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My girl has joined RMSS, Bishan branch since she was in Primary 5. She had just taken 2018 PSLE exams. She was in David class since day one when she joined RMSS.

She enjoyed Mr David teaching style and her feedback was the syllabus used by RMSS for teaching was in accordancewith the school topics but usually ahead of what the school would teach. This made her felt more confidence and ableto pick up what the teacher taught in class.

She took Maths with David and her results were consistently above 90+ marks. Ever since she joined RMSS, she fell in love with Maths and would use her free time to try and solve more maths problems. At time she would approach Mr David for help and he was quite nice and willing to help her.
Nicole Seah

Bishan P6 Math (2018)

The best Teachers teach from the heart not from the book.

My amath grades would not be made possible without the help of Ms Liew. Having joined RMSS in early September , she was only given a shocking timeline of 2 weeks to help me prepare for my end of year amath exam. After telling her how I had grades as Low as a F9, she did not give up on me, but instead took on a challenge on coaching me. Of course, my hard work and focus also played a role in helping me achieve good grades. With Ms Liew patience and guidance, I made a shocking improvement fr F9 to A2 within a span of 2 weeks!
Charlotte Aw

Punggol S3 Amath (2018)

I joined mr yeo's math class in sec 2 and he has helped to push my math from an F9 to A1. Mr yeo is an effective teacher who gets things done in a fun and enjoyable manner. He never fails to break the ice amongst classmates with his jokes and cheerful attitude. He has a special way of explaining complicated questions which makes them easy to understand. He takes time to explain even the simplest of questions asked by students, making sure to clear any doubts that we have. I really appreciate his effort and encouragement each lesson !! Thank you mr yeo :)
Tesha Tye

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

Throughout the three years where I was under Mr Lim's tutelage, I've seen the same exceptional qualities being displayed in every lesson, dedication, patience and kindness. He exemplifies what it means to be a teacher in its truest sense, preparing his students not only for their upcoming exams, but also for the future, and the struggles that come with it. Every lesson is interesting and at the end of it, Mr Lim never fails to encourage us to keep pressing on and to never be content with our current standards. Despite how bad a student may seem, or how lazy someone was, you never gave up on them and very lost hope. For that, we thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond to help us achieve our fullest potential, for showing us care and concern that goes above what is required of a teacher. Thank you for being a true educator, one who educates the heart as much as the mind, and last but certainly not least, thank you for being the best tutor one could ever ask for:) Your lessons will never be forgotten.
Noah Ong

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

I joined Mr Lee's class in Sec 2 and my ability in math has truly been improved. I believe that having confidence is a huge prerequisite of scoring well in math and attending classes in RMSS has given me all the reassurance I need.

Mr Lee teaches topics in a straightforward, effective and easily comprehensible manner. He ensures that the whole class fully understands a concept before progressing to the next through peer presentations and checking of our work. Before I joined, it was hard for me to be in tandem with my class in school for certain topics but Mr Lee makes sure that everyone moves at a common pace, which is really important in building a strong foundation for higher standards of math in the future. I never had a doubt that wasn't clarified in RMSS.

Mr Lee also ensures consistent progress through maintaining discipline in the class which was daunting to me at first but I realised that it was vital.

I owe a lot of my achievements in the past 3 years to Mr Lee and I'm really grateful to him! Thanks Mr Lee for making a difference in my results :)
Kelly Hooy

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

So I joined Mr Tan's class in 2017 just before end of year exams were starting around September maybe. At that point of time I was getting straight F9s for amath in school and I did not have any passion for amath as I had a hard time comprehending my teacher and everything was just not working out.

After joining the class, I had to basically learn amath from scratch and I knew I had to do well for it as I needed it for my O levels. However, I joined when the class was already doing practice papers so Mr Tan asked me to come back for extra lessons in order to help me cope. So I came on Mondays,Tuesdays and Saturdays for I would say about 3 hours a day for a period of time just to allow me to catch up.

It was a hard time, the long hours and fatigue got to me on some days but Mr Tan was always there to push me. It has been about a year now and I have made so much progress thanks to Mr Tan. From a F9 in sec 3 to a C6 in sec 4, mid year exams and now an A1 for prelims. Honestly, Mr Tan has been a great help, although he may be strict but its for the better good. Without Mr Tan I would probably still be struggling for amath.

I would just like to thanks Mr Tan for being understandable, caring and of course, spending his time, energy, everything just to help me improve and understand the concepts, you are a great teacher and I am blessed to have you as my teacher."
Caleb Lim

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

I only joined RMSS in 2017 last year because I felt that my chemistry subject was a lost cause. When I was first introduced to Ms Lim, I could easily recognise her as being an excellent teacher, capable to teaching her students in a captivating way to bring more life to chemistry. Even then, I was always a bit skeptical that even though I felt I was learning so much during my time in RMSS, that I would see a significant improvement in my chemistry grades. However, I was proven wrong. Thanks to Ms Lim, I not only moved from a C6 to an A1 in chemistry, but I've been able to maintain this standard from 2017 till today. Thanks to Ms Lim, I'm the top boy in my class for chemistry! Moreover, Ms Lim shines in more ways than just her teaching style. Equipped with a gregarious personality, Ms Lim always injects laughter and joy into every class, be it relating to her students in ways no other teacher can, or making silly chemistry- related jokes to liven up what many would see as a dry subject. Ms Lim is also very understanding to her students and has never failed to treat us with kindness and respect, even though we may not deserve it sometimes. Ms Lim is also very motivational and an all around inspiring woman who continues to put her heart and soul into every class and most importantly, every student. A strong and independent that has not only taught me many many chemical concepts, but many life lessons that I can take away after my time in RMSS. Ms Lim is truly one of the most inspirational Teachers I've ever had in my life and I wish her the best in all her future endeavours.
Asher Dharsan

Katong S4 Chem (2018)

I remembered joining Mr Tham's at Secondary 3. At that time my Science was really bad and I hated it a lot. But thanks to Mr Tham, my opinion of it has changed and I feel that Science isn't that bad after all.

My grades also jumped from F9 to a C6 within a few months, and then improved to a B3. Mr Tham always encourages me to do better and continue to work hard towards better grades.

He also encourages me that no matter how undesirable one's grades is, it is still reversible as long one works hard. He also encourages me to come for extra lesson to clear any doubts.

Furthermore, he also teaches me super creative and fun methods to remember certain science concepts which are really effective.

I am really grateful to be taught by Mr Tham.

Thank you, Mr Tham, for your help and moral support for these 2 years!
Malcolm Ang

Bishan S4 Sci (P/C) (2018)

When I first stepped into the class as a young and immature Sec 1 student, my very first thought were "Oh no, yet another fierce teacher..." Even though Mr Phua has very high expectations for his students, I know that it is all for the good of us. After almost 3 years of attending his tuition classes, I realised he is actually a committed and dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help us excel in our math. Without a doubt, my math has improved significantly from a B4 in Sec 1 to A1 and so has the class on an overall. Thus, I am really thankful for that.

In addition to his hard work and dedication, Mr Phua is also a really good teacher! He is able to implement effective techniques in helping us improve our math, such as teaching us simple ways to remember formulas and the special angle table. One example of his extra policy is the 12am homework. It is unique to his classes only, and this technique is able to better help us complete our math homework in time before 2359 and also drill us sufficiently so that we would always be on our toes. In addition, he would also spend time out of work hours to check our answers and also send us his answers to the questions, so that we can refer to them to check our work. All of this was done out of the good will of him and I respect him for that.

All in all, I would really like to take this opportunity to thank him for his constant help and guidance in helping the class improve their math. Thank you so much Mr Phua for your tutorage all these years. I would never have been able to achieve such results if not for your help!
Kevin Liew

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

I started taking tuition lessons from Mr Phua at the end of my sec 2 year and I must say, it is a decision that I'll never regret. I used to fail my math all the time in sec 2 even though I was attending tuition classes in another tuition centre then. Before joining RMSS, I thought I'll never get to see an A beside the subject 'math' on my report book. But after joining RMSS, mr Phua proved this thought of mine to be wrong, and even made me realise how fun math can be. Even though Mr Phua can be really scary sometimes and I'll be so afraid to ask him questions, he's still a great teacher afterall:) He is very strict when it comes to doing work, (so please do his homework especially 12am hw yah because it's really helpful) which pushes me to be more disciplined and study harder. He also cares a lot about the details during presentation, (e.g The difference between big K and small k omg) which again helps us to improve in our presentation of work. And do memorise all the exponential graph because if you happen to forget how to draw them, Mr Phua will draw it on your palm with his thick marker and ask you to show his drawing to the class. :') However, Mr Phua's class is enjoyable too! He'll play kpop songs (e.g blackpink-ddu du ddu du, bts-fake love etc) just to entertain us, and buy us all sorts of nice food during special occasions.Mr Phua may not be the best teacher, but he is a responsible and strict teacher who has his own ways of teaching students. I would have continued to hate math if I had not met him in sec 2. Thank you for your guidance Mr Phua:)
Ellyn Goh

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

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