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Thank you Mr Ng for all your help and support given to me. My Math has improved gradually under your guidance and tutoring, and I really appreciate all the advice you have provided. I hope to be able to make you proud by scoring a good grade in the O Level this year.
Kayley Ong

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2022)

Before I joined Mr Tham's Physics class, I was always getting a borderline Distinction which was a grade lower than my goal. Time and time again, it was severely difficult for me to push my grade up by one due to the few doubts I had. This made the subject a dread and I often neglected practising the subject.

However, after joining Mr Tham's class, I started to understand my previously unclear concepts and was able to practice them repeatedly. Mr Tham is always responsive towards any questions, no matter how simple they are. He helps to clarify any possible doubts that are still lingering and makes it a point to ensure everyone understands the specific questions.

Within a limited timeframe, my way of thinking had changed and I looked forward to practising Physics because of my fluency in it. This helped me eventually score a high distinction in the prelim exams which I sat for only after 2 months of joining Mr Tham's class.

Amidst preparing for the O Level exams, my fluency in the subject continues to improve and I am gaining confidence and a passion for the subject.

Thanks Mr Tham!!
Tessa Teh

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2022)

Sonya had tried all sorts of tuition centres & private tutors for Maths & Science since P3 but her stint with Ms Rachel Corera has been the longest & most fruitful. Ms Rachael will spend additional time to provide extra coaching to Sonya when necessary, boost her confidence & brush up her answering techniques. It is no fluke that my daughter topped her P5 class as a result of Ms Rachael's guidance & hard work. Look no further if you are looking for a dedicated, committed & professional educator.
Sonya Lim

Punggol P6 Math & Sci (2022)

Mr. Lim is an amazing teacher. Firstly, he is very patient and will explain all the questions we ask in great detail. A very useful thing he does that I appreciate is use real-life analogies and relate the math questions to real-world contexts for us to get a better grasp of the question. Second, Mr. Lim will truly go above and beyond with his students. He is very nurturing and very encouraging. He always encourages us to come for extra lessons and will go the extra step of coming early to class to help us. Moreover, he always knows the right things to tell us, how to encourage and push us to our greatest potential. Third, he updates us with helpful news and updates on the world, such as statistics on universities and starting salaries, to give us a wider scope and view of the world outside of academics. Furthermore, he teaches us important life skills, such as the importance of punctuality. Mr. Lim has motivated and supported me in doing my utmost best in my academic year, and under his care and supervision, I am sure I will blossom in my olevels. I owe my A1s in math and emath to Mr. Lim, and I will never forget him or his lessons!
Amber Dachlan

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2022)

I only joined Ms Melissa Lim's Chemistry class for a year and it was a life changing experience. Prior to joining Ms Lim's Chemistry class, i had scored a F9 on my Secondary 3 End Of Year Exams. I was lost and felt hopeless and felt like giving up. However, after joining Ms lim's class for only 3 months i improved to a B4 and gradually to get an A for my prelims. Ms Lim is an extremely energetic and engaging teacher which has always motivated me to do better and try harder. In addition to this, Ms Lim puts in the effort to ensure that all her students do not give up, constantly encouraging us to come for extras or reach out for help. I will forever be grateful for the effort and time Ms Lim has dedicated to helping me improve, even replying my queries in the wee hours of the night and putting her students first.
Zack Tan

Bishan S4 Chem & Biology (2022)

Mr Tan always does his best to make his lessons engaging and easy to understand! Ever since I started attending RMSS, my Math grades have seen a sharp increase. RMSS teaches many useful methods to solve Math questions that makes them much easier and faster to solve. I would recommend anyone who's struggling in Mathematics to attend Mr Tan's Math class in RMSS.
Jay Tay

Punggol P6 Math & Sci (2022)

I joined Mr yeo's at the end of j1 with U grade for h2 math. Mr yeo is productive and efficient in teaching, he would bring us through the thought process which is crucial to solving math problems and often provide alternative solutions to questions. His teaching methods has benefited me as I managed to grasps concept better, which made me more confident!Furthermore, learning from Mr Yeo's class has made me more resilient, to always try one more time before giving up when I encounter a problem. Needless to say, my grades improved from a U grade to C by prelims, all thanks to Mr Yeo! Thank you Mr Yeo for your guidance, I really appreciate it!
Lim Li Ling

Marine Parade J2 Math (2022)

Mr Quek has been a wonderful tutor during my sec 3-4 journey. He has a unique yet effective way of teaching our class. As I thought he would be explaining questions all by himself, instead he asked us to share our answers to make sure that we are grasping the concepts right. He have also brought us amazing memories throughout the 2 years and I hope he will bring this on to other students.
Zedric Chan

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2022)

Before I joined Mr Wu's class I was struggling to grasp the concepts taught by the school, however after experiencing the interactive teaching of Mr Wu I had a much easier time learning new topics which has led me to comfortably acing my biology and chemistry exams for the past few years.
Yeo Hai En

Marine Parade S4 Bio

I had joined RMSS quite late in june when it was the year of my o levels. I was doing badly in chemistry and had gotten a C5 in the mid years. As i started the class later than most people, I felt very worried because it was my first tuition in secondary school. However, Ms Lim was a very friendly teacher and she even took the initiative to meet me and my parents first to know my name. Her lessons are also fun whenever she has stories to tell and her acronyms make memorising the contents easier. I settled into the class smoothly and i am able to learn new tips and spot exam questions thanks for her. I would like to thank Ms Lim for helping me achieve an A2 in chemistry which i have never gotten before ! :))
Felicia Wong

Bishan S4 Chem (2022)

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