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My daughter was never interested in Chemistry. After attending Chemistry Tution at Raymond's by Mr Joel Seah, she regained renew interest in the subject. She looks forward to go every week and became more confident and understood Chemistry better. Raymond's Tution provides a very friendly learning environment. From Mr Seah and also the front desk reception, they are all so friendly and approachable. Mr Seah also gives good and useful tips. I wished I had enrolled my daughter to Raymond's Math & Science earlier. Thank you Mr Joel Seah and Raymond's Math & Science Studio Jurong Gateway.
Denise Gabrielle Yeo

Jurong S4 Chem (2022)

Ms Ong is a very passionate and effective Science teacher. She teaches the Science concepts clearly and apply to the real-life application whenever possible. Samuel said this has help him to relate the application of science in his daily life and surroundings. In addition , Ms Ong analyses the OEQ questions in depth so students can grasp the concepts and understand the techniques to answer the questions. She is definitely a Science teacher who empowers her students to do well
Samuel Lim

Bishan P6 Science (2022)

Mr Omar in my opinion, is one of the best tuition teachers I've ever had. His lessons, most of the time, gets me excited, and during lessons he would get us to take down useful notes, practice questions and revise topics we aren't proficient at. He had planned for us, many extra lessons, on top of the usual twice weekly lessons to ensure we're adequately prepared for both our E Math and A Math prelim exams by going through topics that we'd missed due to signing up later in the year. This has allowed me to gain confidence in my A Math prelim exams and I was able to push my grade up. Thank you Mr Omar!
Richie Teo

Jurong S4 Amath (2022)

Ms Kang is a really friendly and caring teacher. Mathematics felt really scary after multiple failures but her teachings helped to simplify the lengthy questions so that I could confidently answer each question. Despite only joining just 4 months before my Olevels, her constant dedication ensured that I could catch up with the syllabus. What helped me the most was that she always believed in me and this made me have the will power to do question after question.
Min Seow

Jurong S4 Amath (2022)

Ms Rachael, a responsible and dedicated teacher. Clarice used to struggle with science and showing no interest. Since then, Ms Rachael pay attention to my child by giving extra lessons weekly and we see tremendous improvement in her Science results. Thank you for your extra mile, effort and guidance throughout this journey.
Clarice Ow

Punggol P6 Science (2022)

I just want to share with you that we are extremely blessed to have cross path with Mr David.

My P6 started tuition at RMSS in Nov 2021. She hasn't been doing very well academically but after attending Mr David's classes, I could see that she could understand better and I am very impressed that she could solve the questions (of certain topics) real quickly! I have learnt a lot from her written material too! Mr David is a very very very passionate and caring Teacher. Although my Daughter's results are in the AL7 range, he never give up on her. He keeps encouraging my Daughter as well as my Husband and I to keep trying. Whenever Mr David has available seats in his class (other levels), he will offer extra lessons, not only to my Daughter but also a few of the other students in the same class as my Daughter. We can't find words to express how blessed and grateful we are for these extra lessons at no additional charge. Our heartfelt sincere thanks to Mr David for everything he has done for us!

Congratulations, you extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher in your RMSS family!

Punggol P6 Math & Science (2022)

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr teng! Although i only joined in the later part of the year , his explanation has helped me grasp a lot of the concepts which i was confused with initially. Mr teng is also a very patient, friendly and approachable teacher whom i can easily seek help from when in doubt be it online or in person. The tips he provided on doing paper 2 has helped me better manage my time in the exam and to know the areas in which i could score.in He is also a fun teacher who makes learning physics more interesting.With his guidance, i improved and am more confident about physics !
Shannon Seah

Marine Parade S4 Physics (2022)

Before i joined Mr Ang?s class , my amath grades were really undesirable (E8) , and i had a hard time understanding the conceptas well

However, after i joined Mr Ang?s class at the end of sec3 , my amath grades improved tremendously in the next exam (A1) and has maintained that way all the way till o levels

Mr Ang ?s easy going nature makes it easy for students to ask questions. In addition , he is also a very caring teacher as he will check up on us we had taken a paper.

If not for Mr Ang , i wouldn't have been able to achieve A1s for both my E math and A math for o levels.
Yu Xin

Punggol S4 Amath (2022)

Mr Omar is a stern but efficient math teacher. He summarizes math concepts and goes through any given homework conscientiously. He is able to spot mistakes in the students' workings and ensures they are rectified immediately. He has a rigorous teaching attitude, and value adds to his work by providing effective after-class Q&A - so that my doubts are cleared within a reasonable time frame. I would recommend his class to anybody looking to improve their math grades!
Cai Xueying

Jurong S4 Amath (2022)

Hi Mr Tham, I thoroughly enjoy your Chemistry lessons. I'm super grateful to be one of your students as you are always patient and kind to me.

Moreover, you always check up on me and answer my questions on WhatsApp quickly, which I really appreciate. Ever since I joined your class, I have seen constant improvement and you provide me with the necessary resources and detailed answers.

Thus, I have attained an A1 for my Chemistry all thanks to Mr Tham.

Thank you Mr Tham for teaching and guiding me!!
Elyse Ow

Marine Parade S4 Chem (2022)

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