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We would like to thank Teacher Hannah for her support of Benjamin Xue during his PSLE exam. Ms Hannah is a very enthusiastic teacher with a strong passion in teaching. My son's math and science concepts understanding is deeper and also developed a strong love for math and science during a short span of time . She would encourage him to be more enthusiastic and helped him understand clearly the questions that he did not know of.she would also remind of the careless mistakes that he made.Definitely a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.
Benjamin Xue

Jurong P6 Math & Sci (2022)

Prior to my enrolment in RMSS, my understanding of A Math was rudimentary at best. I struggled to grasp the concepts taught in the syllabus and lagged behind my peers.

I joined RMSS towards the end of sec 3 and was posted to Mr Ang's class, where the learning materials provided by RMSS were fully utilised by him in each lesson.

He was also willing to answer questions during and outside of tuition hours, but encouraged students to think critically to find solutions.

I saw steady improvement throughout the months, scoring B3s instead of F9s.

In the months preceding the O level examinations, the frequency and duration of lessons was increased, giving me the boost I needed to finally score an A1 in A Math.

Punggol S4 Amath (2022)

I would like to thank Mr. Benjamin Fok for his dedication to coaching my daughter throughout her P6 Maths learning journey. I had a really hard time trying to find a good tuition center for my daughter as she is very active in her CCA and needed a lot of time, especially during the weekends to train and sometimes need to travel overseas for competitions and training. I called RMSS and Mr. Benjamin is not only very understanding, but he is also very accommodating to her schedule and never fails to find time out of his own comfort to give my daughter make-up lessons. His lessons are never boring and he understands how our young children engage and uses it to keep his students engaged.

My daughter enjoys Mr. Benjamin's classes and hopes she will do well in her PSLE this year to show gratitude for Mr. Ben's effort and time spent with her. I am very grateful to have met Teacher Benjamin this year and having him support my daughter in this crucial year. in fact, I have also signed up my son with Mr. Benjamin and he has equally enjoyed his coaching!

Well done Mr. Benjamin and from the bottom of our hearts, a very big THANK YOU to you, and may you continue to shine!

God Bless,
Rachel, Mikaela and Nathaniel

Marine Parade P6 Math (2022)

Before I got enrolled into Mr Tham's class, I have always scored F9s for my Combined Science, so I finally decided to enroll in his class in Secondary 3.

After joining his class, I have consistently scored A1s (from previous F9) for every Science examination throughout the year and even managed to score an A1 for my prelims!

Mr Tham's unorthodox ways of memorising certain tables and formulas constantly help me in examinations, he even comes up with stories sometimes to make it more interesting.

Not to mention, his constant cheerful and polite demeanour makes me look forward to classes every time.

Thank you for teaching me the past one and a half years, Mr Tham!
Brayden Lim

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2022)

黄老师 is a very kind and patient Chinese teacher. I joined at the start of 2022. When I first started, my Chinese was at AL5 but after tuition with 黄老师 my Chinese improved alot. My Chinese went from AL5 to AL 3 for psle. 黄老师's class is very interesting as she always find different ways to help us remember what she thought us, even if it needs her to repeat a few times she would do it. Her classes are also very interesting as she allows us to talk but in Chinese only. I really enjoy going to 黄老师's class every week. Thank you 黄老师.
Rainelle Lee

Bishan P6 Chinese (2022)

Ms Florence has been teaching my 2 children since the start of this year . We are appreciative of her effort in helping my children ,especially Jing Bo , in bridging his learning gaps. Ms Florence is aware of my children's capabilities and takes initiative to come up with notes to help the students in her class. There are extra lessons planned for the students in helping them to catch up with their academic work . There is timely reminders for my children to log on to their online lessons if they have forgotten to do so. Wen Yu improved significantly and jumped 2 full grades in a matter of months. Thank you so much for your guidance

From Parents of Png Wen Yu, Png Jing Bo
Wen Yu

Bishan P6 English (2022)

Dear Mr Tan, Thank you for teaching me for the past year. I joined RMSS at the start of the year in hopes of improving my grades . Your classes were very entertaining and fun, yet I could learn many new things. And my science grades improved tremendously. During PSLE this year, I managed to answer most of the questions with ease. For challenging questions, I applied what you taught me to do. Although I may not see you again, I will always remember you and your teachings Yours faithfully Janessa Teo Kai Xin
Janessa Teo

Punggol P6 Sci (2022)

Mr Lim has always had a patient air to him as he diligently educates his students in both elementary mathematics and additional mathematics. His extensive knowledge and willingness to teach and transfer his knowledge to students aided me greatly during my worst times, as his reproach also encouraged me to try harder to grasp the concept in its entirety rather than just understanding how to solve a specific question with specific numbers. He tries his best to tailor the learning in a way that is varied and can adapt to many students needs, and never fails to offer aid to students through one to one sessions as often as he can, and even going as far to have personalised online meetings with students who need the help. His attitude of going above and beyond to provide for those under his guidance has heavily inspired me to put more effort into studying and revising for mathematics, and piqued my interests in the subject as well. I want to thank him for his kind heart and hearty banter with students as well, as it is a source of confort for students in the classroom and allows is to form genuine, valuable connections to not only him but also the subject.
Christiane Sophie Meur

Marine Parade S4 Emath (2022)

Mr David Lim is a great teacher. My grades for my science have improved by a landslide from a AL5 to AL1 which is a first in my whole report book for science. I also felt that it was much easier to solve the math questions in my exam papers after taking his lessons for a few months. He often offers additional lessons for those who need or want more help. He is very patient with us and also encourages us to ask him questions when in doubt.
Shennah Chin

Bishan P6 Math & Sci (2022)

Mr Neo is a very responsible and conscientious teacher. Under his guidance, Mr Neo imparts core science concepts and helps Ethan navigate through challenging science questions. Ethan gains confidence and from then onwards, his love for the subject grows. Ethan is truly lucky to be tutored under Mr Neo. Big thanks to RMSS.
Ethan Goh

Bishan P6 Science (2022)

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