When I first joined RMSS, I was surprised at how they implement presentations into lessons and although I didn't feel scared to present in front of people I didn't know, sometimes I dreaded it as it would mean that I would have to do every single question for homework. However, it helped me to be more disciplined in my work and my presentations. I also really liked the feeling that my friends that are watching me present would always be there to support me and help me if I got certain parts wrong.

I am really grateful to Mr Lee for always being there to provide me with guidance and helping me to correct wrong steps and improve from my workings. I really enjoyed being in Mr Lee's class as his classes were always a balance of seriousness & fun! His lessons helped me to pace my learning and slowly get into exam mood especially through the weekly tests.

I used to always panic and have to quickly read through the notes before the tests started but after a while, I no longer needed to depend on my notes as much as the formulas were slowly inside my head and it helped me to not be so stressed when my school teachers scheduled weekly tests as well. Overall, I really enjoyed classes with Mr Lee and am really thankful for all the efforts he had put in to help me improve and for always helping me during presentations and making funny jokes!
Yue Jia Fan

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

Before I joined RMSS, the grades I got for math was around borderline fail or pass, I wasn't doing very good for math. That was when my parents and I decided to join RMSS in hope that my results for math will improve. I first came in when I was sec 1 and I met Mr Lee, he was rather strict at the start and most of us new he wasn't the kind to be messed around with, but his character as well as passion for teaching was what made the difference in making us better, more responsible and disciplined students. In a matter of a few months, he pushed my grades up from D7 to A1 for my Sec 1 SA2, and from then on, I have always been with Mr Lee and RMSS.

In class, we will have to participate in a segment called “presentation” where we are call up to the board to present our solutions to the class, this not only helps us with our confidence but it also helps Mr Lee identify any misconceptions and understand our way of thinking when we attempt the questions. Mr Lee will correct us on the spot to prevent our misconceptions from snowballing into bigger problems.

Mr Lee is also very hardworking, even though he has to teach other classes, often he would allow us to come for class early to revise for up coming class tests or to revise topics. As such, he is putting in 2 times the effort by running 2 classes at once. As the years go by, Mr Lee has become less strict as at sec 4, we are able to take responsibility of our own learning, for me, this is partially because of the way Mr Lee has taught me since I was 13.

In my time in RMSS, I have forged many bonds with my classmates as well as Mr Lee, RMSS is like a family where we share common experiences while working toward a common goal.
Julius Sng

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

在我还未进入RMSS补习班前,我的数学成绩一直濒临不及格。在同学的推荐下,我抱着"试一试"的心态加入了李老师 (Mr John Lee) 的班。李老师非常有耐心地带着我进入状态,让我能够跟上班上其他同学的进度。

Lingqi Fu

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

Mr Teng is a very passionate teacher that has a lot of patience for his students and would go the extra mile to help his students. He helped me better understand this topic and was very patient with me even though I was very weak at some chapters. Mr Teng is a very kind teacher and he never fails to make lessons fun and intriguing for us. He is also very dedicated to helping us achieve the best results as he would come an hour earlier before lessons just so that we could come for extra consultation if we needed too. Apart from teaching me science Mr Teng is also like a fatherly figure to me, he helps me by giving me life lessons sometimes by telling me what is right and what is wrong, he even told me that he would be proud of me if I made it into ACJC. In this past year, my science grades have improved dramatically because of his lessons and his guidance.
Sean Oh

Bishan S4 Science (P/C) (2018)

I still remember when I enrolled into Ms Lim's Chemistry's class, I was certain that my grades for chemistry would improve as it was likewise with my math. To be very honest, in the first few lessons, I hardly comprehended anything she said as my understanding of chemistry was minute. I was then unassertive of whether I would still be able to ameliorate my Chemistry standard. However, with Ms Lim's motivation and encouragement over the last 9 months, I started to feel that my chemistry was improving gradually. I have always been a very vexatious student, yet she would still spend time and effort to make sure I apprehended what she said. Not only that, she rewards her students for doing well or improving. All in all, I think that Ms Lim is an appreciable teacher and that she should be more appreciated for the amount of effort she puts in to teach her students.
Ernest Koh

Bishan S4 Chem (2018)

Mr Tham has a different approach to lessons, making lessons feel less dreadful. Mr Tham is very patient with his students and always use very unique methods to help us remember formulae and key content.

With his methods, I am able to remember formulae a lot better and find it a lot easier to apply them in questions.

Mr Tham often share his own experiences as a student with the class and use his past experiences to motivate us to work harder. Under his guidance, I have been achieving consistent A grades for my combined science, a huge improvement from C6-D7 grades previously.

Thank You Mr Tham!!
Ho Chang Rong

Katong S4 Sci (P/C) (2018)

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