Under Miss Lim guidance and care, I have been constantly able to get decent grades for Chemistry. Miss Lim has certainly thaught us very important acronyms to help us easily identify the anode and the cathode without much work. This has certainly made my life much easier and not only that Miss Lim likes to dwell deep into the concepts of Chemistry and how to apply them so we truly understand what is going on. I truly feel blessed to be under Miss Lim class for this past 2 years of my upper secondary life and I would like to give my thanks
Alexandre Chio

Parkway S4 Chem (2020)

Chloe has been with Mr Franklin Neo since P5. Initially, Chloe finds Mr Neo strict, but along the way, she was able to adapt to his teaching method and even enjoys going to class, though she has to tie up her hair, ensure she finished her homework and brings her necessary materials to class as required. Through Mr Neo's teaching and strategic advice in acing her Math paper, Chloe was able to improve her Math grade to a good A. Mr Neo instilled a sense of responsibility in Chloe and motivates her to work harder in her math. Mr Neo is also willing to go the extra mile for his students who are weak in certain topics and Chloe has truly benefited from his hard work. We will definitely choose RMSS for her secondary math tuition next year!
Chloe Lee

Marine Parade P6A Math (2020)

RMSS was highly recommended to us by a friend 4 years ago when we were looking for tutor to help our son in Math and Science. We wanted a teacher who is able to relate well with Ignatius, instill good learning habits and brush up on the area for improvement. Mr Franklin Neo fulfilled all the above. Mr Neo is always approachable, attended to all our queries and provided timely advices and tips even when it was out of hours consultation. It was definitely helpful. We are glad that RMSS was incorporated as part of Ignatius' learning journey. Till today, RMSS remains highly recommended in our opinion.

P6A Math Bishan (2020)

Before joining Mr Tham's class, my Science grades were bad, constantly failing (D7), and I always had trouble completing papers.

After joining Mr Tham's class this year (in Sec 4), I can now do Science papers with ease, and is able to understand Science concepts better. I am now scoring B3s and is just a step away from getting that A!

Joining the class a year later than others, I first expected myself not being to adapt well in class. Instead, I found myself being able to enjoy lessons due to Mr Tham's cheerful and easy-going nature, that made classes really lively and enjoyable.

Mr Tham's way of teaching really sparked my interest in learning Science, as he uses a variety of teaching methods to make my learning experience a better one. I have now developed an interest in Science, and is more confident in scoring well for my O levels, from Mr Tham's constant guidance.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Belle Low

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

I joined Ms Lim's class since Secondary 2 and I felt that I made the right choice to do so because Ms Lim has equipped me with a strong foundation in Chemistry in Lower Secondary that enabled me to grasp new and challenging topics in Upper Secondary easily. Before I started learning Upper Secondary Chemistry, I was worried that I might not be able to understand the topics and would struggle greatly. However, Ms Lim has always been there to support me all this while which made Upper Secondary Chemistry easier than I expected. I am extremely thankful towards Ms Lim and her unique teaching approach has helped me to remember important concepts quickly and master the topics without sweat. I owe my good Chemistry grades to Ms Lim!
Angelica Koh

Parkway S4 Chem (2020)

Before joining RMSS, physics was like a foreign language to me and I was always lost during lecture. However, after joining Mr Quek's lesson, I was able to turn things around and start seeing improvements in my physics. He was able to explain the concepts in an easy to understand, yet thorough way, and was also very experienced in teaching physics at A Level. He has helped me to understand the topics much better and also make me have greater confidence when dealing with physics questions.
Lee Jia Yin

Bishan J2 Physics (2020)

Mr Tham is a very friendly teacher from the very start and it made me less nervous since the first lesson. I always thought that Science was a very tough subject to understand and to do well in but after hearing his explanations, I understood and adapted to his teaching style very well.

My grades improved from F9 to B3 within a few months and I think it is because of the way he teaches and replies to our questions in class.

He is also very friendly, outgoing and cheerful. He manages to crack jokes in the middle of classes so we get to laugh a little and take our minds off the stress for a short while. He is also very encouraging and would always remind us to be on our toes all the time and to constantly revise and not give up.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Faith Woong

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2020)

My heartfelt and most sincere thanks to Ms Rachael Corera who went above and beyond for her students at RMSS Oasis Terraces-Punggol. Following the footsteps of her elder sister, Cadence enrolled in RMSS Math switching from another tuition centre. With the connection and chemistry, Ms Corera built with Cadence, she progressed and improved as a student growing in character and responsibility. My wife and I have no regrets enrolling Cadence with RMSS placing her in the good hands of Ms Rachael. Connection, chemistry, passionate! Highly recommended!
Cadence Sng

Punggol P6 Math (2020)

I have been in Mr Lee's class for almost 4 years already. I feel that he has been a huge help for me, as I don't really understand what was taught in school. The way he teaches math makes it easier for me to understand math formulas and concepts. One example is differentiation, my school uses the exam paper formula that is very confusing but Mr Lee taught us a different way to do it, which is much easier than the formula version. I don't struggle as much as my classmates when doing differentiation because of his methods. Through the 4 years I also learnt to be less lazy as he would make students stay back if they didn't do the homework, which I had to go through... and because of that I am less lazy now. My grades have been consistently B3s to A1s since joining which may have not been the case if I didn't join. In conclusion, since joining Mr Lee's class my grades have been good and I have also grown as a person since my time there.
Shi Yao Hu

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

Miss Karmen's lessons has always been engaging and she always tries her best to explain clearly to ensure that we understand things we are unclear of. She takes time to go through our papers with us in hope of knowing our weaknesses and have targetted learning that aids us better in learning.
Koh Yi Shan

Punggol S4 Science (P/C) (2019)

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