Although I've been in Mr Teng's class for a little more than a year, Mr Teng has helped me greatly in my understanding in certain physics topics and is always very willing to answer any questions that I have. Whenever I do not understand anything, he would patiently explain the questions to me and even find various methods to explain the question until I understood it.
Kristen Phoon

Bishan S4 Physics (2020)

I want to thank Mr Quek for all the extra efforts he have made to help me in Amath. I remember I used to get D7 for my exam before joining his class. Then I realised that I really needed help in Amath. Joining Mr Quek's class was the best decision I could have ever make, achieving A1 for my next exam . After being taught by him, I could instantly see huge improvement in my grade. I also enjoy his teaching and his clear explanations and workings really help me in clarifying my doubts.
Totoro Cang

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2020)

Mr Lim— a phenomenal mathematics teacher. His passion ignites his students to follow in his footsteps, he lights up the darkness and leads us through the thorny thickets towards paradise. Not only does Mr Lim perform his role as a teacher perfectly, he willingly goes the extra mile for his students' sake, sacrificing his off days and restful nights all to rescue his students, explaining concepts time and again, meticulously working through endless mathematical problems with his cohort of students, one by one.

These four years after having joined Mr Lim, my understanding of mathematics has deepened beyond what I could have imagined as a clueless Secondary 1 student. I can now grasp concepts effortlessly and my results have increased incrementally, to a peak of 99/100 in the recent End-Of-Year Additional Mathematics examination. None of this could have been possible without Mr Lim. His constant guidance has nurtured my mathematical thought process, and it has undeniably sparked a passion for mathematics in me. Mr Lim is a teacher, a father figure and an inspiration to all his students. Joining Mr Lim's class is indeed a life-changing experience and I have never regretted it. I have absolute confidence you wouldn't too.

Bishan S4 Amath (2020)

Ms Rachael is a very considerate and warm-hearted teacher. She especially pays attention to weaker students who need more help. My daughter, Ong Kai Hui, was one of the weak students under her guidance. Hence, Ms Rachael would pay closer attention to her by consistently asking if she had any doubts to clarify. She would also give her 1 on 1 lessons to further explain concepts. Although, it required strenuous efforts to teach her, she did not give up.
Kai Hui Ong

Punggol P6 Math (2020)

Mr Tham is a great teacher. He is patient, kind and friendly :-) Even though I have only joined RMSS during Secondary 4. Within the first few months, I have seen great improvements in my Science results especially in chemistry, from F9 to B4.
Thank you, Mr Tham!
Parris Low

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

Ms Lim is a committed and amiable teacher, who strives to go above and beyond to help and ignite a passion for Chemistry in her students.

My results and improvement in Chemistry are testaments to her innate ability to teach and to inspire. From a C6 at the end of Secondary 3 and struggling with the simplest of concepts, to A1s, it is clear that my competency in Chemistry has improved drastically under the guidance of Ms Lim.

Ms Lim never hesitates to lend a hand to her students, even outside of official class hours. She has kindly addressed my doubts over text, arranged extras for me to catch up on my weaker topics, and even offered me space at the centre for my revision closer to O levels.

Thank you Ms Lim for the unwavering support and guidance throughout the past year. I have never expected myself to overcome the mental barriers i had in Chemistry, much less gain confidence in it.
Ng Yong Kang

Bishan S4a Chem (2020)

I joined Mr Quek's class in early January 2019 in J1. While I wasn't easy to teach since I am terrible at physics, Mr Quek was very patient and explained concepts far better than school lectures. He could help break down the concepts into simple bits of information. He always quickly answered questions about school work I sent him, always putting in effort to make sure that we had a complete understanding of topics. His care and effort definitely helps a lot, often teaching ahead of school syllabus which gave me an added advantage in lectures. Hi s answering techniques and analysis of more difficult questions, combined with his patience, were very helpful. While preparing for As, I hope that I can make him proud by scoring well. Thanks for making me interested in Physics Mr Quek!
Chiang Qin Kang

Bishan J2 Physics (2020)

Thank you for the guidance from all your teachers these past years. Being in RMSS for the past 8 years of my life has enriched my learning and made my education journey a smoother process. I am eternally grateful for all the hard work that your teachers put in for us to get good grades. I would like to specially thank Mr Sean Yeo and Mr Ronnie Quek for being the key factor in helping me get through the difficult points in my JC life. The teachers in RMSS use different approaches in teaching us to better our learning experiences, one of which being class presentation. This helped me immensely as it enabled me to recall concepts taught in the past.
Adam Wee

Marine Parade J2 Physics (2020)

I would like to thank Mr Quek for always helping me with my work and helping me to throughly understand the questions that I do not know how to do. He have helped me to improve my results significantly and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you once again!! :D
Dorothy Chan

Bishan S4 Amath (2020)

Having join RMSS for the past two years, it has indeed help me a lot as I see improvement in my Science results over the years. It is my pleasure to be able to have Mr Teng as my tutor as he is really patient when it comes to teaching us a new topic and would never fail to crack some jokes during lesson so as to make the lesson less boring and more enjoyable to have. Beside that he would always bring in life experiences during lesson so as to allow us to better understand a topic and be able to easier remember the content in the topic. Lastly I would like to thank Mr Teng for always being so friendly and caring when helping me through this two years of my times in RMSS and I really enjoy every lesson that i have had.
Calista Chan

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

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