I joined Mr John Lee's class after my friend recommended me to come to RMSS. Mr Lee never fails to care for each and every of the students, always walking around to ensure that all of us do not have any doubts before we move on.

He always gives us opportunities to come out to present our answers, helping to correct any wrong understandings and at the same time training our oratical skills. He is an engaging educator who never fails to bring in his personal stories that would expand our context. Once, he shared his experiences of owning a car when one of the EMath question touched on the concept of owning a car.

He is straightforward person who will not hesitate to roast some of our classmates, and sometimes would be a no-nonsense teacher and be extremely serious about work during class.

I felt that I have improved in my AMath tremendously as prior to joining this class, I would give up easily when I saw the questions but now, I can attempt the questions with confidence. I definitely recommend joining Mr Lee's class if you want to grow holistically and also improve on your Math.
Yu Yong Pang

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

When I first joined Mr Lee at the start of the year, I was passing additional mathematics, but barely and since I was doing so badly in it, my hatred for the subject came naturally. I preferred studying and learning other subjects and wasn't interested at all because I thought mathematics was a waste of time. Now, I'm doing better in mathematics but more importantly I have newfound admiration for the subject – all thanks to Mr Lee.

His refreshing take on academics in general and interesting ways of teaching even the most complex topics made me understand that mathematics was so much more than just a problem sum. The development of my respect for the subject allowed me to understand the topics better and to be able to apply concepts better. Moreover, having such a straightforward and strict teacher helped me become more disciplined and meticulous while doing my work.

Mr Lee always allowed and encouraged us to come for extra lessons to cover topics we were not extremely comfortable in and during these extra lessons, he would often come by and ask us whether we needed any help in solving any questions or understanding a topic. This allowed for the session to be more fruitful because any doubt that I had would be clarified immediately.

One other thing that made me look forward to wanting to come to tuition was the stories, advice and insights Mr Lee was always giving us. By injecting bits and pieces of knowledge on how to deal with academics while always showing us the importance of going out of our comfort zone, he was able to leave a longer-lasting, positive impact on all the students.

All in all, while this school year has been a hectic one, mathematics lessons were always a constant and helped develop me into a person who was willing to be more proactive in achieving her goals in both academic and non-academic pursuits.

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

Ever since I enrolled in Mr Lee's class in sec 1, mathematics was my best subject. Mr Lee's class was fun and interesting, and it was always a joy for me to be going to his class to learn a new topic. Mr Lee's teaching methods changed over the past 4 years, from being strict and always scolding someone every lesson to being kind and patient. However, despite the change, his teaching style stays the same and he made sure everyone understands before moving on. This made me more confident in doing maths and made understanding concepts better. When coming to the prelims and O levels, Mr Lee made us come down 1 and a half hours before our regular tuition timing to conduct a mock test. He always tells us to get out of our comfort zone, and we did this for almost every week, until we were used to it. The countless mock tests that we did also made my grades more consistent, and this made sure that my grades were never below an A1.
Aloysius Ng

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

My sister had a wonderful experience being taught by Mr Victor Chew….so I decided to join his class too. Boy! I am glad I took up her recommendation.

Mr Chew made every lesson so interesting, fun and easy to understand. He loves to crack lame jokes that made the class laugh which helped to relieve the PSLE stress in us……at the same time…he was very strict with punctuality and made sure we completed all our homework every lesson…

He does not mind spending extra time to clarify our doubts and helped me (actually my mummy) solved our Math problems via whatsapp …that is Mr Chew…he doesn't mind going that extra mile….U ROCK Mr Chew….
Amanda Ho

Marine Parade P6 Math (2019)

Ms Liew is a very passionate and dedicated teacher, she always makes sure that I have enough practice, as well as rest, so that i am prepared for my math papers. She also explains questions throughly so that i will not make the same mistake if a similar question in the exams and prepare us well for exams by having timed practices in class and keeping track of our improvement. She would also keep us motivated for the exams and the upcoming o levels so that we do not give up. Overall, Ms Liew is a really great teacher who teaches from the heart and with Ms Liew's help, I have managed to maintained both my A Math and E Math grades at A1, thank you Ms Liew!! :)
Teena Tan

Punggol S4 Amath (2019)

Mr. Eugene Tan is not your ordinary enrichment teacher who uses traditional methods to teach. He is able to engage both students and parents in his own unique and non-conventional ways! He gave us a first good impression by asking to know more about our son, Josiah's strengths, goals and personality before he took him on as a student. Mr Eugene made sure he could engage Josiah and tailor the lessons to his needs. He was strict when he needed to be yet also a “friend” to Josiah. Josiah had some difficulty initially adjusting to class discipline and homework completion. Mr Eugene was able to engage Josiah in a manner in which he grew to like Maths, became more serious about his work and developed the confidence to do it well enough. We are also appreciative of the regular updates provided by Mr Eugene on Josiah's progress and his flexibility with class schedules. We are glad that our son had the privilege to have Mr Eugene as his Maths teacher!
Josiah Lim

Punggol P6 Math (2019)

Mr Tan is a responsible teacher. Despite under a tight timetable for a Sec 4 class, he would make sure that the students understood the concept before moving on. He also explain with great patience and never give up on any student. He would make the extra effort to plan revision timetables for his classes, so that the students can learn at a steady pace. I have made tremendous improvement after joining Mr Tan's class. I indeed appreciate the fact that he focused on the understanding of concepts, and practicing of questions are build up on top of understanding. With that, the students can apply the knowledge in a new question, and the learning is more meaningful.
Qiu Hui Jin

Bishan S4 Amath (2019)

As a Primary Six student, I had to sit for the PSLE at the end of the year. My Science was weaker than my other subjects and I usually could only manage to get an high B - low A. Hence, I joined RMSS after SA1 as I had only gotten a B and was taught Science by Mr Tan. During classes, Mr Tan would always try to lighten up the mood by making funny jokes, which always made the lessons enjoyable and memorable. One thing I would like to thank him for us the fact that he would always use his free time to try and help us with any questions we had and would even go the extra mile to help mark the papers that we did by ourselves as practice and note down the concept or what we missed out on the paper. Through his classes, I felt that Science was not as hard as it used to be and that it was actually quite fun. With his guidance, I scored a high A for my preliminary examination and I am very thankful to Mr Tan.
Kait Goh

Punggol P6 Science (2019)

Mr Tan is a very experienced and dedicated tutor. He has the ability to distill abstract idea in mathematics into clear and comprehensible concepts to students. More importantly, Mr Tan injects humour into his lessons, thus making math and science lessons so much more relatable and enjoyable. Mr Tan would make extra effort to give us personal attention, often making us come back for extra lessons to catch up on missed lessons as well as topics that we were weak in. I have benefitted tremendously from his lessons and have done well consistently in these two subjects after joining Mr Tan's classes since Primary Two. Thank you very much for preparing me well for PSLE, Mr Tan.
Isaac Cheong

Punggol P6 Math (2019)

I used to dislike both EMath and AMath because i did not understand what my teacher taught in class and i had little intrest in both math. I was constantly failing thus decided to join Mr Tan class after my secondary 3 end of years exams as i failed badly for AMath . He encouraged me to come back for extra lessons to work on my weaker topics so i did 3hrs lesson twice a week. Mr Tan would regularly check on my progress in class and always taught me patiently and ensured that i understood what he thaught and this motivated me to study harder for both Math. He also allowed me to come earlier or stay back after classes to clarify certain math questions. During secondary 4 I managed to improve my grade to an A1 for both math for my prelim exams. I am very truly grateful for the guidance and teaching by Mr Tan. Thank you Mr Tan .
Hong Yi Wong

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

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