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I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Ms Ong. She has been my son - Keanan Wong's Science teacher for a few years. Keanan is sitting for his PSLE this year. Ms Ong comes highly recommended by many of my friends who send their children of different standard to Ms Ong for Science and Math tuition. We are all awed by Ms Ong dedication and commitment. We like that Ms Ong is strict with the children and watches over them with eagle's eyes especially during ZOOM classes. Honestly we do not know how she does it remotely but she always ensure the children are engaged virtually and pay attention during classes. Kudos to her! My son's grade has improved since Ms Ong tutored him. Ms Ong always ensure he keeps up with the rest of the students and endeavour to bring out the best in my son.

I really cannot thank Ms Ong enough. I often say that she overworks herself as I found out she not only gives extra lessons to PSLE students and even students of lower standard. So I want to say big THANK YOU to Ms Ong! She is such a gem and RMSS is so blessed to have such a great committed and dedicated teacher in the RMSS team.
Keanan Wong

Bishan P6B Science (2021)

I joined Mr Yeo's Class at the very start of this year and it's very safe to say that it was a decision that i do not regret at all. When i first joined his class , i had just came off a demoralising F9 (32/80) in Amath. I was honestly somewhat dreading amath. However , going to his class certainly took away the resentment and dread towards amath. I really enjoyed Mr Yeo's class , with many questions to ensure that our understanding for the particular chapter was rock solid. Most importantly i truly have to thank him for elevating my results from F9 (32/80) in s3 to A1 in Prelims and Mye , ps i hope i get A1 for Os too! He is truly a great teacher and i will also remember him for his jokes and funny convos with us. Once Again , Thank You So So Much Mr Yeo !!!!
Ethan Lai

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2022)

I joined RMSS in Secondary 2 in 2019 and was assigned under Mr Tham's guidance, as my teacher. Back then I was a student who did not have much motivation to study.

However after seeing Mr Tham's benignancy and benevolence to help students excel in science, it spurred me to start working harder as I finally fathomed that studies are of paramount importance.

In Sec 2, my grades were stagnant at around a B4 range which is vastly different from the grades that I am achieving now which falls between mostly an A1 range. I never really had a knack for Science and did not find it a cinch to complete even the simplest of chemistry/physics questions.

Seeing Mr Tham's passion to help me even outside of class time such as through Whatsapp, brought upon a tremendous sense of euphoria in me, reassuring me that I can rely on Mr Tham for help and clarify my questions or doubts when faced with predicaments when I am doing my own revision. Thank you Mr Tham for being so patient with me when teaching me!
Wayne Ong

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2021)

Being a student of Mr Ang for the past 4 years, I felt that I have grown to be the best version of myself not just in terms of chemistry, but my attitude towards learning has changed drastically because of mr ang as well. When I first joined in sec 1, I was nervous, unmotivated and not looking forward to future lessons. However, that quickly changed as I grew to enjoy attending Mr Ang's lessons. Not only are the explanations very clear, the way he conducts and carry out the lessons are also very fun and engaging to his students. For example, he would often give challenging questions to his students and reward them if they manage to solve them. To me, this made the lessons a lot more fun as I was being challenged to try my best instead of just listening to boring theory lessons over and over again. Mr Ang has also demonstrated countless times his approach to solving the various types of questions, from revealing all his secret shortcuts to applying them first-hand for us to adapt to. I personally feel this has helped me tremendously as I was able to adapt to his way of thinking and improved in my chemistry to the point that there was not much more he could help me further by the time of my o levels. Thanks to Mr Ang, my chemistry has not even once fallen even close to not getting an A1, even my lower sec science has mostly been an A1. Additionally, Mr Ang also takes the extra effort to find different ways to make lessons more interesting and more effective every year. He puts in the time to create google forms for the sake of checking on his students' progress just to differentiate who needs more help. Aside from the academic aspect of his teachings, Mr Ang also shares his personal life stories at times to either prove a point or just to teach us life values which are invaluable. It also makes it very clear to me that Mr Ang understands all the struggles that students face in their lifetime and tries his best to teach us how he would approach our diff
Justin Tan

Bishan S4 Chem (2022)

Ms. Rachael is kind, supportive and a friendly teacher. She has helped Oviya to excel in Math and Science. We are grateful to Ms. Rachael for her guidance and encouragement. She is always available to clarify all our queries and took extra care on areas that needed improvements. It helped Oviya to improve on her weaker topics. Oviya is happy to have such an amazing teacher.

Punggol P6 Math & Sci (2021)

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Teng. I've been under Mr Teng for two years and thanks to him, I have been able to achieve consistently good results for my chemistry. (A grades). Before joining Mr Teng, my chemistry was average but under Mr Teng's constant guidance and patient teaching, I was really able to achieve greater heights and progress in Chemistry. What's really great about Mr Teng's teaching is that he is very thorough in his explanations and is able to make multiple topics more concise. Furthermore , he shares helpful studying techniques like grouping topics in threes as well as giving fun acronyms to help me recall certain concepts better. I cannot be more grateful for his patience and kindly demeanour towards all my endless questions. Thank you for a good two years Mr Teng!!!
Reese Lim

Marine Parade S4 Chem (2021)

I've been a student under mr ang for 4 years. needless to say, im very thankful for all he had done for me. mr ang always goes the extra mile to help students when we have doubts, and provide us with extra practice so as to strengthen our weaker concepts. when he thinks that we are feeling down, he will always tell jokes and stories to cheer us up and motivate us. when i dont do well, mr ang never scolds me but instead tells me to laugh it off and come back stronger. i think this way of perceiving my results has helped me not to be badly affected by my grades and see it as a stepping stone to do better. mr ang believes that all his students can do well and i am very grateful for that. when i left his chemistry class in sec3, he reached out to me again in the middle of my sec4 year, asking me to return to his class. as i was struggling with chemistry at that time, i was very grateful that mr ang had asked me to return to his class. after joining back his class, i found chemistry easier to learn and all of my doubts had been clarified. i found chemistry more enjoyable and i put in more effort to do well. thank you mr ang for the past 4 years. you've been a great inspiration to me and i wish you all the best in the future.
Elizabeth Teoh

Mr Franklin Neo is a very humble and nice person. He is friendly will kids. His teaching techniques are so effective that both my kids can understand the method easily. He has a caring nature too and is very dedicated for what he is doing. He is willing to go the extra mile to give addition classes and help to Tegveer and Ashwin when they have difficulties in some topics. We are happy to have Mr Franklin Neo to guide the kids. Thank you so much Mr Franklin Neo.
Ashwin Kaur

Bishan P6 Math (2021)

Mr Tham is a positive and helpful teacher. He is always very patient with me whenever I ask him questions and always encourages us to go for extras to clear our doubts. I like that he tries to make class more interesting by using fun methods to explain his classes so that it'll be more memorable to understand the content and memorise key concepts. He is a very approachable teacher and with his help and guidance, my science grades has improved from a D7 in Sec 3 and the start of Sec 4, to a B3 in my Sec 4 Mid-year exams. I really enjoyed all of his classes that I have attended and he has even motivated me to like Science again. Thank you Mr Tham :)
Ang Xue Qi

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2021)

Mr Lee is the best math tutor I have ever come across and he should be your first choice tutor at RMSS.

I joined RMSS for Amath in secondary 3 after obtaining 17/30 in my first amath test, a test that I only passed by sheer luck. And honestly this decision is one of the few good decisions I have ever made.

At first, you might think that Mr Lee is the scariest person ever but after spending more time in his classes you will realise that he is actually very caring and supportive of his students. I still remember in my first class, he had called people to present their answers to the class and Mr Lee started reprimanding my classmate, who had clearly not done his work, very harshly. Although this experience might scare some other first time students, to me, it just proved to me that I had made the right choice as I learnt that he is very serious about his work and does care a lot for his students as he wants to make sure that his students show the correct working and use the correct method, even if it means scolding his students occasionally.

Before tests and exams, he will call his students down for extra classes on top of weekly mock tests held on his off-day. Further proving to me that Mr Lee is a very passionate teacher who genuinely cares for students as he ensures that all his students have more than enough preparation for their tests and examinations.

Furthermore, in his lessons, we learn many tips and tricks that simplify otherwise very complicated workings and methods which also helps us to understand and apply the concepts easier.

Because of his classes, my Amath grade jumped from a C5 to A1 in the next test, which was about 4 months after I joined his class. And I have maintained my A1 standard of over 80% for both Amath and Emath from secondary 3 to 4.

I definitely recommend Mr Lee as your teacher, you won't regret it! And also...Thank you Mr Lee :)
Jia Xin Chang

Bishan S4 Amath (2021)

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