthen my foundation for upper secondary, so my plan was to leave after my foundation was stable. however, my tutor Mr Jason Ang has strengthened more than my foundation. He had played an integral role in all the As i attained for chemistry, exposing me to difficult questions and always ensuring that im on the right track when answering questions. His resources are endless, and he will always have material to aid u in any concept u are unsure of. Having other teachers in RMSS, his teaching style is indeed different and more personalised. He would cater to the needs of each student and ensure that every student has their problems solved. being an inspiring figure, he would also share personal experiences and stories with us to make lessons more enjoyable. teaching and sitting through tuition is never entertaining or fun, but Mr Ang will always try to lift our spirits. Furthermore, he always tries his best to help u. Being his former physics student, physics was not my forte. despite that, he had still helped me willingly and tried his best to guide me and try to help me improve.

Mr ang isn't just a regular tutor.He always ensures that he places his students first in anything he does, and always tries his best to help us in any way he can. i am extremely grateful for the help he has given me :)
Elisabeth Yap

Marine Parade S4 Chem (2021)

Mr Neo is patient and thorough in his explanation, especially on difficult concepts. Mr Neo is very prompt in answering student's questions even outside his working hours. He is serious in his teaching and expect no less from his students. This sets the stage, and the students take every lesson seriously. Aaron has improved leaps and bounds in his science class. I am extremely grateful to Mr Neo. Thank you Mr Neo.
Aaron Lee

Marine Parade P6 Math & Sci (2021)

I joined Mr Teng's Pure Chemistry class at Secondary 3 after receiving my mid-year exam physics results (C5), and I was not happy about it.

After attending my first lesson in Mr Teng's class, I found his method of teaching to be interesting and effective, and it was easy to understand. He also encouraged me to attend extra lessons for topics that I was not strong in.

At my end-of-year examinations, I was able to push myself to a level of A2, and was able to maintain the grade of A2-B3 for my secondary 4 school exams under Mr Teng's lessons.

Mr Teng would also share stories and life experiences during classwork, and it keeps lessons interesting and enjoyable, his lessons also make me feel prepared for my O'Levels.

Thank you Mr Teng, for helping me in my Pure Chemistry!
Callum Ng

Bishan S4 Chem (2021)

Mr Teng is a brilliant teacher who is innovative with his teaching methods. What I enjoy most about his class is that he tends to use relatable examples in real life to help us understand the Physics concept better. I like that he goes throughs the concepts thoroughly and is very patient when going through the exam type of questions.
Thierry Yeo

Bishan S4 Physics (2021)

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