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Dear Ms. Hannah, Thank you for your patience & support to my daughter during this short & last term to PSLE. I am grateful that my girl was in good hand under your care & supervision. You are easy-going, experience & attentive to students. Thank you very much for your commitment. It's right decision to make by switching my girl to RMSS. The experience that l had with RMSS is different from others. And the center has a good learning environment. Not forgetting to thanks to the friendly & helpful staffs at the reception. Keep up the great work. Stay safe & healthy. Thank you. Best regards, Susan
Tiffany Chew

Jurong P6 Math & Sci (2022)

My boy Titus told me multiple times that Mr Tan's classes are so fun as he could make boring maths and science concepts interesting and easy to remember. Titus has attended Mr Tan's classes for about 3 years now. His comments of Mr Tan shifted from 'strict and fierce' to 'fun and love-it!'. Thank you Mr Tan for the great lessons and guidance through the critical PSLE preparation years!
Titus Oh

Punggol P6 Math (2022)

Thank you Mr Ng for being such a wonderful tutor and helping me improve math in such a short span of time. I really appreciate the extra time and effort you put to ensure we all master the topics we are weak in. I will continue to work hard for my O levels and hopefully get an A1 for EMATH! Your teaching has allowed me to gain confidence in MATH as MATH used to be one of my weaker subjects. But now MATH is my best subject and I amd very happy about that!
Felyn Ong

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2022)

Ms florence is a helpful and understanding teacher. she always offers additional help to students who need it and will spare extra time to give them consultation. she tries to ensure that students do not miss out on the content she teaches and will record the lesson for them if needed, she also answer our queries as soon as she can and gives us advice on how to better improve our answers. i am extremely grateful to have met a kind and helpful teacher like her for english.
Pin Yu Lim

Bishan S4 English (2022)

Before joining Mr. Wu at rmss, i had been consistently failing or barely passing science . My school teacher was behind schedule and I did not have any basic foundation and had to base of guessing to do questions . After seeking help from Mr Wu , he often welcomed us to come back for extra class and would specifically make time and come early just to help us learn a extra concept. Mr Wu is a passionate teacher who teaches from the heart and strives to help students reach their full potential. Even though at the start i was unable to answer questions Mr Wu posed in class , he was patient and explained everything clearly. Slowly with Mr Wu's assistance , i improved and jumped multiple grades.He also cares for every student's wellbeing and makes learning interesting rather than learning just to achieve good grades . Mr Wu saved my science.
Natalie Soh

Marine Parade S4 Science (2022)

Both my boys were fortunate to be tutored by Miss Ong during their upper primary years. They improved significantly on their science concepts and enjoyed their lessons. Miss Ong has been very passionate in her teaching, and would take extra time to feedback about the boys progress with me. We were very grateful to her extra effort and lessons given during the PSLE preparation. Thank you Miss Ong!
Dylan & Dylronn

Bishan P6 Science (2022)

I would like to thank Mr Seah for teaching me this year. He would always answer my questions, no matter how trivial they may be, and would try his best to explain the question in detail till I understood it. He would go the extra mile to help his students too! I did not understand the Physics chapter on Electromagnetic Induction, but after attending his lesson, and pestering him with questions late at night (which he promptly responded to), the questions finally made sense! Before joining RMSS, my physics was a mess and I was getting C5s and B4s. It stayed at a consistent A1 after joinng his classes! Once again I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Seah!
Hu Bowen

Jurong S4 Physics & Chemistry (2022)

Hi Teacher Florence,

First and foremost, thank you for all your efforts to help David with his English Language. I've witnessed his improvements in the past months and I can only attribute this to your unwavering support for him in the past months to help him with his PSLE preparations. Thank you for going over and beyond, to arrange for additional classes at your expense, so as to ensure that he has a firm grounding in his basics. Your thoughtful gestures are greatly appreciated. He has improved significantly. You've inspired his love for reading and the language and now he's reading all my crime and mystery novels at home! Thank you for all your efforts!

With thanks,
Cherry (Mrs Lim)
David Lim

Bishan P6 English (2022)

We would like to thank Mdm Tan for going the extra mile to give one to one Oral practice before my daughter's exam. She even arranged for an online class and taught via zoom despite being sick. She has proven to be a very dedicated and patient teacher. My daughter scored A1 for her recent Chinese "O" Level paper, which we credit to her teaching. It is a very remarkable improvement for Bernadette. We are very greatful to have Ms Tan as her teacher.

Bishan S4 Chinese (2022)

Before I joined Ms Alvina's class, I was frustrated with chemistry as I could not understand the concepts and logic behind it and thus,could not score well in my exams.However, after joining Ms Alvina's class, she was able to explain complex chemistry concepts in a simple way which I could understand and apply. She also provided a safe environment for us to clarify any questions we may have and tried to help us to the best of her ability,even going the extra mile to provide extra classes for us when she deemed necessary. She also continuously encouraged us!:)Subsequently, I was able to make a huge improvement and pass with flying colours for my o levels! Thank you very much Ms Alvina!

Punggol S4 Chemistry (2022)

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