Mr Ang is a very special teacher. Even from the first lesson i had with him, he stood out in more ways than one. The way in which he teaches brings life to the subject and his passion and love for teaching is evidently seen through the way he talks and conducts his lessons. One thing that i appreciate about Mr Ang is the way he relates to his students. As a fellow saint from St Andrew's Secondary School, Mr Ang and i can bond over his funny stories of my current teachers, who are his old colleagues and friends. He never fails to make me laugh and relieve my stress! On top of just physics(which he is only required to teach) Mr Ang also teaches us valuable life lessons that we can cling on to in the future. Mr Ang is more than a teacher to my class and i can boldly say that he is our friend and i am thankful for all his help over the past year of teaching me.
Ryan Quek

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2019)

Mr Teo is a very passionate and devoted teacher who really puts in a lot of effort to educate and help his students for chemistry. He is patient and thorough when answering queries, and will not hesitate to reach out to struggling students, offering extra practices and asking them to stay on after lessons or come back outside of lessons to do revisions. His proactiveness in helping students encouraged me very much when I struggled with chemistry, and gradually influenced me to start liking the subject. His clear cut and precise lectures on chemistry topics also helped me deepen my understanding of several topics in the subjects, contributing greatly to my current goodwill towards chemistry. My grades and my understanding on the subject have definitely increased by leaps and bounds after joining his class. Thank you Mr Teo!
Chow Ziyue

Bishan S4 Chemistry (2019)

From the beginning, Mr Ang has been extremely encouraging and supportive of us regardless of our previous performances. I remember telling him that I had failed my Chemistry for MYEs and yet he warmly responded with no worries, still have time!". Indeed there was time but I would not have improved to such a great extent if it were not for Mr Ang. He is incredibly dedicated to his teaching and he channels his drive and passion for chemistry by constantly motivating us with stories of his own experiences.

He equips us with the necessary skills and prepares us with ample practice through plenty of past year papers. He painstakingly went through each paper to ensure that all of our doubts have been clarified and patiently explained every question that we had asked.

Despite only having attended his lessons for 4 months, I felt comfortable to ask questions during lessons as Mr Ang's positive and cheery attitude reassured me that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Lastly, I want to extend my utmost gratitude to Mr Ang, for it was he who made me finally enjoy chemistry. I believe that such teachers and very rare and I am glad that I joined your chemistry lessons.
Don Hiranya

Bishan S4 Chemistry (2019)

Thank you for being a caring, dedicated, selfless, and helpful teacher!

Thank you for not only teaching us A. Math, but thank you for constantly reminding us of the morals you have taught us, and thank you for caring for us like your children!

Thank you for never giving up on me, and thank you for your endless encouragement. It is pretty sad that you will not be teaching J1 anymore and it will sure be weird not seeing you every Monday and Saturday. I promise I will come back to see you whenever when I am around the corner, and I do hope you will remember our class!!

I will remember all the morals you have taught us also, and I will remember you as the best AMath teacher ever!!! AMATH would not be this easy without you, and I just want to say THANK YOU for everything!

I will miss you Mr Ng, and I hope you continue to be happy, health and please don't get angry at students anymore!!! It's their loss!

Thank you for everything Mr Ng.
Bonnie Chua

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

Mr Teo is a very helpful and passionate teacher who doesn't hesitate to explain to us concepts that we are unclear of. He always provide us with additional help when we need. In addition, he ensures that we receive sufficient practices and are well prepared before an exam or test. He shares with us technique and skills to tackle the different types of questions. On top of that, he would even highlight common mistakes that students would make so that we would not repeat the same mistakes again. Apart from that, he explain questions using a step-by-step approach. Mr Teo's ability to teach difficult questions has made me realise that Amaths is not a complicated subjects after all.Mr Teo has helped me restore my faith in Math within a short period of time with his talented teaching. I am extremely privilege to be taught by him.
Renee Ong

Bishan S4 Amath (2019)

Before joining Mr Teo's class I have been getting a borderline pass in my additional mathematics tests. However, that took a turn when I joined the class. After joining the class and finding out I was behind, Mr Teo told me to catch up with the class and made me come for extra lessons where i could do questions and watch videos to learn about the new topic. After a few weeks of doing so, I took my mid year test and I have improved quite a bit. I am extremely grateful to Mr Teo as now I am able to keep up with my class in school and learn more things in RMSS.
Aurelius Lai

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2019)

A huge thanks to Mr Teo for helping me improve my Amaths grades significantly from C5 to As for major exams. Though I have only been his student for about 9 months, he was able to help me identify my weak topics and he prepares questions catered to strengthen these concepts. He breaks down challenging questions to smaller parts so that we are able to follow the thought process and really understand the thinking behind the doing. Moreover, he has taught us acronyms to easily remember formulas.

Bishan S4 Amath (2019)

Before joining Mr Teo's class, I used to not be able to grasp the concept of many differing topics of amath and I was not confident at all with amath. However after I joined Mr Teo's class, I was clearer on methods to answer questions and I slowly improved. Mr Teo is very patient and committed. He would do anything he can to help any student understand various concepts and creates a very approachable and friendly class environment where we can ask questions with ease, which is a quality I like the most about his teaching style. Mr Teo is definitely the type of teacher that anyone would like to have. He also encourages us to make time to go to class to revise on topics we are unfamiliar with, and cares for every student!
Michela Wong

Bishan S4 Amath (2019)

When i first joined Raymond last year, I was still struggling to pass both Chemistry and Biology. However, with Ms Lim's guidance, I have managed to improve on both my sciences and have since achieved what i once thought was impossible. I started out in Ms Lim's class as an extremely weak student and I was always intimidated by both sciences given my failing streak since sec3. Ms Lim ensured that I came for extra classes regularly and patiently dealt with the many misconceptions that i had.

Ms Lim also helped me develop interest towards chemistry and biology because when i first joined, I knew very little about these subjects and had very little motivation to do better in them. On top of that, Ms Lim also shares stories and personal experiences related to scientific concepts to help us remember various scientific terminologies/concepts and they have helped me a lot in terms of memorising and applying scientific concepts and terms that i have learnt on my exam scripts!

I am very grateful for everything that Ms Lim has done for me, and i feel lucky to have encountered such a patient, understanding and encouraging tutor.
Meacia Goh

Bishan S4 Science (B/C) (2019)

Before I joined RMSS, I used to find studying for science and understanding concepts challenging. Now that Ms Lim is my teacher, I've found science more enjoyable and actually look forward to learning the subject. She never fails to offer her time and support when we need it, and even identifies topics that we need to improve on to make studying even more easy for us. She is also one of the few teachers I know that priorities her students health and well being, making sure that we're ready both academically and physically before our exams. Thanks for everything Ms Lim!
Jorja Tan

Bishan S4 Science (B/C) (2019)

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