Firstly, I would like to start off and thank Mr Lim for all the guidance he had given me for the past year. I joined RMSS at the end of the Sec 3 year as I did not manage to get my ideal results in S3 EOY and wanted to improve from there. I also lacked a lot of practice, which could be seen from my inability to do the tougher questions. When I first joined the class, I had a lot of catching up to do as the rest of the students already started on a new Sec 4 topic and I had to finish 3 books worth of content. Mr Lim was more than happy to help me along the way as he always encouraged me to attend extra lessons and I would even go to a further branch to attend his extra lessons. He always welcomed me with open arms and did not set overly high expectations of me at the start so that I would not feel stressed to meet his expectations. Furthermore, I felt extremely motivated to do well for Amath once I started attending his lessons.

Therefore, my Amath grades improved to an A1 in all my Sec 4 WAs and exams, which I do feel proud of considering I scraped through my S3 year. Honestly, I still feel so happy to be in his class because the atmosphere is so lively and motivating. I truly enjoyed my time here, despite it being really short. Thank you Mr Lim, I love taking “front row seats” in your “concerts”.

Bishan S4 Amath (2020)

Having Mr Teng as my tutor really allows me to fully develop my potentials academically as he is an excellent tutor. This can be seen when he extends his assistance to not just me, but also to the rest of the people who requires it. If there were any doubts that I had, he would answer readily without hesitance. In addition, he would go an extra mile for his students by providing extra lessons to help improve the understanding of the subject that was poor. Due to his ability to nurture his students, I have significantly improved academically and it all goes to him. Being under him for four years allowed me to understand how he is able to make a difference in students' lives which lead to my conclusion that, he is really a fabulous teacher.
Lexus Chia

Marine Parade S4 Chemistry (2020)

It has been a pleasure for me to have Mr Teng as my teacher for the past 3 years. I have really learn a lot from Mr Teng, and he definitely have helped me to improve my physics and chemistry over the years. He not only guide us through the topics but he also explained to us patiently whenever we have doubts in the practice questions.

He is also a very friendly person and always tries to make the class fun and more enjoyable to study in.

Thank you Mr Teng, for helping me through these three years.
Chloe Ng

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

RMSS has helped me to improve tremendously! With the plenty of resources that RMSS provides, I was able to have sufficient practice and apply the concepts learnt to various types of questions. RMSS is also very efficient in other aspects. My physics tutor, Mr Quek also helped my to understand physics concepts clearer. His detailed yet easy to understand explanations cleared up my misconceptions as well. His experiential advice on ways of tackling certain questions has also helped me:)
M Amruthavarshini

Bishan J2 Physics (2020)

Mr lim is a passionate mentor who is hardworking and strives to help us become better and enjoy doing math instead of finding math a chore. He would not hesitate to help us out and give advice on how to prepare ourselves for exams, sacrificing a lot of his time to answer our questions. His expectations for us is not an A but instead for us to do the best we can and maintain or improve our results. He is a really good teacher and I have learnt alot from him. I am glad I got to be in his class. Thanks Mr Lim!
Lim Qing Hui

Bishan S4 Amath (2020)

Before I came to RMSS I used to think that having tuition for Sciences was quite useless. But when I was Sec 3, I was told that Chemistry in upper sec would be alot harder than lower sec so i decided to join RMSS just to safekeep my A1 in Chemistry. When I first joined the class, Mr Teng was really quick in keeping me updated on the topics that I had missed before I joined.

Mr Teng's lessons are always really entertaining as once in a while he would crack a joke with us and it didn't feel as boring as a normal class in school. Also having my good friend in the same class as me for 2 years definitely helped to make this experience much more fun. Mr Teng would always go through the contents meticulously, ensuring that everyone understood what was being taught.

Whenever I had doubts, he would always answer my questions even if it my school worksheets that i didn't understand. After a year, I saw that my Chemistry grades improved and even now after taking my prelims before O levels, my Chemistry has improved tremendously under the teaching of Mr Teng. The huge stacks of practice papers bestowed upon me definitely helped me too (but it is very much appreciated).

Overall, I think that RMSS has absolutely helped me and I would not be getting such marks without RMSS.
Arienne Chua

Bishan S4 Chemistry (2020)

Mr Tham is a wonderful teacher and never fails to amaze me with his wide knowledge in Science and his positive attitude during his lessons. He has taught me since Secondary 3 and his lessons have never bore me due to his in-depth explanations and interesting ways to help us students to memorise answering techniques. To say that Mr Tham is a decent teacher is truly an understatement in my books.

Mr Tham is readily available to help any students he can and never turns down the opportunity to provide an answer to any of our queries. His fun personality perks up the whole class when times get tough and it is truly a joy to see a teacher having an amazing time teaching and educating students so that they could pursue their goals and dreams in the future.

That said, I have truly enjoyed the time spent in RMSS with Mr Tham and appreciate his effort in helping me get good grades in Science. My results have improved from B4 to A1. I am deciding on taking a Science related course in polytechnic and personally have to admit that much credit should go to Mr Tham for taking his time to answer my endless questions so that I could easily understand. The times spent struggling in my Sciences have really paid off and has forged me into an individual who shows genuine interest in the art of science.

Now that it has come to the last stretch before the O level examinations, I have to admit that things can get pretty nerve-wrecking at times. However, I believe in my abilities to score well for my Sciences after having been taught under Mr Tham for many months now. I am grateful for everything he has done for me in my preparation before the examinations and I could rest easy knowing that I could always rely on Mr Tham during difficult times. Thank you Mr Tham for teaching me for the past 2 years!
Bryan Peng

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

Ms Lim goes above and beyond her job requirements, where she always strives to help her students even after lessons end! She encourages us to try our best and makes us comfortable to look for her if there are any queries we have! She is a Tutor who is passionate about teaching and I really do appreciate her for everything…! All in all, she is a really great tutor, one who shows passion for her job and cares for her students.
Kenric Tan

Bishan S4B Chem (2020)

Our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Rachael who is a responsible and dedicated tutor. With your guidance and encouragement to Aeon. Aeon felt confident and has shown interest in Maths & Science since P5.

Appreciate Ms Rachael for her extra miles of giving extra lesson during exam period.

Thank you Ms Rachael!
Aeon Ng

Punggol P6 Sci & Math (2020)

Mr Benjamin is a very dedicated and responsible teacher who ensures that all his students have fully grasped a concept before moving on to the next. He actively engages his students during the lesson and makes them interesting by giving out various sweet treats to excite his students. My P6 daughter, Kyra, learnt a lot the past 1 year with Mr Benjamin. She learnt to solve complex problem sums using methods that were not taught in school but in Mr Benjamin's class. She does not hesitate to approach him whenever she encounters difficulties with Math sums. A big thank you and shout out to Mr Benjamin for his hard work and dedication to all his students.
Kyra Wong

Marine Parade P6b Math (2020)

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