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Florence, it has been astonishing and heartening how you have engaged Isabelle in your classes. We overhear parts of your lessons when Isabelle attends them over Zoom, and your proficiency in the English language, coupled with your delivery is amazing! Isabelle's improvement since she started classes with you is evident, and I believe this will show in her PSLE results.

In a culture engrossed with results, we perhaps lose sight of what is important, the desire to learn, and the joy in discovery. I've seen this develop within Isabelle over the last few months, in her eagerness to attend your lessons. It is a rare talent that you have Florence, and I'm grateful to you for kindling this spark within Isabelle.
Isabelle Loh

Marine Parade P6 English (2022)

In lower secondary, I never enjoyed chemistry as a subject and my grades reflected this. In secondary 1 and 2, my science grade was C6. However, in secondary 3, I joined Mr Wu's class. He came across as a friendly teacher that ensured that all his students felt comfortable in class and made sure that they understood the topic that he was teaching. During his lessons, he never failed to bring up impromptu questions that trained us to be more alert to the fine details and this was really effective for me as well as many of my classmates. Mr Wu's lessons gave me a better interpretation of chemistry and allowed me to appreciate the beauty of chemistry. Mr Wu also inspires me to not be too worried and to trust myself more. I really have to thank Mr Wu for giving me more confidence in what used to be my weakest subject and turning it into one of my strongest subjects.Thank you Mr Wu!
Clarance Tan

Marine Parade S4 Chemistry (2022)

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Ms lim for teaching me biology and chemistry. Science has never been my strongest subject till i went for her lesson, improving constantly from C5-A1. She will also go an extra mile to make sure we understand concepts instead of plain memorising by giving us acronyms and tips. Joining her class was indeed the best decision made and im so thankful that it has truly improved my science tremendously. Thank you Ms Lim!
Sandra Ang

Bishan S4 Science (B/C) (2022)

Ms Alvina Tan is an extremely dedicated, outstanding and caring teacher who is willing to put in the extra mile to clarify my doubts and explain concepts clearly and consisely. From marking the TYS (Ten Year Series) papers and giving feedbacks about my work; to her patient guidance in helping me firm up my weak grasp of concepts through extra consultations, my understanding and ability to apply my knowledge in exams has drastically improved. My passion and love for both Sciences are takeaways that I'll remember even after finishing O Levels and ultimately, pursue in the future. These are definitely not possible without Ms Alvina Tan as my Secondary 3 and 4 Chemistry tutor / Secondary 4 Biology tutor. My Biology grade jumped from an E8 in MYE to a B3 in O Levels and my consistent 'A's for Chemistry, since joining her class are the best proof of her effective, engaging and exceptional teaching style. Highly recommend Ms Alvina Tan who is both a supportive tutor and close ally in maximizing my potential for both Sciences! Keep up the great work in nurturing more students' love for Sciences, Ms Alvina Tan :D

Punggol S4 Chem & Biology (2022)

Mr Teng is an absolutely brilliant teacher; he is able to keep the class' mood light- hearted with jokes while keeping the class focused on studying. He welcomes questions and is always more than willing to help me whenever I have any doubts in the concepts I am learning. Personally, this makes my learning journey seem less daunting as I know that there are people who can help me along the way. His pedagogy is one of a kind and content retention has never been a problem for me thanks to him. I truly appreciate all the effort that you and the RMSS team put in and thank you for everything.
Prakhar Nilesh Trivedi

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2022)

To Ms. Florence Grundy,

My husband and I would like to share and convert our sincere appreciation on the attention and focus that you had rendered to Kristie. Your diligence and dedication had impressed upon Kristie in a very good was as she has always great things to share with us about your classes and how she is always motivated by your encouragement.We are heartened that we had the good opportunity to enrol Kristie into your class and we hope she will be able to benefit and do well in her English learning journey with you. Kristie is a happy girl but gets distracted easily. With a positive role model in you, we hope she can be motivated and encouraged by you. Thanking you for the good journey you had embarked Kristie on.

Our sincere gratitude and thanks
Sylvia & Tjun Kyet
Kristie Kwa

Marine Parade P6 English (2022)

Mr Quek, is an extremely helpful and patient teacher who is always willing to help you no matter how far behind you are in math. When I first joined his class in September of last year, I was an F9 student in A-math although when I first joined I lacked many things such as basic understanding of many chapters he was very patient and understanding . Things started to turn for the better due to how much he helped me in understanding the questions and not to just blindly copy he made sure that I understood every single bit of it and if I didn't I could always clarify with him after class . He usually tells us to comeback for extra lessons to catch up on what we are weak in and also always helps us with questions related to my school work.I am really grateful that I had Mr Quek as my tutor and I will forever appreciate the countless of things he has to tolerate while teaching me and things he has helped me with to achieve my goals.
Tristan Tan

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2022)

I first joined RMSS when I was in Primary 3. My math grades were hovering between the Cs since. However, under the guidance of Mr Tan, my grades gradually improved. Mr Tan is a passionate and amiable teacher who constantly encourages his students not to give up and try their best to score good grades. He provided me with enough materials to aid in my revision and when I had trouble answering a question, he would patiently explain how to work out the solution and made sure that I understood what he meant by giving me extra practices to attempt. I vividly remember how he answered all my queries on WhatsApp & Zoom the day before the examination even till late at night and gave me some pointers to take note of when answering certain types of questions so that I would not be so anxious about the paper. Thanks to his unfailing guidance and support, I was able to score good grades for exams. He is definitely an epitome of a great teacher!
Charlotte Kaelyn Lim

Punggol P6 Math (2022)

In my upper secondary and most crucial years in learning Physics, Mr Teng has changed my idea towards physics, proving my choice to study physics suitable for me and not a subject I cannot grapple with. His patience when teaching is evident, as it is only until I fully understand the concept then he is assured. If not, he would constantly remind me to revise specific chapters so as to hone my understanding towards it, highlighting how he is a teacher who seeks excellence in students. In my first few months of secondary 3, I found physics difficult to even understand. It was only until joining Mr Teng's RMSS lesson that I realised the joy of learning physics. Therefore, Mr Teng is not only remarkable in teaching, but is also able to foster a sense of joyful learning in his classes.
Anais Goh

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2022)

I joined Mr Tham's Combined Science class in the later part of April 2022 when I was already in Sec 4, with only 5 more months to O Levels.

Science was my weakest subject, but it's safe to say that Science is now one of my better ones thanks to Mr Tham. From my Mid-year to Preliminary exams, my grade for Science had jumped from a D7 to a B3! All within just 4 months!

Mr Tham is very patient when teaching and always has fun acronyms to help his students memorise certain concepts. Mr Tham is a really great teacher and his lessons are never boring!

There's definitely still more to learn from Mr Tham before I sit for my O Levels paper but I'm sure by then I'll be more than prepared to sit for my paper through his charismatic nature.

I'm really glad to have been taught by him.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Avril Ler

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2022)

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