My boy started to attend Mr Benjamin class in June this year. Mr Benjamin's dedication and devotion to teach is a great inspiration to my boy. His selfless and patient approach helps pushed my boy to work harder. Mr Benjamin is a driven, organized tutor who inspiring relationship with his students. My boy have always dread to go tuition classes. But ever since going to Mr Benjamin class, I had never seen him dragging himself to class again.He have excellent communication skills with parents. Mr Benjamin ability to connect with his students and his talent for teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics,are both superior. Thumbs up for this great man!! I will highly recommend Mr Benjamin as your tutor without any reservation. Heartfelt appreciation for the guidance ,time and effort for my kids. Thank you once again for teaching my boy (P6) and my gal(P1).
Chay Jun En

Marine Parade P6 Math (2019)

Mr Khoo is very committed and is always willing to help his students however he can. He is invested in his students and shows this by chatting with them. By doing so, he creates an environment where students are able to comfortably ask questions. He is an excellent teacher and I am extremely grateful for his lessons.
Isabel Wong

Marine Parade S4 Biology (2019)

Mr Chow has helped a lot throughout the journey of P6. My daughter's grades have improved from a D-grade to an A-grade. The different methods have helped her with many different types of heuristic questions. For science, the notes and different answering techniques have helped her give a clearer explanation in her booklet B. Her concepts are clearer and her MCQ marks have also increased along with her booklet B. We are lucky to have such an intelligent, kind yet strict teacher to help her so much along the way.
Wong En Rou

Punggol P6 Math (2019)

Ms Karmen is a very caring and friendly teacher who is willing to put in her time and effort to help me improve tremendously from F9 to B4 for my science physics and a C5 for my overall combined science result. Her patience and dedication to help us improve, the motivation and the belief that it was possible and never too late to improve, had rlly helped me and my friends to not give up and work hard towards our goal. I am indeed grateful for her and lucky to have her as my tutor.
Lum Jia Yu Kiki

Punggol S4 Science (P/C) (2019)

Ms Ong is a fun and entertaining teacher. I joined her class when RMSS began teaching the P6 syllabus last year. She taught me different ways to understand certain Maths concepts. As for Science, she also taught me easy ways to memorise keywords for certain Science concepts. I really love the way she teaches me as she slows down and explains the concepts, that students in my class do not understand, during every lesson till they do. As a result, my Math and Science results have improved greatly. Thank You Ms Ong!

Bishan P6 Math (2019)

My daughter has always been very weak in Math and have never passed Math before she joined RMSS. However, after joining Mr Aaron Chow's Math class for only a few months, she passed her first Math CA. Mr Chow is firm yet patient. He will patiently go through difficult concepts clearly and make sure the students understand what is being taught. As such my child has not only understood the concepts that Mr Chow taught in class, she has also learnt to be discipline in her work. Now she is happily enrolled in both Mr Chow's Math as well as Science classes and looking forward to her weekly lessons at RMSS. Thank you very much, Mr Chow:)
Mikaela Cheong

Punggol P4 Math (2019)

Before Tricia joined with RMSS Punggol Oasis Terrace, we had concern on her Math school results and she had no/less motivation to learn on Math subject.

But since Sep 2018 (when she was in P5), she had joined RMSS Punggol with teacher Mr. Aaron Chow, (who is a nice and patient Math teacher), Tricia has learnt and enjoyed the lessons with him, and Mr Chow explained well to her whenever there is a doubt in Math from tuition or from school.

If there are few subjects' homework from school, Tricia will immediately choose Math homework first rather than other subjects. As Tricia's parent, we had no communication issue with Mr Chow, who follow up on her progress/results and response quickly whenever we had enquiries.

We believed that with Mr. Chow's mentoring and guidance had benefitted for her passion in Math, and also we have seen her school Math papers test result are improved too.

We would like to Thank You very much to Mr. Aaron Chow for his mentoring and guidance and we wish him continue success and keep it up his excellent mentoring and guidance towards all students.
Tricia Hou

Punggol P6 Math (2019)

Ms Soon has helped me have more confidence in my Chemistry. She checks on her students and ensures that they understand what they are doing. She also constantly asks us to come back to do extra work which benefits us. From these extra lessons, I have definitely learnt more as I would have questions and she would be willing to answer them. Ms Soon would also sacrifice her sleep for her students as she know many of us would do last minute studying. So, she stays up just in case her students need her help. I hope to do well for O levels after all her help.
Venetia Ho

Punggol S4 Chem (2019)

I am glad that I had found a good tuition centre for my daughter, it was a last minute decision to enrol her into RMSS to improve her mathematics grades within 3 months for her incoming PSLE. Firstly, I would to like to compliment RMSS has a good managing system who keeps parents well-informed and updated on schedule and progress.

Secondly, I would to like compliment my daughter's math tuition teacher Ms Ong, my daughter actually enjoys her classes and was motivated to attend as there was improvement in her grades. Even though my daughter Vera was a short term student, I was quite surprised that Ms Ong had actually went extra miles to give my daughter extra learning hours out of normal scheduled tuition lesson, which show that she do really care about the student learning progress. Ms Ong's ability to teach and help raise my daughter's interest and confidence in solving difficult mathematical questions definitely deserves a thumbs up. Kudos to the job well done! Thank you Ms Ong!
Vera Ang

Bishan P6 Math (2019)

Dear Ms Ong, Thank you for your dedication and commitment in teaching my daughter, and for all the extra lessons that you have put in during exam periods to make sure all those under your wing do well. The final primary years Julia had in RMSS with you was fruitful and inspiring. Her grades improved and she is interested in Science and more confident in her answering techniques. So much so that her school teacher chose her, together with a small group of other girls, to mentor those in class who are weaker in Science this year. Thank you for your tireless efforts and encouragement to the class!

Bishan P6 Science (2019)

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