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Mr Khoo is an excellent tutor who never fails to engage his students. My Chemistry grade has improved significantly under his guidance and I am more motivated to do well in Chemistry because of him. He also treats us whenever we do well and manages to impart his knowledge of the subject well. I am also able to be a step ahead of my school peers in terms of Chemistry due to his teaching. Mr Khoo is also capable of explaining important or difficult concepts very clearly to us. Hence, this makes understanding and memorising Chemistry much easier.
Marcus Ng

Bishan S4 Chem (2018)

Hi Victor, we would like to extend our greatest thanks to u in helping skyler to achieve n maintain a positive level standard in his maths subject. We have witnessed his improvement in maths. It was indeed a great help in maintaining his level of learning with postive mindset. We believed in NO PAIN NO GAIN! though i heard that the whole class got reprimanded at times but it works in certain ways. Times flies! He kind of misses your class and initially thought of getting u a little gift. I told him that the best gift for tutor is to achieve good grades to show them their achievement in teaching. So i suggested to him to pen down his thoughts towards your teaching for all these years. Hope u will like it! Once again, thank you for all the hard work n kind tolerance towards this bunch of naughty kids. He sincerely hope to be in your class in the near future!
Skyler Ho

Bishan P6 Math (2018)

Mr Teo's passion to teach has motivated me to work hard for chemistry, a subject i never liked. He has a way of effectively communicating with the students and cares for them. Very grateful to have met a tutor like Mr Teo!

Katong J2 Chem (2018)

Mr Ang has taught me for 4 years, from Secondary 1 to 4, which is, as you can tell, a lot of lessons. Yet in every lesson, he never tells me what he wants me to do, but rather asks what I need from him. Sometimes it is occasional guidance with a few tough questions, sometimes it is a full tutorial on a new topic. No mater what kind of help I needed, Mr Ang would provide it unfailingly. He explains topics in memorable, concise examples that get straight to the point and stay in your mind, comparing sugar levels in coffee to mole concentration in stoichiometry.

Beyond his teaching methods, Mr Ang also understands his students. He never fails to put himself in our shoes, and understands when we need a break, or need some extra time to process information. Mr Ang understands that learning is not about rote. Memorisation of a model answer or formula, but rather of true understanding and relaxed fun, the latter of which he tries his best to provide in his lessons, given the frantic pace of our education system. Through this, Mr Ang becomes and often much-needed breath of fresh air in our learning, mine included.

He puts in all of his effort into each and every student, no matter the grades each one produces. I have never been talented at science since day one, but Mr Ang has never failed to do his best to help me make sense of confusing science concepts. He truly goes above and beyond in trying to help his students in every way possible, from offering extra sessions when we need it, to compiling questions and notes into topically arranged books.

Science was made fun and relatable thanks to Mr Ang, and I will be eternally grateful for having met a teacher like him.
Charlene Chun

Katong S4 Physics (2018)

Mr Jackie is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The kind you will remember for life. He is so upbeat you would feel ashamed of yourself if you don't work as hard as he does. His care for our futures is the only reason he pushes us to do as well as he knows we can. I've been his students for 2 years and I must say it has truly been a joy.
Anushka Nair

Katong S4 Amath (2018)

We are very grateful for Mr Jackie's guidance over the past few years. Amelia's math showed improvement after joning his class and she is happy in the class too. Mr Jackie is a great tutor being patient, reliable and encouraging. We would highly recommend Mr Jackie.
Amelia Pua

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

Dear Mr Eugene Tan,

Darius joined your group tuition when he was in Primary 5. He looked forward to your lessons and did not one to miss any lessons as he said that your lessons were very interesting.

Ever since joining your lessons, he has always top the Science exams and tests. He felt confident and is interested in the subject. Moving on, he even mentioned that he wants to join your new classes in Punggol when he goes to secondary school.

We really appreciate your teaching style and awesome personality. We wish you all the best in your teaching career.
Darius Lim

Katong P6 Science (2018)

I was panicking when I saw my daughter's results dropping drastically to 45 in pri5 SA1. My Sister in Law highly recommended Teacher Mr David Lim and after signing up for 3 months of Math class, my daughter's grade improved to 65 pri 5 SA2. Followed to 75 pri 6 SA1. Progressively she improved again to high A 85 in her pri 6 Prelims!!!! I am so glad to see huge improvement within such a short period of time and we would like to THANK Mr David Lim for putting in so much effort in helping his students.
Dayna Choy

Bishan P6 Math (2018)

It has been a wonderful learning journey with Mr Eugene Tan. He makes Science class so interesting that I look forward attending each week. He was able to support and guide each of us and I am motivated to do well. Thank you for being there for me when I needed help.
Zhi Yi Kwee

Bishan P6 Science (2018)

I joined Mr Yeo's class at the end of 2017. He is a passionate teacher who is always there to clarify any doubts. Apart from being awesome in teaching and passionate about Mathematics, he never fails to instill humour and fun in our lessons. He encourages us constantly to keep believing and having faith in ourselves. My understanding of A Math topics has also improved a lot. Thank you very much, Mr Yeo. You are a great teacher in your own way, and that is what makes you uniquely different from other teachers!
Claire Ng

Bishan S4 Amath (2018)

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