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With guidance from Rachael, Abbie's science results has improved tremendously within a year. Abbie's science foundation used to be very poor but with Rachael's dedication and patience, Abbie was able to grasp concepts, become more confident and enjoy the subject thoroughly now.I applaud on Rachael's dedication as she goes the extra mile by giving extra lessons to help the weaker students. She also attend to questions outside of tuition time.
Abbie Lin

Punggol P6 Science (2022)

When I first joined and failed consistently, Mr Seah helped me for topics which I was bad at, such as waves and light. He even helped me privately using his 1 to 1 lessons which I benefitted from immensely. Now, I am much more confident in tackling Physics papers and enjoy Physics as a subject, furthermore, he has helped me to widen my Physics knowledge even when I asked questions that were not in the syllabus. Mr Seah conducted lessons that were sometimes customised to me and my class' demands and needs.
An Yong Shyan

Jurong S4 Physics (2022)

Prior to joining Mr Wu's Science classes, my grades in both Biology and Chemistry were in the low Cs range and my fundamental knowledge was shaky. However under Mr Wu's guidance and help, my grades have improved tremendously and I have even managed to achieve an A2 and most importantly, I have grown to enjoy the learning process. Mr Wu makes lessons engaging and informative and he goes above and beyond to teach outside our syllabus. He is also very generous and willing to help whenever I ask and has provided me with ample extra classes and consultations, outside of the actual lesson timings. Mr Wu is a caring teacher who has truly helped me in both my grades and attitude towards Science.
Rachael Ching

Marine Parade S4 Science (2022)

Mr Teng, despite being part of his class for a few months, has been supportive and nonetheless a fun and approachable teacher. He is really fun to be around with and i never worry when facing any doubts as he is always quick to tackle any of my misconceptions with me. Moreover, his interaction and approach to the class is impeccable in my opinion. One thing i'll miss from his class is lively classroom atmosphere. As his class is just after school, it can be really exhausting at times. Nonetheless, he gives his maximum energy to keep the class and me energised to give our all. For sure my lessons and classes with Mr Teng will be dearly missed.
Ethan Pang

Marine Parade S4 Sci (P/C) (2022)

Gary Goh has been with RMSS since P6. I heartily thankful to Mr Ang , who was his Math teacher in S1 this year 2022. He is a very kind, responsible , patience, encouraging and supportive teacher. He has helped Gary to excel in Math from C5 to A1 in his year end exam 2022 . We are very grateful to Mr Ang that he is always available to clarify all our queries and took extra care on areas that needed to improve.
Gary Goh

Punggol S1 Math (2022)

I joined Mr Tham's class when I was in Secondary 4, and despite only being taught by him for a year, I think that he's one of the coolest teachers to have ever taught me.

I've managed to memorize a lot of concepts thanks to his unique ways of teaching, I got an A1 for prelims, and will probably enjoy learning about physics (even if it's not in the classroom) for years to come thanks to him.

He has a very good sense of humor and that's really what I enjoy most about his classes?-plus I don't think there's ever been a time where I was reluctant to learn physics with him.

Thank you Mr Tham for everything you've done!
Napatthorn Jenlene Choosaeng

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2022)

Thank you Mr Ng for teaching me and pushing me to my limits in mathematics! Without your teaching and methods, I will definitly not be able to achieve an A1 or top my class for Mathematics! Your methods are pretty easy to follow and adapt to, and you can easily explain with the whole class understanding your ways of thinking and solving a mathematics question! Thank you once again, and I wish you the best of luck for future ahead!
Cedric Low

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2022)

Science has always been a difficult subject to understand and it's even harder for our kids to develop an interest in the topic. Somehow, after a few months with Mr Neo, my son not only develop a greater level of enthusiasm in the subject but also improved his overall scores . His daily conversations with us now revolve around what he learnt during Mr Neo's class and he will always get his homework done. As a parent, that has taken a load off our minds as we feel assured my son is in good hands. Mr Neo is strict, but he is patient and always willing to answer my son's queries even during weekend/exam periods. Now my son is enjoying and improving in his maths lessons with Mr Neo as well. Being with the school close to 2+ years now, I think the school's emphasis is their way of teaching and the quality of teachers have been great.
Neilson Koh

Bishan P6 Math & Sci (2022)

We are parents of Nathaniel Neo whom are currently attending the S2 Math and Science classes conducted by Mr Phua and Ms Melissa Lim respectively.

Nathaniel has been with both tutors since Sec 1 and with their coaching, Nathaniel has achieved the following accolades in his school for the year of 2022(S1) .

We are very pleased with both tutors and would definitely recommend these 2 tutors in RMSS to our family and friends!
Nathaniel Neo

Marine Parade S2 Math & Science (2022)

Mr Lim is a teacher who's ways of teaching students are unrivalled. The ways that Mr Lim keeps the class engaged in lessons are unprecedented. Mr lim's perspicacity on the subject of mathematics are also impressive on many levels and the way he divulges it, is simply easy to understand and apply. Last but not least, i hold a strong conviction that joining Mr Lim's class will definitely help you to improve in mathematics as long as the effort is reciprocated by students.
Jerome Kwek

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2022)

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