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I am really grateful for having been taught by a great teacher like you :-) very sincere and genuine and all the teachings that you give. I understand mathematics better now thanks to you and I hope that you would always have a cheerful and a happy life ahead.

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2021)

Sherlene, has been attending tuition in Raymond's Math & Science Studio at Punggol Branch since she was Primary 5. I would like to convey my thanks to Miss Rachael for her guidance, support and care given to my daughter over these past two years. My husband and I are pleased to see a significant improvement in her Math grade, achieving a score from the range of 70 plus to 90. Thank you Ms Rachael for helping her to better understand the concepts clearly and make Mathematics interesting and fun.
Sherlene Ng

Punggol P6B Math (2021)

Although I have only been in Mr Tham's Chemistry Class for about 1 and a half months so far, his patient guidance and clear explanations have helped me to see improvements in my ability to tackle questions, especially in MCQ (the part of Chemistry I struggle the most with) in the practice papers we have been doing so far.

I really appreciate how Mr Tham goes the extra mile to encourage us to go for extra study sessions where we can borrow the iPad to catch up on old concepts or clear our questions. Sadly due to COVID, I've only been to one extra session as of now. I hope I'll be able to join more of these sessions in the future as I found that being able to use the iPads to revise any topic wanted is really helpful, and Mr Tham always manages to create a very conducive environment to study in.

In addition, Mr Tham is a really approachable and kind teacher who allows us to ask him questions over WhatsApp anytime, and he is always very prompt with his replies. I am glad that I can count on Mr Tham whenever I have a burning question to help me clear my doubts promptly.

Chemistry has always been my worst subject where I constantly fail my papers and I always dread studying for it as a result. However, after Mr Tham's classes, I have gained a lot more confidence in tackling my exams. I'll work hard to do my best in my upcoming EOY papers so that I don't let you down :)

Thank you for everything Mr Tham!
Audrey Chan

Bishan S4 Chemistry (2021)

Mr Wu has always been a kind and warm-hearted teacher. Ever since I joined his class back in Secondary 2, Mr Wu always emphasizes how important it is for us to understand the meaning behind what we are learning and will always make us see the big picture in chemistry. He will help look out for everyone in the class no matter how strong or weak one is in the subject.

During classes, he would not only let us complete the questions in the books but he would instead pick out some questions for discussions and let us understand some important concepts.

Thank you Mr Wu for going the extra mile and making every lesson enjoyable for us! Without you I would never have been able to like and understand chemistry so well
Justin Ong

Marine Parade S4B Chem (2021)

Mr Teng is a very engaging tutor who is also humorous! His classes are always memorable as he never fails to make us laugh! Yet at the same time, he ensures that the lesson is fruitful and learning has taken place. His explanations of questions are clear and easy to understand. Learning under Mr Teng is a very enjoyable experience and definitely a unique one!
Aw Zheng Xi

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2021)

Mr Neo's way with kids always amaze me! He is firm but manage it in a way that the kids are still keen and look forward to his classes. In fact my boy only wants to attend his classes and is sad that Mr Neo doesn't take Sec school. Mr Neo's active feedbacks, prompt replies and efforts in reviewing school exam paper mistakes with the kid are always greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks to Mr Neo for his patience and effort and will definitely highly recommend him to others!
Nicholas Goh

Marine Parade P6 Science (2021)

I joined Mr Tham's class during mid Secondary 3 in hopes of pulling up my Physics grades, and 1 month later my results showed significant improvement!

His lessons are fun and interactive, with creative analogies that help us understand concepts more easily. Before joining his class, I had difficulty remembering simple formulae and definitions, but the weekly classes served fruitful in helping me grasp these basic concepts and score well in the examinations.

Without Mr Tham's guidance, I would not be where I am today. My results improved from C5 to A1. His patience in teaching and open mindedness to all sorts of questions makes learning from him a very enjoyable experience.

Mr Tham is also always available and will go the extra mile to explain things outside of class, be it during extra sessions or over Whatsapp.

Thank you Mr Tham!
Brennan Bay

Bishan S4 Physics (2021)

One of my classmates improved drastically and he even scored a distinction, so I asked him how he improved and if he had any tuition and that's when I joined Mr Lee's class.

I first joined Mr Lee's class at the end of sec 2 and I was scared mainly because of the presentation. We had to present and explain in front of the class our homework questions and it was nerve wracking because I had to present in front of people I'm unfamiliar with and it was something that I've never experienced in other tuition centres. However, as I did more of the presentation, it was actually fun to ???teach??? the class and I managed to build my self-esteem and be more confident in my work as well as in school.

After joining Mr Lee's class, I was able to get a distinction for my Amath and Mr Lee plays a huge role in improving my grades. Before the covid-19 started, we would either come down early before class or stayback to do revision on our upcoming examinations.

Even when there was covid-19, it didn't stop him, he continues to put in effort by using his free time to conduct weekly mock tests and give us feedback on it by sending video that explains the questions in detail, other than just explaining the question given, he would expand the topic and bring up some extra tips on tackling similar questions. Other than academics, he would also check on our well-being and interact with his students which I think is one trait that a teacher should never forget to have.

As compared to other tuition centres, he really puts in hard work and time for his students, such as spending time planning the lessons, ensuring that we are always on track.

Lastly, though he may be harsh on his students at times, he was only doing so because he cares for us and he really shows his sincerity through his teaching.
Jamie Lee

Marine Parade S4 Amath (2021)

Thank you for teaching me mathematics for the past two years and being very patient. i really am grateful for each question you go through with us and trying to make it as simple as possible so that we can understand it clearly. thank you for giving me advices when i need it and taking the time to answer any questions or doubts that i have. really appreciate all the help you have given us and thank you for making me like math!
Ashley Ong

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2021)

Coming to RMSS, my Physics had been just passing around 50 and the highest I got was 55.

After attending Mr Tham's class, my results improved drastically to a A2 in Prelims. Due to the pandemic, I attended most of my lessons through zoom. Mr Tham never fails to make the lessons entertaining and inclusive for all of us.

He taught me interesting ways to remember Physics laws such as wires are gay. He makes lessons very fun for all of us, he is a very caring teacher who cares for our well-being as students.

Furthermore, he is a very calm and approachable teacher, at first I was afraid to ask him questions as I felt that my questions that I could not understand were too easy, he would still patiently explain to me the simple concepts and strengthen my foundation in the subject of physics.

Thank you Mr Tham for helping me in the most interesting and memorable ways, although I joined quite late this class definitely impacted me and your teaching has definitely made enjoy learning Physics.
Gerard Yeo

Bishan S4 Physics (2021)

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